UEFI port of stage0
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This is a port of stage0-posix (https://github.com/oriansj/stage0-posix) to UEFI.


make build/disk.img will create bootable images with stage0-uefi. You can use dd to write them on bootable media.

make qemu will create disk image and launch it in QEMU. To test this in QEMU, you need to provide some QEMU compatible UEFI implementation. In particular, you can use Tianocore's OVMF. make qemu is looking for it in a few paths where distros tend to install it. If not you can specify it via make qemu OVMF_IMG=/path/to/OVMF_CODE.fd

Minimal images

It is possible to create images without kaem-optional-seed.efi that contain only hex0-seed.efi. Those are a bit less automated but if your UEFI implementation lets you pass command line arguments, you can recreate kaem using just hex0.

  • make MINIMAL=1 qemu.
  • Open UEFI settings (often F2 but it varies from system to system).
  • Go to Add Boot option and pick appropriate boot volume that contains hex0-seed.efi.
  • Pick \bootstrap-seeds\UEFI\amd64\hex0-seed.efi.
  • Description can be anything, say kaem-seed.
  • Optional Data has to be hex0 amd64\kaem-minimal.hex0 EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi.
  • Save boot entry and boot it. This will build kaem-minimal and exit.
  • Now boot normally from bootable media.