Translation helper scripts
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"Translation helper scripts" (ths-scripts) might mostly be of help to translation team coordinators who want easy way to do some coordinator type operations: add files sent to them by team members automatically, do automatic translation of the whole file tree, get rid of fuzzy strings, change certain words in the whole project, convert translation files to pot (template) files, merge translations, etc.

These scripts have been inspired by the excellent "translation-toolkit" project. Some code (for example, in autotranslate script) has been borrowed from there.

Make the scripts executable. You can do that by running this command in the directory with scripts: "chmod +x *; chmod -x README CHANGELOG COPYING". Then simply copy the scripts to some directory in your PATH. If you have previously installed older versions of ths-scripts, remove them by running in the directory with those scripts this command: "rm ths-*".

Most scripts depend on gettext. pocompare-kdiff3 depends also on kdiff3 KDE package (you can easily modify the script to use meld, kompare or other graphical diff frontent of your choice).

Run a command without any arguments to see the usage instructions.

applysed - apply a sed script to the whole project (the sed commands have to be supplied in an external file).
autotranslate - automatically translates project files (may initialize files that have not been started to translate) using a specified compendium.
backport - backport new translations to an older branch.
checkout - (KDE specific) checks out KDE translation repositories for specified language or updates repositories if they have been checked out before.
init-po-files - (KDE specific) initiated po files, whose translation has not been started, based on pot file tree.
pack-po-files - (KDE specific) packs stable and trunk translation trees.
pocompare - compare two translation files using diff, unwrapps first for best comparison.
pocompare-kdiff3 - compare two translation files using kdiff3, unwrapps first for best comparison.
potopot - converts po files to pot (template) files (basically strips all the translation).
poupdate - takes a bunch of files from a single directory and transfers the translations therein to a translation file tree; may use the new files either as primary, or as secondary translations.
stripfuzzy - makes all fuzzy strings non-fuzzy (and non-translated) in a translation project.

0.9 (2015-04-29) - scripts renamed (stripping ths- and .sh parts). Serious revision of code by Andrius štikonas. New scripts by Andrius Štikonas. 
0.2 (2008-01-18) - updated command, removed a serious flaw that would at times eat half a file where it should not have.
0.1 (2007-09-17) - initial release.

Andrius Štikonas <>, 2008-2015
Donatas Glodenis <>, 2007

These scripts are distributed under the GPL v2 licence. It is included as file COPYING.  See header of each script for details.