11 Commits (e3d01919491cc9eb13c821294716e68e35fa25e0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Andrius Štikonas e3d0191949 Update stage0-posix. 7 months ago
fosslinux b93a931a53 Move to /usr prefix. 9 months ago
Andrius Štikonas c8784cbcd3 Split installed files out of /after into /image. 11 months ago
Andrius Štikonas 987113f0a6 Build patched tcc-0.9.26 from tarball 11 months ago
Andrius Štikonas 40f40ea850 Switch to using mes/nyacc tar packages. 11 months ago
Andrius Štikonas b885cb5727 Update to stage0-posix 1.3. 11 months ago
fosslinux 72b1b30c9b Comply with REUSE 3.0 1 year ago
fosslinux 5a369dc783 Restructure 1 year ago
fosslinux 649d7b68dc Add mes and mescc-tools-extra 1 year ago
fosslinux 2706e07556 Update blynn-compiler to latest 1 year ago
fosslinux c97ad0212f Make structure of sysa/ a bit cleaner 1 year ago