1135 Commits (master)

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  Andrius Štikonas 766105bb73 Switch to release service's versioning scheme. 6 days ago
  Andrius Štikonas f51509e1bf Bump KF5 version requirement. 6 days ago
  Andrius Štikonas 85396708f4 Use Qt::SplitBehavior 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas d3ebabb6cb Move find_package to top level CMakeLists.txt. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas cf5ff51832 Remove unused applicationinterface DBus interface. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas e085ba9ed9 Do not link to KAuth. But there is still a build time dependency on kauth-policy-gen. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas 6cff70567b Fix signals between helper and client. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas cd4d9b1985 Rename helper interfaces. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas a2ee82e021 Simplify createFile function, it was checking for authorization twice. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas 2dff59260c Remove exit call from the helper. It is no longer used. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas 89bd4eb6c7 Store successful polkit authentication requests. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas 424c8f0bf0 Update comment describing kpmcore_externalcommandhelper. 1 week ago
  David Edmundson f646b507ae Fix a crash. 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas 296f281ffb WIP: cleanup polkit port: licenses, dead code and kauth removal, add TODO about signals. 1 week ago
  David Edmundson edfabb90dc WIP: port to polkit 2 weeks ago
  Adriaan de Groot 08c1acb6b4 Missing include (clang/FreeBSD triggers this) 1 week ago
  Andrius Štikonas 1fb5a123b5 SPDX: Use CC0 for .gitignore. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 7ecdaf3ac8 Fix resizing of fat partitions. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 4819eec59b Allow moving partitions with unknown file system. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 924830ebbd When falling back to blkid for filesystem type detection, distinguish between FAT16/32. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas d396e56694 Add support for importing "PartitionTable" of whole device filesystems. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 034311a7cc Add support for whole disk file systems. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 0910875137 Do not delete partitions when we have no partition table. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 9ca3a5740a Add information about PartitionTable::TableType::none. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 779cc6cfb7 Split scanPartition function from scanDevicePartitions. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas de346177b5 Do not allow moving partitions without partition table. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 81f8939cb1 Add a new type of partition table "none". 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 26b352180b Reword a comment. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 30bd4d62a9 Add blkid fallback for file system detection if udev method fails. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas ae05c031b7 Further splitting of detectFileSystem function. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas ba05f99720 Split detectFileSystem function in sfdiskbackend into two smaller functions. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas b97fd0eeaa rename jsonCommand variable to sfdiskJsonCommand. 2 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 5cfa8343fe Bump kpmcore version to 4.2.0 in preparation for future release. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 0c25d1f9c4 Use QFile::decodeFileName for decoding device node names. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 0cb3c79726 REUSE: add licensing info for the remaining files to .reuse/dep5. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 884389ccd9 REUSE: licensing information for misc files. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas d68ffeadef REUSE: SPDX style license headers for src/util. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas be4d032f8b REUSE: SPDX style license headers for src/plugins. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 8b10771327 REUSE: SPDX style license headers for src/ops. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas f7eb6eec5d REUSE: SPDX license headers for src/jobs. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas b592dd1a74 REUSE: SPDX license headers for src/gui. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 9254ab9b9d Remove .arcconfig. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 8534265421 REUSE: SPDX headers for src/fs/*. 3 weeks ago
  Andrius Štikonas 20ea28b4b5 GPL-3.0-or-later.txt file was empty. 1 month ago
  Andrius Štikonas 11bb5799ec REUSE: SPDX license headers for backend and core folders. 1 month ago
  Andrius Štikonas bdd9467725 Add gitignore file. 1 month ago
  Andrius Štikonas 51996bd3fa Switch Messages.sh license to MIT. 1 month ago
  Andrius Štikonas fc826690b9 SPDX licenses for tests and CMakeLists.txt. 1 month ago
  Andrius Štikonas 6d110ca6a5 Move GPL3 license to LICENSES folder. 1 month ago
  Andrius Štikonas 37d373cfe0 Fix missing parenthesis in README. 1 month ago