A set of minimal dependency bootstrap binaries
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## Copyright (C) 2016 Jeremiah Orians
## This file is part of stage0.
## stage0 is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
## the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
## (at your option) any later version.
## stage0 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
## along with stage0. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
# Don't rebuild the built things in bin or roms
VPATH = bin:roms:prototypes:stage1/High_level_prototypes:stage2/High_level_prototypes
# Collections of tools
all: libvm.so vm ALL-ROMS ALL-PROTOTYPES
production: libvm-production.so vm-production asm dis ALL-ROMS
development: vm libvm.so asm dis ALL-ROMS
# VM Builds
vm-minimal: vm.h vm_minimal.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c | bin
$(CC) -DVM32=true vm_minimal.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c -o bin/vm-minimal
vm: vm.h vm.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c tty.c | bin
$(CC) -ggdb -DVM32=true -Dtty_lib=true vm.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c tty.c -o bin/vm
vm-production: vm.h vm.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c | bin
$(CC) -DVM32=true vm.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c -o bin/vm-production
vm-trace: vm.h vm.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c tty.c dynamic_execution_trace.c | bin
$(CC) -DVM32=true -ggdb -Dtty_lib=true -DTRACE=true vm.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c tty.c dynamic_execution_trace.c -o bin/vm
# Build the roms
ALL-ROMS: stage0_monitor stage1_assembler-0 SET DEHEX stage1_assembler-1 stage1_assembler-2 M0 CAT lisp cc_x86 forth
stage0_monitor: hex stage0/stage0_monitor.hex0 | roms
./bin/hex < stage0/stage0_monitor.hex0 > roms/stage0_monitor
stage1_assembler-0: hex stage1/stage1_assembler-0.hex0 | roms
./bin/hex < stage1/stage1_assembler-0.hex0 > roms/stage1_assembler-0
SET: stage1_assembler-2 vm stage1/SET.hex2 | roms
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-2 --tape_01 stage1/SET.hex2 --tape_02 roms/SET
DEHEX: stage1_assembler-0 vm stage1/dehex.hex0 | roms
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-0 --tape_01 stage1/dehex.hex0 --tape_02 roms/DEHEX
stage1_assembler-1: stage1_assembler-0 vm stage1/stage1_assembler-1.hex0 | roms
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-0 --tape_01 stage1/stage1_assembler-1.hex0 --tape_02 roms/stage1_assembler-1
stage1_assembler-2: stage1_assembler-1 vm stage1/stage1_assembler-2.hex1 | roms
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-1 --tape_01 stage1/stage1_assembler-2.hex1 --tape_02 roms/stage1_assembler-2
M0: stage1_assembler-2 vm stage1/M0-macro.hex2 | roms
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-2 --tape_01 stage1/M0-macro.hex2 --tape_02 roms/M0 --memory 48K
CAT: M0 stage1_assembler-2 vm High_level_prototypes/defs stage1/CAT.s | roms
cat High_level_prototypes/defs stage1/CAT.s >| CAT_TEMP
./bin/vm --rom roms/M0 --tape_01 CAT_TEMP --tape_02 CAT_TEMP2 --memory 48K
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-2 --tape_01 CAT_TEMP2 --tape_02 roms/CAT --memory 48K
lisp: M0 stage1_assembler-2 vm High_level_prototypes/defs stage2/lisp.s | roms
cat High_level_prototypes/defs stage2/lisp.s > lisp_TEMP
./bin/vm --rom roms/M0 --tape_01 lisp_TEMP --tape_02 lisp_TEMP2 --memory 256K
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-2 --tape_01 lisp_TEMP2 --tape_02 roms/lisp --memory 48K
rm lisp_TEMP lisp_TEMP2
cc_x86: M0 stage1_assembler-2 vm High_level_prototypes/defs stage2/cc_x86.s | roms
cat High_level_prototypes/defs stage2/cc_x86.s > cc_TEMP
./bin/vm --rom roms/M0 --tape_01 cc_TEMP --tape_02 cc_TEMP2 --memory 256K
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-2 --tape_01 cc_TEMP2 --tape_02 roms/cc_x86 --memory 48K
rm cc_TEMP cc_TEMP2
forth: M0 stage1_assembler-2 vm High_level_prototypes/defs stage2/forth.s | roms
cat High_level_prototypes/defs stage2/forth.s > forth_TEMP
./bin/vm --rom roms/M0 --tape_01 forth_TEMP --tape_02 forth_TEMP2 --memory 128K
./bin/vm --rom roms/stage1_assembler-2 --tape_01 forth_TEMP2 --tape_02 roms/forth --memory 48K
rm forth_TEMP forth_TEMP2
# Primitive development tools, not required but it was handy
asm: High_level_prototypes/asm.c | bin
$(CC) -ggdb High_level_prototypes/asm.c -o bin/asm
dis: High_level_prototypes/disasm.c | bin
$(CC) -ggdb High_level_prototypes/disasm.c -o bin/dis
hex: Linux\ Bootstrap/Legacy_pieces/hex.c | bin
$(CC) Linux\ Bootstrap/Legacy_pieces/hex.c -o bin/hex
xeh: Linux\ Bootstrap/Legacy_pieces/xeh.c | bin
$(CC) Linux\ Bootstrap/Legacy_pieces/xeh.c -o bin/xeh
# libVM Builds for Development tools
libvm.so: wrapper.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c vm.h tty.c
$(CC) -ggdb -DVM32=true -Dtty_lib=true -shared -Wl,-soname,libvm.so -o libvm.so -fPIC wrapper.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c tty.c
libvm-production.so: wrapper.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c vm.h
$(CC) -DVM32=true -shared -Wl,-soname,libvm.so -o libvm-production.so -fPIC wrapper.c vm_instructions.c vm_decode.c
# Tests
Generate-rom-test: ALL-ROMS
mkdir -p test
sha256sum roms/* | sort -k2 >| test/SHA256SUMS
test_stage0_monitor_asm_match: asm stage0_monitor
mkdir -p test/stage0_test_scratch
sed 's/^[^#]*# //' stage0/stage0_monitor.hex0 > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.s
bin/asm test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.s > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.hex0
bin/hex < test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.hex0 > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.bin
bin/asm stage0/stage0_monitor.s > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.s.hex0
bin/hex < test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.s.hex0 > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.s.bin
sha256sum roms/stage0_monitor | sed 's@roms/stage0_monitor@test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.s.bin@' > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.s.expected_sum
sha256sum -c test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.s.expected_sum
sha256sum roms/stage0_monitor | sed 's@roms/stage0_monitor@test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.bin@' > test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.expected_sum
sha256sum -c test/stage0_test_scratch/stage0_monitor.hex0.expected_sum
test: ALL-ROMS test/SHA256SUMS test_stage0_monitor_asm_match
sha256sum -c test/SHA256SUMS
# Prototypes
ALL-PROTOTYPES: prototype_dehex prototype_M0 prototype_more prototype_SET prototype_stage1_assembler-1 prototype_stage1_assembler-2 prototype_lisp
prototype_dehex: dehex.c | prototypes
gcc stage1/High_level_prototypes/dehex.c -o prototypes/prototype_dehex
prototype_M0: M0-macro.c | prototypes
gcc stage1/High_level_prototypes/M0-macro.c -o prototypes/prototype_M0
prototype_more: more.c tty.c | prototypes
gcc stage1/High_level_prototypes/more.c tty.c -o prototypes/prototype_more
prototype_SET: SET.c tty.c | prototypes
gcc stage1/High_level_prototypes/SET.c tty.c -o prototypes/prototype_SET
prototype_stage1_assembler-1: stage1_assembler-1.c | prototypes
gcc stage1/High_level_prototypes/stage1_assembler-1.c -o prototypes/prototype_stage1_assembler-1
prototype_stage1_assembler-2: stage1_assembler-2.c | prototypes
gcc stage1/High_level_prototypes/stage1_assembler-2.c -o prototypes/prototype_stage1_assembler-2
prototype_lisp: lisp.c lisp.h lisp_cell.c lisp_eval.c lisp_print.c lisp_read.c | prototypes
gcc -O2 stage2/High_level_prototypes/lisp.h \
stage2/High_level_prototypes/lisp.c \
stage2/High_level_prototypes/lisp_cell.c \
stage2/High_level_prototypes/lisp_eval.c \
stage2/High_level_prototypes/lisp_print.c \
stage2/High_level_prototypes/lisp_read.c \
-o prototypes/prototype_lisp
# Clean up after ourselves
.PHONY: clean
rm -f libvm.so libvm-production.so bin/vm bin/vm-production
rm -rf test/stage0_test_scratch
.PHONY: clean-hard
clean-hard: clean
rm -rf bin/ roms/ prototypes/
.PHONY: clean-hardest
git reset --hard
git clean -fd
rm -rf bin/ roms/ prototypes/
@echo "I REALLY REALLY HOPE you know what you are doing"
git reset --hard
git clean -xdf
rm -rf bin/ roms/ prototypes/
# Our essential folders
mkdir -p bin
mkdir -p roms
mkdir -p prototypes