The Battle for Wesnoth Lithuanian translation
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# Copyright (C) Wesnoth development team, 2007-2019.
# Translators:
# Andrius Štikonas <>, 2007-2019.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Battle for Wesnoth 1.16\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2020-12-19 01:26 UTC\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2019-04-03 22:13+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Andrius Štikonas <>\n"
"Language-Team: Lithuanian <>\n"
"Language: lt\n"
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"%100>=20) ? 1 : n%10==0 || (n%100>10 && n%100<20) ? 2 : 3);\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 2.1.1\n"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:9
msgid "Heir to the Throne"
msgstr "Sosto įpėdinis"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:12
msgid "HttT"
msgstr "SĮ"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate "
msgstr ""
"Kaukitės, kad atgautumėte Vesnoto sostą, kuris teisėtai priklauso jums.\n"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:21
msgid "(Novice level, 23 scenarios.)"
msgstr "(Naujoko lygis, 23 scenarijai.)"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:23
msgid "Beginner"
msgstr "Pradedantysis"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Fighter.cfg:4
msgid "Fighter"
msgstr "Kovotojas"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Commander.cfg:4
msgid "Commander"
msgstr "Vadas"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:24
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normalus"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:25
msgid "Challenging"
msgstr "Iššaukiantis"
#. [campaign]: id=Heir_To_The_Throne
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Lord.cfg:4
msgid "Lord"
msgstr "Valdovas"
#. [about]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:32
msgid "Campaign Design"
msgstr "Kampanijos kūrimas"
#. [about]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:38
msgid "Campaign Maintenance"
msgstr "Kampanijos priežiūra"
#. [about]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:51
msgid "Artwork and Graphics Design"
msgstr "Grafikos kūrimas"
#. [about]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/_main.cfg:75
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr "Įvairūs"
#. [scenario]: id=01_The_Elves_Besieged
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:4
msgid "The Elves Besieged"
msgstr "Elfai apsiausti"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:33
msgid "Move Konrad to the signpost in the northwest"
msgstr "Nuveskite Konradą iki kelrodžio šiaurės vakaruose"
#. [objective]: condition=lose
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:39
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:38
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:385
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:45
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:301
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:96
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20a_North_Elves.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:43
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:30
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/23_Test_of_the_Clans.cfg:74
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:31
msgid "Death of Konrad"
msgstr "Konrado mirtis"
#. [objective]: condition=lose
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:41
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:39
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:31
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:31
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:43
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:42
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:389
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:49
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:305
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:100
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20a_North_Elves.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:47
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/23_Test_of_the_Clans.cfg:78
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:35
msgid "Death of Delfador"
msgstr "Delfadoro mirtis"
#. [side]: type=Commander, id=Konrad
#. [side]: type=Fighter, id=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:71
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:63
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:50
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:48
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:45
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:106
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:51
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:71
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:72
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:50
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:74
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:53
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:78
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:59
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:50
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:53
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:74
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:253
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:75
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:58
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:63
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:126
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20a_North_Elves.cfg:64
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:73
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/21_Elven_Council.cfg:22
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:164
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/23_Test_of_the_Clans.cfg:106
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:97
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/25_HttT_Epilogue.cfg:46
msgid "Konrad"
msgstr "Konradas"
#. [side]: type=Commander, id=Konrad
#. [side]: type=Ancient Wose, id=Haralamdum
#. [side]: type=Elvish Enchantress, id=Bona-Melodia
#. [side]: type=Grand Knight, id=Kaylan
#. [side]: type=Fighter, id=Konrad
#. [side]: type=Elvish Champion, id=Galdrad
#. [side]: type=Elvish Shyde, id=Chantal
#. [side]: id=Relgorn, type=Dwarvish Lord
#. [side]: id=Geldar, type=Dwarvish Lord
#. [side]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:80
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:237
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:256
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:69
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:86
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:56
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:54
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:51
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:112
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:58
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:78
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:78
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:56
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:80
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:59
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:84
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:65
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:60
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:121
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:59
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:75
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:259
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:81
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:64
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:69
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:133
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:179
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:80
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:133
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:152
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:171
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/23_Test_of_the_Clans.cfg:103
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:106
msgid "Rebels"
msgstr "Sukilėliai"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Urug-Telfar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:165
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:90
msgid "Urug-Telfar"
msgstr "Urug-Telfaras"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Mokolo Qimur
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Halgar Du'nar
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Gorlak
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Urug-Telfar
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Knafa-Tan
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Maga-Knafa
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Kior-Dal
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Kojun Herolm
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Mokho Kimer
#. [side]: type=Orcish Slurbow, id=Knafa-Telfar
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Urug-Tan
#. [side]: type=Orcish Sovereign, id=Shuuga-Mool
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Usadar Q'kai
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Dwaba-Kukai
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Managa'Gwin
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Gaga-Breuk
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Urag-Tifer
#. [side]: type=Goblin Rouser
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord
#. [side]: type=Troll Warrior
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:180
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:193
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:213
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:111
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:72
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:72
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:86
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:192
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:210
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:96
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:109
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:134
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:86
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:105
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:119
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:272
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:288
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:308
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:329
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:348
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:368
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:100
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:80
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20a_North_Elves.cfg:143
msgid "Orcs"
msgstr "Orkai"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Knafa-Tan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:187
msgid "Knafa-Tan"
msgstr "Knafa-Tanas"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Maga-Knafa
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:207
msgid "Maga-Knafa"
msgstr "Maga-Knafas"
#. [side]: type=Elvish Champion, id=Galdrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:228
msgid "Galdrad"
msgstr "Galdradas"
#. [side]: type=Elvish Shyde, id=Chantal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:244
msgid "Chantal"
msgstr "Čantal"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:266
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Twenty years into her rule, Asheviere turned her attention to the wood elves "
"living in the great forest southwest of Wesnoth, whom she despised. Orcish "
"mercenaries were hired and dispatched to bring about their ruin."
msgstr ""
"Valdžiusi šešiolika metų, Aševierė atkreipė dėmesį į nekenčiamus girių "
"elfus, gyvenančius didžiojoje girioje į pietvakarius nuo Vesnoto. Ji "
"priviliojo orkų samdinių, kuriems buvo liepta sunaikinti elfus."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:270
msgid ""
"Master Delfador! Look, there are orcs coming from all directions! What shall "
"we do?"
msgstr ""
"Mokytojau Delfadorai! Žiūrėkite, orkai ateina iš visų pusių! Ką mes darysime?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:274
msgid "There are too many to fight, far too many. We must escape!"
msgstr "Jų per daug, kad kovotume, gerokai per daug. Privalome pabėgti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:279
msgid "But to where? This is the only home we have! What about the elves?"
msgstr ""
"Bet kur? Tai vieninteliai namai, kuriuos mes turime! Ir kas nutiks elfams?"
#. [message]: speaker=Galdrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:283
msgid ""
"We will fight them, but you must escape, Konrad. It is imperative that you "
msgstr ""
"Mes kausimės su jais, bet tu privalai pabėgti, Konradai. Privalai išsisukti "
"ir pabėgti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:287
msgid ""
"We will go north. Perhaps we can reach the Isle of Alduin. If we can make it "
"there, surely we will be safe. Konrad, we must recruit some elves to help "
"us, and then you must make it to the sign post in the northwest. I will "
"protect you!"
msgstr ""
"Eisime šiaurėn. Galbūt galėsim pasiekti Alduino salą. Jeigu ten nusigausim, "
"tikrai būsime saugūs. Konradai, turime pakviesti į pagalbą kelis elfus ir "
"tada tu turi nusigauti iki ženklo šiaurės vakaruose. Aš tave saugosiu!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:291
msgid "Very well, let us hurry!"
msgstr "Labai gerai, paskubėkime!"
#. [message]: speaker=Urug-Telfar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:295
msgid ""
"Attack the elves, my grunts, and take their villages. Let us claim this land "
"for the Queen!"
msgstr ""
"Pulkite elfus, mano pėstininkai, ir užgrobkite jų kaimus. Sugrąžinkime šią "
"žemę karalienei!"
#. [message]: speaker=Knafa-Tan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:302
msgid ""
"Remember, it is rumored that the filthy mage and one that he protects are in "
"these parts. They are the ones we want!"
msgstr ""
"Atsiminkit, sklinda gandai, kad kažkur čia bastosi bjaurusis magas ir tas, "
"kurį jis globoja. Tai jie mums reikalingi!"
#. [message]: speaker=Knafa-Tan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:307
msgid "Ha ha! We will rip the filthy elves to pieces!"
msgstr "Cha cha! Sudraskysime bjauriuosius elfus į gabalus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Galdrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:312
msgid "Let them come. We will fight them with all we have!"
msgstr "Tegul ateina. Kausimės su jais visomis pajėgomis!"
#. [message]: speaker=Chantal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:316
msgid "Be careful, Konrad! Guard him well, Delfador!"
msgstr "Būk atsargus, Konradai! Saugok jį akylai, Delfadorai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:320
msgid ""
"Do not spend your life here, Chantal. Someone must warn the Northern Elves "
"that the war we so long feared has begun."
msgstr ""
"Nepražudyk čia savęs, Čantal. Kažkas turi įspėti šiaurės elfus, kad "
"prasidėjo karas, kurio taip ilgai bijojome."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:339
msgid "Very well, we have made it this far! But where do we go next?"
msgstr "Labai gerai, iki čia prasimušėm! Bet kur toliau?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:343
msgid ""
"We must travel north, and try to make it to the Isle of Alduin. Hopefully we "
"will find refuge there."
msgstr ""
"Turime keliauti šiaurėn ir bandyti pasiekti Alduino salą. Tikėkimės, ten "
"pavyks rasti prieglobstį."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:347
msgid ""
"Of course you are right, Delfador. But what will become of the elves here?"
msgstr "Aišku tu teisus Delfadorai, bet kas nutiks vietiniams elfams?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:351
msgid ""
"The elves will fight. They may even prevail. But I fear things do not bode "
"well for them. Let us not speak of it now. Onward!"
msgstr ""
"Elfai toliau kovos. Galbūt net nugalės. Bet bijau, kad ateitis jiems "
"klostosi ne kokia. Bet kol kas nekalbėkime apie tai. Pirmyn!"
#. [message]: speaker=Chantal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:355
msgid "Good luck, Konrad! Don’t worry about us, we will fight as best we can!"
msgstr ""
"Sėkmės, Konradai! Nesijaudink dėl mūsų, mes kausimės kaip tiktai galėsime!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:372
msgid "I... I don’t think I can make it anymore."
msgstr "Aš... Nemanau, kad galiu toliau kautis."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:376
msgid "Prince... you must keep fighting! Nooooooo!"
msgstr "Prince... Privalai tęsti kovą! Neeeeeee!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:381
msgid "It is over. I am doomed..."
msgstr "Tai pabaiga. Aš pasmerktas..."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:395
msgid "I have... have failed in my duty to protect the prince! I am defeated."
msgstr "Aš... Neįvykdžiau pareigos apsaugoti princą! Aš nugalėtas."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:400
msgid "Don’t die, Delfador! Please, you have to stay alive!"
msgstr "Nemirk, Delfadorai! Prašau, tu turi likti gyvas!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:404
msgid "Ugh!"
msgstr "Uch!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:415
msgid ""
"Oh, no! We have run out of time, they have arrived with reinforcements..."
msgstr "O ne! Mums pasibaigė laikas, jie atvyko su pastiprinimu..."
#. [message]: speaker=second_unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:426
msgid "Die, villain, die!"
msgstr "Mirk, niekše, mirk!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:438
msgid "Only the foolish oppose me!"
msgstr "Tik kvailas priešinasi man!"
#. [message]: speaker=Galdrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:449
msgid "I am Galdrad. You will have to fight me to get any further!"
msgstr "Aš Galdradas. Toliau žengsite tik per mano lavoną!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:461
msgid "Only a fool would dare to attack me!"
msgstr "Tik kvailys drįstų mane pulti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:473
msgid "I am Delfador the Great. Prepare to die!"
msgstr "Aš Delfadoras Didysis. Pasiruošk mirti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:485
msgid "Let me through, you rogue!"
msgstr "Praleisk mane, prasčioke!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:563
msgid "Oh no! They are destroying our home!"
msgstr "O ne! Jie naikina mūsų namus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/01_The_Elves_Besieged.cfg:567
msgid "There can be no looking back. We must go quickly!"
msgstr "Negali būti žiūrėjimo atgal. Turime paskubėti!"
#. [scenario]: id=02_Blackwater_Port
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:4
msgid "scenario name^Blackwater Port"
msgstr "Juodųjų vandenų uostas"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:21
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:21
msgid "Resist until the end of the turns"
msgstr "Atsilaikykite iki ėjimų pabaigos"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:35
msgid "(special bonus)"
msgstr "(speciali premija)"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#. [objectives]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:19
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:24
msgid "Defeat the enemy leader"
msgstr "Nugalėkite priešo vadą"
#. [objective]: condition=lose
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:43
msgid "Death of Sir Kaylan"
msgstr "Sero Kajlano mirtis"
#. [label]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:57
msgid "Blackwater Port"
msgstr "Juodųjų vandenų uostas"
#. [side]: type=Grand Knight, id=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:78
msgid "Sir Kaylan"
msgstr "Seras Kajlanas"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Mokolo Qimur
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:105
msgid "Mokolo Qimur"
msgstr "Mokolo Kvimuras"
#. [unit]: type=Swordsman, id=Veocyn
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:130
msgid "Veocyn"
msgstr "Veosynas"
#. [unit]: type=Swordsman, id=Yran
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:142
msgid "Yran"
msgstr "Yranas"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:157
msgid ""
"We should be able to board a ship at Blackwater Port, but it seems the orcs "
"are heading there too. Rebels who hate Asheviere and are loyal to the memory "
"of the king desperately hold the port, as it is one of the only places where "
"they can ship supplies and weapons."
msgstr ""
"Turėtų pavykti įlipti į laivą Juodųjų vandenų uoste, bet panašu, kad ir "
"orkai ten traukia. Sukilėliai, nekenčiantys Aševierės ir ištikimi karaliaus "
"atminimui, iš paskutiniųjų laiko uostą, nes tai viena iš nedaugelio vietų, "
"kur dar galima parsiplukdyti ginklų ir atsargų."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:161
msgid "Delfador, some orcs are following us! We must make haste!"
msgstr "Delfadorai, dalis orkų mus seka! Privalome paskubėti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:165
msgid ""
"Delfador, my old friend! We had heard of your coming, and of the attacks on "
"the elves. It is good to see you again, although I would prefer it were not "
"in such sad times."
msgstr ""
"Delfadorai, senasis drauge! Girdėjau apie tavo atvykimą ir apie elfų "
"puldinėjimus. Kaip gera vėl tave matyti, nors ir norėtųsi, kad tai vyktų ne "
"tokiais niūriais laikais."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:169
msgid ""
"Konrad, this is Kaylan, one of the mightiest of the horse lords, and one of "
"the few who is willing to oppose the Dark Crown. Rumor has it that his lance "
"has slain fifty men and a hundred orcs."
msgstr ""
"Konradai, tai Kajlanas, vienas iš galingiausių žirgų valdovų ir vienas iš "
"nedaugelio, linkusių priešintis tamsiajai karūnai. Sklinda gandai, kad jo "
"ietis yra pakirtus penkias dešimtis vyrų ir šimtą orkų."
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:173
msgid ""
"It seems the orcs have come here too, to try to wrest this port from our "
"hands. Our defenses are still weak, but reinforcements will arrive soon!"
msgstr ""
"Atrodo, kad orkai čia irgi atėjo, kad išplėštų šį uostą iš mūsų rankų. Mūsų "
"gynyba vis dar silpna, bet greitai atvyks pastiprinimai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:177
msgid "We will help you fight them off until the reinforcements arrive."
msgstr "Pagelbėsime jums gintis kol atvyks pastiprinimas."
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:181
msgid ""
"With your help, we have hope we can fend them off. But you must not tarry "
"here long, for your survival is even more important to our cause than the "
"strength of the port. A ship is due here in two days, surely it will be able "
"to take you to safety."
msgstr ""
"Yra vilčių, kad su jūsų pagalba atsilaikysim. Bet per ilgai čia "
"nesiterliokite, nes jūsų išgyvenimas svarbesnis už uosto gynybą. Laivas "
"atvyks po dviejų dienų, jis tikrai galės nugabenti jus į saugią vietą."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:185
msgid "And the ship will take us to Alduin?"
msgstr "Ir laivas paims mus į Alduiną?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:189
msgid ""
"Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Alduin, my home, Konrad, and the home of "
"many magi."
msgstr ""
"Taip, mes plauksime į Alduino salą, mano namus, Konradai, ir daugelio magų "
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:193
msgid ""
"I will send one of my horsemen to serve under you. I offer you my support, "
"Konrad, and the support of my men — from now on you will be able to recruit "
msgstr ""
"Atsiųsiu jums vieną iš savo raitelių. Siūlau tau savo pagalbą, Konradai, ir "
"mano vyrų pagalbą – nuo dabar galėsi samdyti raitelius."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:202
msgid ""
"Thank you, sir. But how shall I best use these horsemen? How do they differ "
"from elves?"
msgstr ""
"Ačiū, pone. Bet kaip man juos tinkamai panaudoti? Kuo jie skiriasi nuo elfų?"
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:207
msgid ""
"Elves are a powerful race, Konrad, more powerful than my own people usually "
"acknowledge. But horsemen are powerful in a different way. They have no long "
"range attack, but can charge into combat, inflicting double normal damage, "
"though taking double damage in return. They are also lawful, meaning they "
"fight better by day, and worse at night. Horsemen are unmatched on open "
"land, though elves will serve you better in forests or rugged terrain."
msgstr ""
"Elfai galinga tauta, Konradai, galingesnė, nei mano paties žmonės "
"dažniausiai mano. Bet raiteliai irgi galingi, tik kitaip. Jie nemoka pulti "
"iš tolo, bet gali strimgalviais įjoti į mūšį, suduodami dvigubai daugiau "
"žalos, nors ir patys susižaloja dvigubai. Taip pat jie kaunasi už tvarką, "
"kas reiškia, kad jiems geriau sekasi kautis dieną, prasčiau – naktį. "
"Raiteliai neprilygstami atviruose reljefuose, o elfai bus tinkamesni "
"miškuose ir nelygiose žemėse."
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:212
msgid ""
"Elves may be the lords of the forest, but horsemen are powerful as well. On "
"the plains under the midday sun they can fell the toughest foes with sharp "
"spears and under heavy hoofs!"
msgstr ""
"Elfai yra miškų valdovai, bet raiteliai taip pat galingi. Lygumose po "
"skaisčia saule jie gali ir tvirčiausią priešą savo aštriomis ietimis "
"parblokšti po sunkiomis kanopomis!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:218
msgid ""
"Recruit troops wisely, Konrad, and remember that you can recall experienced "
"units from past battles to help you fight again."
msgstr ""
"Samdyk dalinius išmintingai, Konradai, ir atmink, kad visada gali pakviesti "
"patyrusius karius iš ankstesnių mūšių, kad ir vėl tau padėtų."
#. [unit]: id=Haldiel, type=Horseman
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:228
msgid "Haldiel"
msgstr "Haldielis"
#. [message]: speaker=Haldiel
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:241
msgid "Greetings, young master. I pledge myself to your service."
msgstr "Sveiki, jaunasis valdove. Prisistatau jums tarnybai."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:246
msgid ""
"Konrad, note that Haldiel does not seek gold upkeep; as a loyal unit he "
"fights for us solely out of loyalty to our cause. Such units are extremely "
"valuable. Take care to use them cautiously in battle, lest they fall."
msgstr ""
"Konradai, atkreipk dėmesį, kad Haldielis nereikalauja aukso. Kaip ištikimas "
"dalinys, jis kaunasi mūsų pusėje vien iš lojalumo mūsų veiklai. Tokie "
"daliniai ypač vertingi. Mūšyje gerai juos prižiūrėk, neprarask jų."
#. [unit]: type=Horseman, id=Yredd
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:263
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:374
msgid "Yredd"
msgstr "Yredas"
#. [unit]: type=Horseman, id=Tarcyn
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:276
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:387
msgid "Tarcyn"
msgstr "Tarsynas"
#. [unit]: type=Horseman, id=Syryn
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:289
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:400
msgid "Syryn"
msgstr "Syrynas"
#. [unit]: type=Knight, id=Cicyn
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:302
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:413
msgid "Cicyn"
msgstr "Sicynas"
#. [unit]: type=Knight, id=Ginvan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:315
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:426
msgid "Ginvan"
msgstr "Ginvanas"
#. [unit]: type=Knight, id=Simyr
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:328
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:439
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:472
msgid "Simyr"
msgstr "Simyras"
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:341
msgid ""
"Reinforcements have arrived! Forward, men! I expect each of you to bring me "
"back the head of an orc!"
msgstr ""
"Pastiprinimas atvyko! Pirmyn, vyrai! Aš tikiuosi, kad kiekvienas iš jūsų "
"atneš man po orko galvą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Mokolo Qimur
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:345
msgid ""
"So many foul humans riding on horses! There is no way we can defeat them. "
"Quick, we must make our escape!"
msgstr ""
"Atjoja tiek daug žmoniūkščių! Niekaip prieš juos neatsilaikysim. Greičiau, "
"reikia nešdintis!"
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:454
msgid ""
"Reinforcements have arrived, but lo! Our allies have already destroyed the "
"orcish army menacing our fair port. In honor, I must reward your valor."
msgstr ""
"Pastiprinimas atvyko, bet žiū! Draugai jau sunaikino orkų armiją, apgulusią "
"mūsų mieląjį uostą. Man bus garbė apdovanoti jūsų drąsą."
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:458
msgid ""
"You have risked your life to defend our city. In return, I place one of my "
"city’s finest defenders in your service. Simyr, step forward. I place your "
"lance in the service of young prince Konrad here. May you help him restore "
"order to the country."
msgstr ""
"Jūs rizikavote savo gyvybėmis, gindami mūsų miestą. Atsidėkodamas, noriu, "
"kad prie jūsų prisijungtų vienas geriausių mano vyrų. Simyrai, ateik. Aš "
"perduodu tavo ietį jaunojo princo Konrado žinion. Padėk jam atstatyti šalyje "
#. [message]: speaker=Simyr
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:484
msgid "It is my pleasure and honor to serve, my liege."
msgstr "Man garbė ir malonumas jums tarnauti, valdove."
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:502
msgid ""
"Thank you for the help, friends. The ship should arrive soon, it will take "
"you to Alduin."
msgstr ""
"Ačiū jums už pagalbą, draugai. Laivas tuoj turėtų atvykti, jis paims jus į "
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:520
msgid "We should embark now."
msgstr "Lipkime į laivą."
#. [message]: speaker=Kaylan
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:524
msgid ""
"Safe voyage to you, friends. Rest assured that we will never surrender to "
"the forces of the Dark Queen."
msgstr ""
"Saugios jums kelionės, draugai. Būkite tikri, kad mes niekada nepasiduosim "
"tamsiosios karalienės pajėgoms."
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:538
msgid "I have failed in my duty to protect the Rightful Heir and the port."
msgstr "Neįvykdžiau pareigos apsaugoti teisėtą paveldėtoją ir uostą."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/02_Blackwater_Port.cfg:542
msgid ""
"Without his help, we will be unable to use the ships. There is no hope..."
msgstr "Be jo pagalbos mes nesugebėsime naudoti laivų. Nebėra vilties..."
#. [scenario]: id=03_The_Isle_of_Alduin
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:4
msgid "The Isle of Alduin"
msgstr "Alduino sala"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Usadar Q'kai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:67
msgid "Usadar Q’kai"
msgstr "Usadar Q’kai"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:102
msgid ""
"This is no time to return to our vessel! We must take control of the island!"
msgstr "Ne laikas grįžti į laivą! Turime užimti salą!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:190
msgid "And so the party landed on the Isle of Alduin."
msgstr "Ir štai kompanija išsilaipino Alduino saloje."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:194
msgid "So this is Alduin. It looks a little... desolate."
msgstr "Tai štai tas Alduinas. Jis atrodo truputį... Apleistas."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:198
msgid ""
"I fear so, Konrad. It seems that the orcs have come even here. Here to the "
"place where I was born, where I was trained."
msgstr ""
"Bijau, kad taip, Konradai. Atrodo, kad orkai atėjo netgi čia. Čia, į vietą, "
"kur aš gimiau, kur aš buvau mokytas."
#. [message]: speaker=Usadar Q'kai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:202
msgid ""
"Who is that? Oh, a party of elves has landed. We shall drive them back into "
"the sea!"
msgstr "Kas čia? O, išsilaipino būrelis elfų. Nuvarysime juos atgal į jūrą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:206
msgid ""
"I did not think the orcs would have come here. This island used to be so "
"beautiful. We must recapture it! To arms!"
msgstr ""
"Nemaniau, kad orkai bus čia atėję. Ši sala būdavo tokia graži. Mes turime ją "
"perimti! Prie ginklų!"
#. [unit]: id=Elrian, type=Mage
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:219
msgid "Elrian"
msgstr "Elrianas"
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:232
msgid "I found someone hiding in the village!"
msgstr "Radau kažką slepiantis kaime!"
#. [message]: speaker=Elrian
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:236
msgid ""
"My lords, I have been hiding in the village from the orcs, like many of the "
"other magi here. I pledge myself to your service; let us move swiftly to "
"recapture the island!"
msgstr ""
"Mano valdovai, aš slėpiausi kaime nuo orkų kaip ir daug kitų čia esančių "
"magų. Įsipareigoju į jūsų tarnybą; judėkime greitai, kad perimtume salą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:240
msgid "Certainly, let us join together to fight the evil ones."
msgstr "Žinoma, prieš bloguosius kaukimės kartu."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:245
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:333
msgid "You can now recruit magi!"
msgstr "Dabar galite samdyti magus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:251
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:340
msgid ""
"Surely no orc can stand against us with magi in our ranks! Their magical "
"attacks almost always find their mark, even against well-defended troops."
msgstr ""
"Žinoma, joks orkas neatsilaikys prieš mus su magais mūsų gretose! Jų "
"magiškos atakos beveik visada randa taikinį, net ir prieš gerai "
"besiginančius karius."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:256
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:345
msgid ""
"Caution, young prince. It is very difficult to train inexperienced magi in "
"combat. When they fight on the front lines of battle, you must protect magi "
"with stronger units, else the enemy would make short work of them."
msgstr ""
"Atsargiai, jaunasis prince. Mokyti nepatyrusius magus kovose yra labai "
"sudėtinga. Kai jie kaunasi priešakinėse gretose, reikia priedangos iš "
"stipresnių karių, kitaip priešas juos greitai sudoros."
#. [unit]: type=Arch Mage, id=Seimus
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:274
msgid "Seimus"
msgstr "Seimus"
#. [message]: speaker=Seimus
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:290
msgid "Delfador, my old master! You have saved the island from the orcs!"
msgstr "Delfadorai, mano senasis mokytojau! Tu išlaisvinai salą nuo orkų!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:295
msgid "My apprentice! How did the island fall to such as these?"
msgstr "Mano mokiny! Kaip sala atiteko tokiems kaip jie?"
#. [message]: speaker=Seimus
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:300
msgid ""
"You have not heard, master Delfador? Asheviere is trying to control the "
"entire western coast. She hired many orcs and sent them here. They were "
"holding me until a ship could arrive to take me to Weldyn where I am to "
"stand trial for treason for training magi!"
msgstr ""
"Argi negirdėjai, mokytojau Deldadorai? Aševierė stengiasi kontroliuoti visą "
"vakarų pakrantę. Ji nusamdė daug orkų ir atsiuntė juos čia. Jie kalino mane "
"ir laukė laivo, kuris mane nugabentų į Veldyną, kur turėjau būti teisiamas "
"už išdavystę, nes mokiau magus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:305
msgid ""
"We have come from fighting her forces at Blackwater. Where else has she "
msgstr "Mes atvykome iš mūšio ties Juodaisiais vandenim. Kur dar ji smogė?"
#. [message]: speaker=Seimus
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:310
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"She has taken control of the Bay of Pearls, long held by the Mer, and has "
"turned them into slaves. There they dive for pearls by which she grows "
"richer every day. There are even rumors that she may break the ancient "
"treaty and attack Elensefar!"
msgstr ""
"Ji užėmė Perlų įlanką, ilgai priklausiusią vandeniams ir pavergė juos. Juos "
"verčia nardyti rinkti perlų, iš kurių vis pučiasi jos turtai. Netgi sklinda "
"gandai, kad ji ketina sulaužyti senovinę sutartį ir pulti Elensefarą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:315
msgid ""
"Can’t we strike back at her? How many forces does she have at the Bay of "
"Pearls? Can we take it back from her?"
msgstr ""
"Ar mes negalėtume duoti jai atkirčio? Kiek ji turi pajėgų Perlų įlankoje? "
"Gal galime atkariauti įlanką?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/03_The_Isle_of_Alduin.cfg:320
msgid ""
"We must indeed go there. Let us therefore rest here a little, and then set "
"sail for the Bay. Hopefully we will defeat her forces there!"
msgstr ""
"Išties, reikia keliauti ten. Pailsėkime truputėlį čia ir plaukime įlankon. "
"Tikėkimės, nugalėsime ten jos pajėgas!"
#. [scenario]: id=04_The_Bay_of_Pearls
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:4
msgid "The Bay of Pearls"
msgstr "Perlų įlanka"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:23
msgid "Defeat one enemy leader, and resist the other until turns run out"
msgstr ""
"Nugalėkite vieną priešų vadą ir atsilaikykite prieš kitą kol pasibaigs ėjimai"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#. [objectives]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:26
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:26
msgid "Defeat all enemy leaders"
msgstr "Nugalėkite visus priešų vadus"
#. [objective]: condition=lose
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:32
msgid "Turns run out with both enemy leaders standing"
msgstr "Pasibaigia ėjimai, o abu priešų vadai išlieka"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Dwaba-Kukai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:63
msgid "Dwaba-Kukai"
msgstr "Dvaba-Kukai"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Managa'Gwin
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:80
msgid "Managa’Gwin"
msgstr "Managa’Gvinas"
#. [unit]: type=Orcish Archer, id=Bugg
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:136
msgid "Bugg"
msgstr "Buggas"
#. [unit]: type=Naga Fighter, type=Naga Warrior, id=Xnamas
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:154
msgid "Xnamas"
msgstr "Znamas"
#. [unit]: type=Naga Warrior, type=Naga Fighter, id=Inalai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:170
msgid "Inalai"
msgstr "Inalajus"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:203
msgid ""
"So this is the Bay of Pearls. It looks like they have those merfolk working "
msgstr ""
"Tai štai kaip atrodo Perlų įlanka. Regis, jie čia gerai įkinkė vandenius!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:207
msgid ""
"Indeed it does. It also looks like they have many, many troops. I should go "
"around the bay and distract some of them. You and the rest rescue the "
msgstr ""
"Išties. Taip pat atrodo, kad jie čia turi daugybę dalinių. Man reiktų juos "
"apeiti ir nukreipti dalies jų dėmesį. O tu su likusiais išlaisvink vandenius!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:211
msgid "Very well. Be careful!"
msgstr "Labai gerai. Būk atsargus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Bugg
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:229
msgid "But boss, why are we only using bats and nagas?"
msgstr "Bet vade, kodėl mes naudojame tik šikšnosparnius ir nagas?"
#. [message]: speaker=Dwaba-Kukai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:234
msgid ""
"Because we need to control the seas and the merfolk, and nagas and bats are "
"best for doing that!"
msgstr ""
"Nes mums reikia kontroliuoti jūras ir vandenius, o nagos ir šikšnosparniai "
"geriausiai tam tinka!"
#. [message]: speaker=Bugg
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:239
msgid "But orcs are the most powerful race in all of..."
msgstr "Bet juk orkai – pati galingiausia rasė visame..."
#. [message]: speaker=Dwaba-Kukai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:244
msgid "Shut up, worm! I’m the boss!"
msgstr "Užsičiaupk, slieke! Aš čia vadas!"
#. [message]: speaker=Bugg
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:274
msgid "Ha ha ha! Now orcs will rule over land and sea!"
msgstr "Cha cha cha! Dabar orkai valdo ir žemę, ir jūrą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Dwaba-Kukai
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:279
msgid "(Sigh) Will someone kill this idiot for me, please?"
msgstr "(Atsidūsta) Prašau, kas nors užmuškit šitą idiotą už mane?"
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:292
msgid "But... but... how can this be happening to me?"
msgstr "Bet... Bet... Kaip tai gali man nutikti?"
#. [message]: speaker=second_unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:296
msgid "Who was that idiot?"
msgstr "Kas buvo tas idiotas?"
#. [unit]: id=Gwaba, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:319
msgid "Gwaba"
msgstr "Gvaba"
#. [unit]: id=Nepba, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:331
msgid "Nepba"
msgstr "Nepba"
#. [unit]: id=Triram, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:343
msgid "Triram"
msgstr "Triram"
#. [unit]: id=Mriram, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:357
msgid "Mriram"
msgstr "Mriram"
#. [message]: speaker=Gwaba
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:366
msgid "Free at last! Now, death to the orcs!"
msgstr "Pagaliau laisvi! Dabar, mirtis orkams!"
#. [unit]: id=Mabooa, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:388
msgid "Mabooa"
msgstr "Mabūa"
#. [unit]: id=Earooa, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:402
msgid "Earooa"
msgstr "Earūa"
#. [unit]: id=Nethuns, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:414
msgid "Nethuns"
msgstr "Netuns"
#. [unit]: id=Gwoama, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:427
msgid "Gwoama"
msgstr "Gvoama"
#. [message]: speaker=Mabooa
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:436
msgid "Now that we are free, together we can defeat our oppressors!"
msgstr "Dabar, kai mes laisvi, kartu galime nugalėti skriaudikus!"
#. [unit]: id=Kaba, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:458
msgid "Kaba"
msgstr "Kaba"
#. [unit]: id=Kwaboo, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:472
msgid "Kwaboo"
msgstr "Kvabū"
#. [message]: speaker=Kaba
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:482
msgid "Freedom! Now where are those orcs? Let me at ’em!"
msgstr "Laisvė! Kur tie orkai? Leiskite mane prie jų!"
#. [unit]: id=Gwimli, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:504
msgid "Gwimli"
msgstr "Gvimli"
#. [unit]: id=Jarla, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:516
msgid "Jarla"
msgstr "Džarla"
#. [unit]: id=Gwarloa, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:530
msgid "Gwarloa"
msgstr "Gvarloa"
#. [message]: speaker=Gwimli
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:539
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Thank you for rescuing us! Now we can help you fight the evil orcs! The main "
"cage where they keep most of the merfolk is in the northwest!"
msgstr ""
"Ačiū, kad mus išgelbėjote! Dabar galime jums padėti kautis su piktaisiais "
"orkais. Pagrindinis narvas, kur laikomi dauguma vandenių, yra šiaurės "
#. [unit]: id=Heldaga, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:561
msgid "Heldaga"
msgstr "Heldaga"
#. [unit]: id=Apalala, type=Merman Hunter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:573
msgid "Apalala"
msgstr "Apalala"
#. [unit]: id=Oceania, type=Mermaid Initiate
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:585
msgid "Oceania"
msgstr "Okeanija"
#. [unit]: id=Elcmar, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:598
msgid "Elcmar"
msgstr "Elkmaras"
#. [unit]: id=Aigaion, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:610
msgid "Aigaion"
msgstr "Aigaionas"
#. [unit]: id=Tini, type=Merman Fighter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:623
msgid "Tini"
msgstr "Tini"
#. [message]: speaker=Heldaga
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:633
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Death to the orcs! Come, my brethren, let us fight the orcs and drive them "
"from our shores!"
msgstr ""
"Mirtis orkams! Ateikite, mano vandenų broliai, kaukimės su orkais ir "
"išvykime juos nuo savo krantų!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:643
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"At last, we have freed the merfolk. Go back to the ocean and live in peace."
msgstr ""
"Pagaliau, išlaisvinome vandenius. Grįžkite į vandenyną ir gyvenkite su taika."
#. [message]: role=ThankfulMerman
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:656
msgid ""
"My lord! You may need the help of some of us who have skill in the sea in "
"future. We would like to come with you and offer you help."
msgstr ""
"Valdove! Ateityje jums gali prireikti mūsiškių, galinčių kautis vandenyje, "
"pagalbos. Norėtume vykti su jumis ir pasiūlyti savo pagalbą."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:663
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:877
msgid "You may now recruit the noble merfolk!"
msgstr "Dabar galite samdyti kilniuosius vandenius!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:671
msgid "Now where is Delfador? I hope he’s safe!"
msgstr "O kur Delfadoras? Tikiuosi jis saugus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:679
msgid "I am perfectly safe, friend!"
msgstr "Aš visiškai saugus, drauge!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:684
msgid ""
"There you are! I am so glad you are all right! Now we may have a little rest."
msgstr ""
"Štai kur tu! Aš toks laimingas, kad tu sveikas! Dabar mes galėsime truputį "
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:688
msgid ""
"I am afraid there is no time for rest, Konrad. Asheviere has laid siege to "
"Elensefar, breaking the century-old treaty between Wesnoth and the Elense "
"city-state. If the city falls, there is no telling how many other lands she "
"may swallow up!"
msgstr ""
"Bijau, kad nėra laiko poilsiui, Konradai. Aševierė apgulė Elensefarą, "
"sulaužydama šimtmečio senumo sutartį su Elensos miestu-valstybe. Jeigu "
"miestas kris, sunku pagalvoti kiek dar žemių ji galės praryti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:694
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:822
msgid "Oh no! What shall we do?"
msgstr "O ne! Ką darysime?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:699
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:826
msgid ""
"You must lead your men to the city. Help defend it, or recapture it if it "
"falls before you arrive!"
msgstr ""
"Privalai vesti vyrus į miestą. Padėk jį apginti arba perimk, jeigu jis "
"kristų iki tau atvykstant!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:704
msgid ""
"I must do that? But what about you, Delfador? You’re coming with me, right?"
msgstr "Aš privalau? O kaip tu, Delfadorai? Eisi su manimi, tiesa?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:709
msgid ""
"I am afraid not, Konrad. I have come across some important documents, and "
"must make haste with them to the Elven Council. It seems that the time to "
"stop Asheviere is shorter than I had thought."
msgstr ""
"Bijau, kad ne, Konradai. Aš užtikau svarbius dokumentus ir turiu skubiai "
"pristatyti juos elfų tarybai. Atrodo, kad mes turime mažiau laiko sustabdyti "
"Aševierei, nei maniau anksčiau."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:715
msgid "But Delfador! I can’t do it on my own!"
msgstr "Bet Delfadorai! Aš pats nesusidorosiu!"
#. [message]: role=Supporter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:729
msgid "On your own? My lord! We, your loyal soldiers, will support you!"
msgstr "Pats vienas? Valdove! Mes, ištikimieji tavo kariai, palaikysime tave!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:733
msgid ""
"You will prevail. I have faith in you. Head north. Elensefar is but three "
"days’ travel if you make haste."
msgstr ""
"Tau pavyks. Tikiu tavimi. Keliauk šiaurėn. Elensefaras tėra už trijų dienų "
"kelio nuo čia, jei paskubėsi."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:737
msgid "Very well. But how do I get there?"
msgstr "Na gerai. Bet kaip man iki ten nusigauti?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:741
msgid ""
"There are two ways to go, by ship or on foot. Each has its own dangers. You "
"must choose between them."
msgstr ""
"Galima keliauti dvejopai: plaukti laivu, arba eiti pėsčiomis. Abu turi savų "
"pavojų. Turėsi pasirinkti."
#. [option]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:743
msgid "Ships? Ugh! I have been seasick for the last time. We shall walk!"
msgstr "Laivu? Uch. Pastarąjį kartą mane kankino jūros liga. Eisime pėsčiomis!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:747
msgid "Safe journey to you, Konrad. Until we meet again!"
msgstr "Saugios tau kelionės, Konradai. Iki kito susitikimo!"
#. [option]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:758
msgid ""
"Going by ship we may at least get a little rest for ourselves. By sea it is!"
msgstr "Plaukiant laivu, galėtume bent šiek tiek pailsėti. Plaukiam!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:762
msgid "Safe voyage to you then, Konrad. May the weather be fair."
msgstr "Saugaus tau plaukiojimo, Konradai. Tebūna vėjas palankus."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:796
msgid ""
"Have you not been able to defeat our foes in all these days? They have "
"summoned reinforcements. Surely now our doom is upon us!"
msgstr ""
"Jums taip ir nepavyko nugalėti mūsų priešų per visas tas dienas? Jie sulaukė "
"pastiprinimo. Dabar tai tikrai prisišaukėm savo lemtį!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:808
msgid ""
"Konrad! We cannot spend any more time here. Though it would be good to "
"defeat the orcs and free more of their prisoners, more urgent business calls "
msgstr ""
"Konradai! Nebegalime daugiau gaišti čia laiko. Nors ir būtų gerai nugalėti "
"orkus ir išlaisvinti daugiau jų belaisvių, bet mus šaukia skubesni reikalai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:813
msgid ""
"Delfador, thank goodness you have survived! This has been a tough battle, "
"but why can we not finish it? Why must we leave?"
msgstr ""
"Delfadorai, ačiū dievui, tu išgyvenai! Mums čia sunkiai klostosi, bet kodėl "
"negalime pabaigti šito reikalo? Kodėl turime išvykti?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:817
msgid ""
"I bear ill tidings, Konrad. Asheviere has laid siege to Elensefar, breaking "
"the century-old treaty between Wesnoth and the Elense city-state. If the "
"city falls, there is no telling how many other lands she may swallow up!"
msgstr ""
"Turiu blogų žinių, Konradai. Aševierė apgulė Elensefarą, sulaužydama "
"šimtmečio senumo sutartį su Elensos miestu-valstybe. Jeigu miestas kris, "
"sunku pagalvoti kiek dar žemių ji galės praryti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:830
msgid "I must do this? But you are coming with me, aren’t you, Delfador?"
msgstr "Aš privalau? Bet tu eisi su manimi, ar ne, Delfadorai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:834
msgid ""
"I am afraid not, Konrad. I have found some important documents that need "
"seeing to. I must ride at once to make council with the elves. I will meet "
"you in Elensefar, after you have secured it."
msgstr ""
"Bijau, kad ne, Konradai. Aš užtikau svarbius dokumentus, reikia juos "
"peržiūrėti. Turiu tuojau pat išvykti ir pasitarti su elfais. Susitiksime "
"Elensefare, kai jame jau bus saugu."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:838
msgid ""
"I fear I will struggle to do this on my own... but what must be must be. How "
"do I get to Elensefar?"
msgstr ""
"Bijau, kad man bus sunku tai atlikti pačiam... Bet kas privalo būt, tas "
"privalo. Kaip man nusigauti iki Elensefaro?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:851
msgid ""
"Since you have broken the orcs’ hegemony over the seas, going by ship would "
"be safest. Sail along the coast, and you can land mere miles from Elensefar. "
"Make haste!"
msgstr ""
"Kadangi nutraukei orkų viešpatystę jūrose, keliauti laivu bus saugiausia. "
"Plauk išilgai pakrantės ir išsilaipinsi vos už kelių mylių nuo Elensefaro. "
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/04_The_Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:863
msgid ""
"With the orcs controlling the seas, going by ship would not be safe. Travel "
"by land, Elensefar is only six days’ march up the coast. Make haste!"
msgstr ""
"Orkams kontroliuojant jūrą, plaukti laivu būtų nesaugu. Keliauk žeme, "
"Elensefaras tik už šešių dienų žygio pakrante. Paskubėk!"
#. [scenario]: id=05a_Muff_Malals_Peninsula
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:4
msgid "Muff Malal’s Peninsula"
msgstr "Muff Malal’o pusiasalis"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:23
msgid "Escape down the road to Elensefar"
msgstr "Pabėkite Elensefaro keliu"
#. [objectives]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:26
msgid "Defeat Muff Malal"
msgstr "Nugalėkite Muff Malalą"
#. [side]: type=Dark Sorcerer, id=Muff Malal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:60
msgid "Muff Malal"
msgstr "Muff Malalas"
#. [side]: type=Death Knight, id=Clarustus
#. [side]: type=Death Knight, id=Merlunius
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Aimucasur
#. [side]: type=Death Knight, id=Secadius
#. [side]: type=Death Knight, id=Dafeis
#. [side]: type=Ancient Lich, id=Muff Argulak
#. [side]: type=Dark Sorcerer, id=Muff Malal
#. [side]: type=Death Knight, id=Unan-Ka'tall
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Galga
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Na-alga
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Selda-Mana
#. [side]: id=Haf-Mal, type=Lich
#. [side]: id=Jarmal-Gorg, type=Lich
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:78
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:131
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:147
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:78
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:121
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:187
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:143
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:104
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:122
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:139
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:161
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:178
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:114
msgid "Undead"
msgstr "Nemirėliai"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:122
msgid ""
"But the road to Elensefar was a treacherous one. Konrad and his men were set "
"upon by a strong band of undead."
msgstr ""
"Taip jau papuolė, kad kelias į Elensefarą buvo klastingas. Konradas ir jo "
"vyrai susidūrė su stipria nemirėlių gauja."
#. [message]: speaker=Muff Malal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:126
msgid ""
"Ahh, a party of elves approaches. Soon we shall have elven zombies serving "
msgstr "O, artėja elfų būrelis. Greitai tarnų gretas papildys elfų zombiai!"
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:130
msgid "My lord! On yonder peninsula there seems to be some movement!"
msgstr "Valdove! Štai tame pusiasalyje, regis, kažkas juda!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:134
msgid ""
"It looks like an undead outpost! If we could defeat them, the locals would "
"probably be grateful. But I do not know if we have the strength to defeat "
"such a foe, or the time to spare."
msgstr ""
"Atrodo kaip nemirėlių įtvirtinimas! Jeigu juos nugalėtume, vietiniai "
"tikriausiai būtų dėkingi. Bet nežinau ar turime pakankamai pajėgų tokiam "
"priešui įveikti, ir ar galime čia leisti laiką."
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:138
msgid ""
"Cleansing this land of undead does not appear overly difficult. It could be "
"good training for those yet untested in battle."
msgstr ""
"Neatrodo, kad išvalyti šią žemę nuo nemirėlių būtų per daug sunku. Galėtų "
"būti gera treniruotė tiems, kas dar nebuvo mūšyje."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:142
msgid ""
"I see. If we are to break the siege of Elensefar, we will need every veteran "
"soldier we can get."
msgstr ""
"Suprantu. Jeigu ruošiamės nutraukti Elensefaro apgultį, mums prireiks "
"kiekvieno patirties turinčio kario."
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:146
msgid ""
"The decision is yours, sir. If we are to leave, I advise we hurry past "
"before they are upon us. If we are to fight, then... to arms!"
msgstr ""
"Spręsti jums, pone. Jeigu mes bėgsime, siūlau paskubėti kol jie mūsų "
"neužpuolė. O jeigu kausimės, tuomet... Už ginklų!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:164
msgid "To Elensefar"
msgstr "Į Elensefarą"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:188
msgid "We do not have time to tarry here! On to Elensefar!"
msgstr "Neturime laiko toliau čia žaisti! Pirmyn į Elensefarą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:200
msgid ""
"Shirk not your duty! I will decide when it is time to leave for Elensefar."
msgstr ""
"Nesipurtyk pareigos! Aš nuspręsiu kada mums laikas iškeliauti į Elensefarą."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05a_Muff_Malal_Peninsula.cfg:213
msgid ""
"Victory is ours! Let us hope that this delay will not hamper our quest to "
"save Elensefar, but at least we have freed these good people. We must move "
"onward with haste!"
msgstr ""
"Pergalė mūsų! Tikėkimės, kad ši delsatis nepakenks mūsų pagrindiniam tikslui "
"išgelbėti Elensefarą. Mažų mažiausiai, išlaisvinome vietinius. Dabar turime "
#. [scenario]: id=05b_Isle_of_the_Damned
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:5
msgid "Isle of the Damned"
msgstr "Prakeiktųjų sala"
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:90
msgid ""
"But the voyage did not go as smoothly as had been hoped. A storm blew up and "
"bore down on the ship. Though all hands were on deck working desperately, a "
"sudden gust of wind flung Konrad overboard as he attempted to secure the "
msgstr ""
"Deja, kelionė klostėsi ne taip sklandžiai, kaip buvo tikėtasi. Pakilo audra "
"ir visa jėga užpuolė laivą. Ir nors visos rankos laive sunkiai dirbo, "
"netikėtas vėjo gūsis nubloškė Konradą už borto, kai jis stengėsi sutramdyti "
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:95
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The merfolk finally saved Konrad from the sea, but were unable to get him "
"back to the ship. By dint of great effort they reached a nearby island..."
msgstr ""
"Vandeniai išgelbėjo Konradą nuo stichijos, bet jiems nepavyko įkelti jo "
"atgal į laivą. Tik per didžiulius vargus jie pasiekė netolimą salą..."
#. [side]: id=Haf-Mal, type=Lich
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:126
msgid "Haf-Mal"
msgstr "Haf-Malas"
#. [side]: id=Jarmal-Gorg, type=Lich
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:142
msgid "Jarmal-Gorg"
msgstr "Jarmal-Gorgas"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:204
msgid "Kalba"
msgstr "Kalba"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:205
msgid "Gnaba"
msgstr "Gnaba"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:216
msgid "Whew, I survived. But now where am I? Is this island inhabited?"
msgstr "Uff, išgyvenau. Bet kur aš? Ar ši sala gyvenama?"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalba
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:220
msgid ""
"We have heard only the worst things about this place, my lord. It is said "
"that the legions of the undead have come here in great numbers and "
"devastated the island into an ugly wasteland."
msgstr ""
"Mums yra tekę girdėti tik pačius blogiausius dalykus apie šią vietą, "
"valdove. Kalbama, kad čia apsigyveno daugybė nemirėlių ir suniokojo šią "
"salą, pavertė ją bjauria dykyne."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:225
msgid ""
"Let’s hope these rumors are not true! I have none of my men or gold with me! "
"How could I defend myself?"
msgstr ""
"Tikėkimės, kad šie gandai netiesa! Neturiu su savimi nei vyrų, nei aukso! "
"Kaip gi galėčiau apsiginti?"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalba
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:229
msgid ""
"There are still some bands of humans hiding on the island, my lord. If you "
"recruit some of them to help, we might have some hope of holding off the "
"undead hordes!"
msgstr ""
"Saloje vis dar slapstosi saujelė žmonių, valdove. Jeigu nusamdytumėte ką "
"nors iš jų pagalbon, gal turėtume vilties atsilaikyti prieš nemirėlių ordas!"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:232
msgid "Delurin"
msgstr "Delurinas"
#. [message]: speaker=Delurin
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:247
msgid ""
"Maybe we can make a deal! Help us defeat those evil creatures! You may use "
"our gold reserves to lead us!"
msgstr ""
"Galbūt mes galime sudaryti sutartį! Padėkite mums nugalėti šiuos piktus "
"padarus! Galite naudoti mūsų aukso atsargas ir vadovauti mums!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:257
msgid "You receive 100 pieces of gold!"
msgstr "Jūs gaunate 100 auksinių!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:266
msgid ""
"There are some ancient temples to the southwest; I wonder what might be "
"inside them!"
msgstr "Pietvakariuose yra senovinių šventyklų; įdomu, kas jų viduje!"
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:280
msgid "The temple seems to be empty."
msgstr "Atrodo, kad šventykla tuščia."
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:295
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:358
msgid "Looks like there is somebody hidden in the temple."
msgstr "Atrodo, kad kažkas šventykloje slepiasi."
#. [unit]: id=Moremirmu, type=Mage of Light
#. [unit]: id=Moremirmu, type=White Mage
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:299
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:258
msgid "Moremirmu"
msgstr "Moremirmu"
#. [effect]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:315
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:271
msgid "holy sword"
msgstr "šventas kalavijas"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:332
msgid ""
"I was hiding in this holy place, planning how to defeat the evil undead. Now "
"with your help, I can destroy them."
msgstr ""
"Aš slėpiausi šioje šventoje vietoje, planuodamas kaip nugalėti piktuosius "
"nemirėlius. Dabar, su jūsų pagalba, aš galiu juos sunaikinti."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:336
msgid "Join us, wise one. We welcome your aid!"
msgstr ""
"Prisijunk prie mūsų, išmintingasis. Mes nuoširdžiai priimame tavo pagalbą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:340
msgid ""
"If we eradicate the undead blight on these islands, I will surely go with "
"you. Otherwise, I plan to finish my task here before moving on."
msgstr ""
"Jeigu mums pavyks išnaikinti nemirėlių puvėsį iš šių salų, tuomet tikrai "
"eisiu su jumis. Jei ne, prieš eidamas toliau noriu pabaigti čia savo darbą."
#. [unit]: type=Revenant, id=Xakae
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:364
msgid "Xakae"
msgstr "Xakae"
#. [message]: speaker=Xakae
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:381
msgid "Surprise! Searching for magi, and all I get is these foul humans!"
msgstr ""
"Cha, nesitikėjote! Oi, ieškojau magų, o teradau tik paprastus žmogiūkščius!"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:447
msgid "Fight on against the undead without me, friends!"
msgstr "Kovokite su nemirėliais be manęs, draugai!"
#. [message]: speaker=hidden_advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:487
msgid ""
"Thank goodness we have found you, sir! Come aboard quickly, we shall take "
"you away from this horrible island!"
msgstr ""
"Ačiū dievams, radome jus, pone! Greičiau, lipkite į laivą, mes jus "
"išplukdysime iš šios baisios salos!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:512
msgid ""
"We have wrested control of the island from the evil undead! Now all we have "
"to do is wait for the ship to arrive, so we can make our way to Elensefar!"
msgstr ""
"Atkovojome salą iš piktųjų nemirėlių! Dabar belieka tik laukti atplaukiančio "
"laivo ir tęsti kelionę į Elensefarą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:525
msgid ""
"Together we have vanquished the foul undead! Come, I will join you on your "
"noble quest."
msgstr ""
"Kartu išnaikinome nemirėlius! Eime, aš jungiuosi prie jūsų kilnaus žygio."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:545
msgid ""
"It’s a shame complete victory could not be ours, but thank goodness I am "
"rescued! On to Elensefar!"
msgstr ""
"Gaila, kad nepavyko pasiekti pergalės, bet dėkui dievui, aš išgelbėtas! "
"Pirmyn į Elensefarą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:555
msgid ""
"Thank you for your assistance here, brothers. I will stay to continue "
"resisting the foul undead. May fate be with you in your noble quest, and may "
"we meet again some day!"
msgstr ""
"Ačiū už pagalbą, broliai. Aš pasiliksiu ir toliau kausiuosi su bjauriais "
"nemirėliais. Tegul likimas būna palankus jūsų kilniam tikslui ir mes dar "
"kada nors susitiksime!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/05b_Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:570
msgid "You regain your lost troops and $isle_damned_starting_gold gold!"
msgstr "Atgaunate prarastus dalinius ir $isle_damned_starting_gold aukso!"
#. [scenario]: id=06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:4
msgid "The Siege of Elensefar"
msgstr "Elensefaro apgultis"
#. [label]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:43
msgid "Elensefar"
msgstr "Elensefaras"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Agadla
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:68
msgid "Agadla"
msgstr "Agadla"
#. [side]: type=Troll Warrior, id=Haaf-Garga
#. [side]: id=Brugg, type=Troll Warrior
#. [side]: id=Lionel, type=Death Knight
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Agadla
#. [side]: type=Dark Sorcerer, id=Muff Jaanal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:74
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:115
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:88
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:100
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:132
msgid "Evil"
msgstr "Blogis"
#. [side]: type=Dark Sorcerer, id=Muff Jaanal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:106
msgid "Muff Jaanal"
msgstr "Muff Jaanal"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:209
msgid ""
"The party arrived at Elensefar at last, but found that the city had already "
"fallen to the savage orcs."
msgstr ""
"Keliauninkai pagaliau atvyko į Elensefarą, bet aptiko, kad miestas jau krito "
"prieš siautėjančius orkus."
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:213
msgid "My lord! It seems the city has already fallen!"
msgstr "Valdove! Atrodo, kad miestas jau krito!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:217
msgid "This is terrible news! We must retake the city!"
msgstr "Tai siaubingos naujienos! Turime perimti miestą!"
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:221
msgid ""
"There are so many of them. This will not be easy! And look to the north! It "
"seems that the undead are allied with the orcs!"
msgstr ""
"Jų tiek daug. Tai nebus lengva! Ir pažvelkite į šiaurę! Atrodo, kad "
"nemirėliai susivieniję su orkais!"
#. [message]: speaker=Muff Jaanal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:225
msgid ""
"Here come the elves! Our newly forged alliance with the orcs will give us "
"the power to crush them with ease!"
msgstr ""
"Čia ateina elfai! Mūsų naujai sukurta sąjunga su orkais duos mums galios "
"lengvai juos sutriuškinti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:229
msgid ""
"We must take the city, and destroy the evil undead before reinforcements "
msgstr ""
"Turime paimti miestą ir sunaikinti piktuosius nemirėlius prieš atvykstant "
#. [unit]: id=Reglok, type=Rogue
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:245
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:400
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:514
msgid "Reglok"
msgstr "Reglokas"
#. [unit]: id=Gelgar, type=Thief
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:260
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:415
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:529
msgid "Gelgar"
msgstr "Gelgaras"
#. [unit]: id=Gamlel, type=Thief
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:273
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:428
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:543
msgid "Gamlel"
msgstr "Gamlela"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:294
msgid "As night began to fall, three dark figures crept out of the forest."
msgstr "Beužslenkant nakčiai, iš miško išsliūkino trys tamsios žmogystos."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:299
msgid "Halt! Who goes there, friend or foe?"
msgstr "Stot! Kas čia eina, draugas ar priešas?"
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:303
msgid ""
"Greetings, friend. We are from the Elensefar Thieves’ Guild. We would like "
"to help you against the orcs!"
msgstr ""
"Sveiki, draugai. Mes iš Elensefaro Vagių gildijos. Norėtume pagelbėti jums "
"kovoje su orkais!"
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:308
msgid "Thieves, hmmm? Who says we can trust such as you?"
msgstr "Vagys, hmmm? Kas sako, kad mes turime tikėti tokiais kaip jūs?"
#. [message]: speaker=Gamlel
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:312
msgid ""
"We would understand if you didn’t trust us, of course, but it is in our "
"mutual interest to rid the city of the orcs!"
msgstr ""
"Mes, aišku, suprasime, jei jūs mumis netikėsite, bet išvaduoti miestą nuo "
"orkų yra bendras mūsų interesas!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:316
msgid "Very well. You may join us."
msgstr "Labai gerai. Galite prie mūsų jungtis."
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:320
msgid ""
"We will serve you well, for we respect the help you are providing to our "
"city. You shall find that there is honor, even among thieves."
msgstr ""
"Mes gerai jums tarnausime, nes gerbiame pagalbą, kurią teikiate mūsų "
"miestui. Sužinosite, kad garbė yra netgi tarp vagių."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:324
msgid "Yes, but where is your fighting force? How can you help us?"
msgstr "Taip, bet kur jūsų kovinė jėga? Kaip jūs galite mums padėti?"
#. [message]: speaker=Gelgar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:328
msgid ""
"We survive by stealth. We can help you sneak into the city and surround the "
"orcs. Alternatively, we can lay in wait until you give us a signal then "
"ambush the orcs’ rear."
msgstr ""
"Slaptumas – mūsų duona kasdieninė. Galim padėti jums įsigauti į miestą ir "
"apsupti orkus. Kita vertus, mes galime patys tūnoti pasaloje ir laukti jūsų "
"signalo, o tada užpulti orkus iš užnugario."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:332
msgid "Hmm... I have to consider this..."
msgstr "Hmm... Aš turiu tai apsvarstyti..."
#. [option]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:334
msgid "Help us infiltrate the city. We can do the rest."
msgstr "Padėkite mums infiltruoti miestą. Mes padarysime visa kita."
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:338
msgid ""
"Excellent. Two hours past midnight meet us on the west bank of the river, "
"across from Elensefar’s docks."
msgstr ""
"Nuostabu. Antrą valandą po vidurnakčio sutikite mus vakariniame upės krante, "
"priešais Elensefaro dokus."
#. [label]
#. The party and an ally have agreed to meet at the location identified by this label.
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:348
#, fuzzy
msgid "Meeting point"
msgstr "Miegantis grifas"
#. [option]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:355
msgid "I want you to reinforce us once we break through their line."
msgstr ""
"Aš noriu, kad jūs pastiprintumėte mus, kai mes prasiveršime per jų užtvarą."
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:359
msgid ""
"Very well. When you raise your red banner over any building in the city "
"proper, we will see the sign and attack from the city’s northern gate."
msgstr ""
"Puiku. Kuomet aiškiai iškelsite raudoną vėliavą virš bet kurio iš pastatų "
"mieste, mes pamatysime ženklą ir užpulsime miestą pro šiaurinius vartus."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:363
msgid "Agreed. But, will you be able to see our flag if it’s dark?"
msgstr "Sutarta. Bet ar jūs įžiūrėsite mūsų vėliavą, kai jau bus sutemę?"
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:367
msgid ""
"Yes, we will see it. In fact, we prefer to fight at night. I pray you do not "
"lead us into slaughter."
msgstr ""
"Taip, įžiūrėsime. Iš tiesų, mums net geriau kautis naktį. Tikiuosi, "
"neįviliosite mūsų į skerdynes."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:371
msgid ""
"Do not fear, friends. There will be a slaughter here, but it will be orcish "
"blood staining the streets."
msgstr ""
"Nebijokite, draugai. Skerdynės bus, bet gatves užlies orkų kraujas, ne "
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:393
msgid ""
"As the banner was raised, sounds of fighting could be heard from across the "
msgstr "Iškilus vėliavai, iš kito miesto galo pasigirdo mūšio garsai."
#. [unit]: id=Darglen, type=Thief
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:441
msgid "Darglen"
msgstr "Darglenas"
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:454
msgid "Let’s expel these invaders! Today, the city is ours again!"
msgstr "Išmeskime šiuos įsibrovėlius! Šiandien miestas vėl bus mūsų!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:476
msgid "You can now recruit Thieves!"
msgstr "Dabar galite samdyti Vagis!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:503
msgid ""
"On the banks of Elensefar’s port district, three shadowy figures appeared."
msgstr "Elensefaro uosto pakraščiuose išdygo trys tamsios figūros."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:508
msgid ""
"To Konrad’s surprise, they quickly made their way across the river’s mouth. "
"The turbulent waters hid a nearly invisible ford, wide enough for two "
"soldiers to march shoulder-to-shoulder."
msgstr ""
"Konrado nuostabai, jos greitai persikėlė per upės žiotis. Sūkuriuojančios "
"bangos slėpė beveik neįžiūrimą brastą, pakankamai plačią dviems kariams "
"praeiti petys į petį."
#. [message]: speaker=Reglok
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:563
msgid ""
"Very few people know that the river can be forded here. The orcs have yet to "
"discover this place. Bring your forces into the city, quickly now, and you "
"can flank them."
msgstr ""
"Vos keli žmonės žino, kad čia galima perbristi upę. Orkai šitos vietos dar "
"nerado. Dabar sparčiai veskite savo pajėgas į miestą ir galėsite juos "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:574
msgid "Finally, we have retaken the city! Let us rest here, friends."
msgstr "Pagaliau mes perėmėme miestą! Pailsėkime čia, draugai."
#. [message]: role=Thief
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:582
msgid "Victory! The thieves of Elensefar will be in your service, my lord."
msgstr "Pergalė! Elensefaro vagys bus jūsų paslaugoms, mano valdove."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:587
msgid "The party rested for three days, after which an old friend returned."
msgstr "Tris dienas kompanija ilsėjosi, ir tada parvyko senasis draugas."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:614
msgid ""
"Greetings, friends. I see that you have rescued the city! I knew that you "
"could do it."
msgstr "Sveiki, draugai. Matau, išlaisvinote miestą! Žinojau, kad pajėgsite."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:620
msgid "Delfador! So good to see you! Where have you been?"
msgstr "Delfadorai! Kaip gera tave matyti! Kur tu buvai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:625
msgid ""
"I have been meeting with the Ka’lian, the Great Council of the Elves. This "
"is Kalenz, a great lord of the Northern Elves who came to the Council to "
"offer us the support of his people."
msgstr ""
"Buvau susitikęs su Ka’lianu, didžiąja elfų taryba. Susipažinkite, tai "
"Kalenzas, šiaurės elfų valdovas, atvykęs į tarybą pasiūlyti mums savo tautos "
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:634
msgid "Greetings, friend."
msgstr "Sveikinimai, draugai."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:639
msgid ""
"Delfador, we have captured this city, but surely Asheviere’s men will come "
"and attack us! What should we do?"
msgstr ""
"Delfadorai, mes užėmėme miestą, bet Aševierės vyrai tikrai mus dar puls. Ką "
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:644
msgid "The Ka’lian has met and decided: we must capture the Sceptre of Fire."
msgstr "Ka’lianas susitiko ir nusprendė: privalome surasti Ugnies skeptrą."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:649
msgid "The Sceptre of Fire? What’s that?"
msgstr "Ugnies skeptrą? Kas tai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:655
msgid ""
"The Sceptre of Fire is the most ancient artifact of the realm of Wesnoth. It "
"was forged by the dwarves of Knalga at the request of King Haldric II. It "
"took their finest smiths years to make it, but soon after it was completed, "
"the makers were chased underground, attacked by the elves. None know exactly "
"what occurred, but the Sceptre was lost somewhere in the great caverns. "
"Years have passed, and the fortunes of the dwarves have waxed and waned, but "
"the Sceptre has never been found."
msgstr ""
"Ugnies skeptras yra seniausias Vesnoto žemių artefaktas. Karaliaus Haldriko "
"II prašymu jį sutvėrė Knalgos dvarfai. Geriausiems meistrams jo nukaldinimas "
"truko metų metus, bet netrukus po to, kai pabaigė darbą, elfai juos nuvijo į "
"požemius. Niekas tiksliai nežino kas įvyko, bet skeptras dingo kažkur "
"didžiosiose olose. Bėgo metai, dvarfų turtai tai augo, tai smuko, o skeptras "
"taip niekada ir nebuvo surastas."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:660
msgid "But what has this to do with me?"
msgstr "Bet ką tai turi bendro su manimi?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:665
msgid ""
"When Garard II, your uncle, was deciding upon a successor, he issued an "
"edict that whichever member of the royal family could retrieve the Sceptre "
"of Fire would rule the land."
msgstr ""
"Kai Garardas II, tavo dėdė, sprendė sosto įpėdinio klausimą, jis paskelbė, "
"kad tas šeimos narys, kuris sugebės atgauti ugnies skeptrą, įgaus teisę į "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:670
msgid "Oh, and you want me to get this Sceptre?"
msgstr "O! Ir tu nori, kad aš gaučiau šį Skeptrą?"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:675
msgid "We will help you retrieve it, my lord."
msgstr "Mes padėsime tau jį atgauti, valdove."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:680
msgid ""
"Time is short. We think that Asheviere is also searching for the Sceptre, to "
"help seal her place as ruler. But if you find the Sceptre first, the people "
"will support you as the king."
msgstr ""
"Laiko maža. Manome, kad Aševierė taip pat ieško skeptro, kad įtvirtintų savo "
"valdžią. Bet jeigu pirmas rasi skeptrą, tauta palaikys tavo pretenziją į "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:685
msgid "Me? King?"
msgstr "Aš? Karalius?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:690
msgid "Yes, Konrad. I believe you will be king one day. Now let us make haste!"
msgstr ""
"Taip, Konradai. Aš tikiu, kad vieną dieną tu tapsi karaliumi. O dabar "
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:695
msgid ""
"We cannot go to Wesmere, for Asheviere’s orcs have the approaches ringed "
"about with steel; Kalenz and I barely escaped, and Chantal cannot get out. "
"Until we are stronger, we must go where the orcs are not."
msgstr ""
"Negalime keliauti į Vesmerą, nes Aševierės orkai laiko prieigas tankioj "
"apsupty. Mudu su Kalenzu vos ištrūkome, o Čantal vis dar ten. Pakol "
"nesustiprėsime, turime eiti ten, kur orkų dar nėra."
#. [message]: speaker=Muff Jaanal
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/06_The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:717
msgid "So you endeavor to fight me in my home. Foolish."
msgstr "Tai jūs ryšitės kautis su manimi mano namuose? Kvaila."
#. [scenario]: id=07_Crossroads
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:4
msgid "Crossroads"
msgstr "Kryžkelė"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:21
msgid "Defeat Kojun Herolm"
msgstr "Nugalėkite Kodžuną Herolmą"
#. [objective]: condition=lose
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:47
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:46
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:40
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/15_The_Lost_General.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/17_Scepter_of_Fire.cfg:397
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/18_A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:57
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19a_Snow_Plains.cfg:40
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:45
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19b_Swamp_Of_Dread.cfg:313
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:108
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20a_North_Elves.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20b_Underground_Channels.cfg:55
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:42
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/23_Test_of_the_Clans.cfg:86
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:43
msgid "Death of Kalenz"
msgstr "Kalenzo mirtis"
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:48
msgid ""
"Konrad, Delfador, and Kalenz swiftly rode east through the wilderlands of "
msgstr ""
"Konradas, Delfadoras ir Kalenzas sparčiai nujojo į rytus per Vesnoto dykynes."
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:53
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The Queen’s agents were still scouring the coastal regions, for news of "
"Elensefar’s rescue had not yet reached her."
msgstr ""
"Karalienės agentai vis dar šukavo pajūrį, nes žinia apie Elensefaro "
"išgelbėjimą jos dar nepasiekė."
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:58
msgid ""
"Small as it was, Konrad’s army avoided the notice of hostile eyes in the "
"sparsely populated western countryside for a time. However, their luck did "
"not hold."
msgstr ""
"Būdama maža, Konrado armija kurį laiką sėkmingai vengė priešiškų akių retai "
"apgyvendintuose vakariniuose rajonuose. Ir visgi, sėkmė ilgai netruko."
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Kojun Herolm
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:184
msgid "Kojun Herolm"
msgstr "Kojun Herolmas"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Mokho Kimer
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:202
msgid "Mokho Kimer"
msgstr "Mokho Kimeras"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:229
msgid "Here we come to the great cross-roads. We should go northeast."
msgstr "Štai, mes atvykome prie didžiosios kryžkelės. Sukime į šiaurės rytus."
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:233
msgid ""
"Beware! These hills are not safe! The roads are important to Asheviere’s "
"strategy, and she has hired orcs to guard them. We shall have to fight to "
"travel through."
msgstr ""
"Atsargiai! Šios kalvos nesaugios! Keliai labai svarbūs Aševierės "
"strategijai, tad ji nusamdė orkus jiems saugoti. Jei norim praeiti, teks "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:237
msgid ""
"Then fight we shall. Fortunately, now that we have liberated Elensefar, they "
"are providing what gold they can spare to help us swell our ranks with new "
"recruits. Let it begin!"
msgstr ""
"Vadinasi, kausimės. Laimei, dabar, kai išlaisvinome Elensefarą, jie mums "
"duoda tiek aukso, kiek gali sau leisti, kad pagausinti mūsų gretas "
"naujokais. Pradėkime!"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:454
msgid "Niodien"
msgstr "Niodienas"
#. [message]: speaker=Niodien
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:458
msgid "Stay on the path! The hills here are not safe!"
msgstr "Laikykitės kelio! Kalnai nesaugūs!"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:475
msgid "Loflar"
msgstr "Loflaras"
#. [message]: speaker=Loflar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:479
msgid ""
"Beware the hills! There are many orcs in hiding, preparing to ambush you!"
msgstr "Saugokitės kalvų! Ten tyko daug orkų, beruošiančių jums pasalą!"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:498
msgid ""
"NE — Dan’Tonk\n"
"SE — Fort Tahn"
msgstr ""
"ŠR – Dan’Tonkas\n"
"PR – Tano fortas"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:504
msgid "Dan’Tonk, we are so close to Weldyn."
msgstr "Dan’Tonkas, mes taip arti Veldyno."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:508
msgid ""
"We dare not confront Asheviere yet. We must retrieve the Sceptre of Fire and "
"gather more allies in the north."
msgstr ""
"Mes dar nedrįstame stoti prieš Aševierę. Turime gauti ugnies skeptrą ir "
"rasti daugiau sąjungininkų šiaurėje."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/07_Crossroads.cfg:519
msgid "Victory is ours, men. Let us proceed northeast!"
msgstr "Pergalė mūsų, vyrai. Eime toliau į šiaurės rytus!"
#. [scenario]: id=08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:4
msgid "The Princess of Wesnoth"
msgstr "Vesnoto Princesė"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:23
msgid "(reduce her hitpoints to 0 or lower)"
msgstr "(sumažinkite jos gyvybės taškus iki 0 ar mažiau)"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:23
msgid "Force Li’sar’s surrender"
msgstr "Priverskite Li’sar pasiduoti"
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:50
msgid ""
"...but one of the orcs survived long enough to send the news to the queen..."
msgstr ""
" vienas orkas išgyveno pakankamai ilgai, kad nusiųstų žinią "
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:53
msgid "...and she sent her most able commander."
msgstr " ji pasiuntė jos gabiausią vadę."
#. [label]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:61
msgid "Elmar’s Crossing"
msgstr "Elmaro kryžkelė"
#. [label]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:66
msgid "Elbridge"
msgstr "Elbridžas"
#. [side]: type=Princess, id=Li'sar
#. [event]
#. [unit]: id=Li'sar, type=Princess
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:87
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:68
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:752
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/16_Hasty_Alliance.cfg:94
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/utils/httt_utils.cfg:718
msgid "Li’sar"
msgstr "Li’sar"
#. [side]: type=Princess, id=Li'sar
#. [side]: type=General, id=Honber
#. [side]: type=General, id=Josephus
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Dwar-Ni
#. [side]: type=General, id=Malatus
#. [side]: type=General, id=Robryn
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Haliel-Maga
#. [side]: type=General, id=Heford
#. [side]: type=Cavalier, id=Sir Kalm
#. [side]: type=Dark Queen, id=Asheviere
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:160
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:98
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:83
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/20a_North_Elves.cfg:218
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:189
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:205
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/22_Return_to_Wesnoth.cfg:221
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:123
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:135
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:152
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:161
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/24_Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:168
msgid "Asheviere"
msgstr "Aševierė"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:330
msgid ""
"On the road to Knalga, the party was opposed by the forces of Asheviere."
msgstr "Pakeliui į Knalgą, keliauninkams kelią pastojo Aševierės daliniai."
#. [message]: speaker=Li'sar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:334
msgid "The Queen has sent me to stop you, impostor!"
msgstr "Karalienė pasiuntė mane, kad sustabdyčiau tave, apsišaukėli!"
#. [message]: role=Advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:338
msgid ""
"That’s the princess, Li’sar. The daughter of the Queen, and her successor!"
msgstr "Tai princesė, Li’sar. Karalienės duktė ir jos įpėdinė!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:342
msgid "I’m no impostor. It seems that your mother has lied to you."
msgstr "Aš ne apsišaukėlis. Panašu, kad motina tau melavo."
#. [message]: speaker=Li'sar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:347
msgid "This is treason! Your lies will perish with you!"
msgstr "Tai išdavystė! Tavo melai žus kartu su tavimi!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:351
msgid ""
"There is no use in reasoning. She will understand only one thing. To arms!"
msgstr "Nėra prasmės ginčytis. Jai suprantama tik viena kalba. Prie ginklų!"
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:370
msgid "I surrender! Don’t hurt me, impostor."
msgstr "Pasiduodu! Nežalok manęs, apsišaukėli."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:374
msgid ""
"I said before I’m not an impostor, but if you yield, I will spare your life."
msgstr ""
"Aš jau sakiau, kad aš ne apsišaukėlis, bet jeigu atsitrauksi, pasigailėsiu."
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:379
msgid "Let me go!"
msgstr "Leisk man eiti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:384
msgid "Think about the story of the old king. Ask somebody who knew of him."
msgstr "Pagalvok apie senąjį karalių. Paklausinėk ko nors, kas apie jį žino."
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:389
msgid ""
"The old king? I have heard about that, but I know it is not true. My mother "
"told me."
msgstr ""
"Senąjį karalių? Aš girdėjau apie tai, bet žinau, kad tai netiesa. Mano "
"motina man sakė."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:393
msgid ""
"Your mother has lied to you, child. Now I suggest you reconsider, and either "
"join us, or flee as an exile. There will be a great battle soon, and if you "
"are on the wrong side of it, we may not have the opportunity to spare your "
"life a second time."
msgstr ""
"Tavo motina tau melavo, vaike. Dabar siūlau persvarstyti padėtį ir arba "
"jungtis prie mūsų, arba bėgti į tremtį. Greitai bus didis mūšis, ir jeigu "
"atsidursi neteisingoje pusėje, antrą kartą mes galime neturėti galimybės "
"tavęs pasigailėti."
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:398
msgid ""
"I am not a child, and I do not want to talk about it! You said you would "
"spare me, so be on your way. The northern road should be safe for you."
msgstr ""
"Aš ne vaikas ir aš nesiruošiu apie tai kalbėti! Žadėjote mane paleisti, tad "
"tesėkite žodį. O jums saugiau bus eiti šiauriniu keliu."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:402
#, fuzzy
msgid "Good day to you, then. Come, men, to the northern road!"
msgstr "Tuomet, princese, geros dienos. Eime, vyrai. Šiaurėn!"
#. [message]: speaker=unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/08_The_Princess_of_Wesnoth.cfg:407
msgid ""
"(Ha ha, little do they know just how many undead have wandered the northern "
"road of late. Surely they are doomed!)"
msgstr ""
"(Cha cha, kad jie žinotų kiek nemirėlių pastaruoju metu bastėsi šiauriniame "
"kelyje. Dabar tai jiems tikrai galas!)"
#. [scenario]: id=09_The_Valley_of_Death
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:4
msgid "The Valley of Death — The Princess’s Revenge"
msgstr "Mirties slėnis – Princesės kerštas"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:21
msgid "Survive for two days"
msgstr "Išgyvenkite dvi dienas"
#. [objectives]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:25
msgid "Eradicate the liches"
msgstr "Išnaikinkite ličus"
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Galga
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:74
msgid "Galga"
msgstr "Galga"
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Na-alga
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:118
msgid "Na-alga"
msgstr "Na-alga"
#. [side]: type=Lich, id=Selda-Mana
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:152
msgid "Selda-Mana"
msgstr "Selda-Mana"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:215
msgid ""
"My lord! This road does not seem as safe as we had hoped. Look around us at "
"the hills — there are undead about!"
msgstr ""
"Valdove, šis kelias ne toks saugus, kaip mes tikėjomės. Apsidairykite, "
"pažvelkite į kalvas – aplink nemirėliai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Selda-Mana
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:219
msgid "Who are these who approach? Let us kill them all!"
msgstr "Kas čia tokie artinasi? Nužudykime juos visus!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:223
msgid "To arms, men! The undead hordes approach!"
msgstr "Prie ginklų, vyrai! Artėja nemirėlių ordos!"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:227
msgid ""
"There can be no surrender to these foul beasts of the pit! We fight until "
"victory, or until every one of us is slain!"
msgstr ""
"Negalim pasiduoti šiems požemio tvariniams! Kausimės iki pergalės arba iki "
"kol visus mus išžudys!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:236
msgid "There are just so many! What shall we do?"
msgstr "Jų tiek daug! Ką daryti?"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:240
msgid ""
"My people douse our weapons with holy water when fighting undead. It usually "
"lasts until the end of the battle, and they shrink in utter fear of our "
"blades... if that is possible for an undead minion."
msgstr ""
"Mano tautiečiai ištrina ginklus šventu vandeniu, kai kaunasi su nemirėliais. "
"Dažniausiai jo užtenka iki mūšio pabaigos, o priešai gūžiasi iš baimės nuo "
"mūsų ašmenų... Jeigu tai išvis įmanoma, kalbant apie nemirėlius."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:244
msgid "Let us hold them off as long as we can!"
msgstr "Laikykimės tiek, kiek išgalėsim!"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:297
msgid "I have come once again to aid you, friends!"
msgstr "Aš atėjau dar kartą padėti jums, draugai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:301
msgid "White magi? Come to help us? But what are they doing here?"
msgstr "Baltieji magai? Atėjo, kad padėtų mums? Bet ką jie čia veikia?"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:305
msgid ""
"That is Moremirmu! He helped us fight the undead in the Isles of the Damned, "
"let us hope he can help us once more!"
msgstr ""
"Tai Moremirmu! Jis mums padėjo kautis su nemirėliais Prakeiktųjų salose, "
"tikėkimės, padės ir dar kartą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:316
msgid ""
"The sun rises in the east. Surely the undead do not have the power to "
"continue their onslaught through another day!"
msgstr ""
"Rytuose kyla saulė. Be abejo nemirėliams pritrūks jėgų tęsti įnirtingą "
"puolimą dar vieną dieną!"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:320
msgid "Indeed not! I feel we have survived this battle."
msgstr "Iš tiesų pritrūks. Jaučiu, kad išgyvenome šį mūšį."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:325
msgid "Whew! That was a difficult battle, but they are retreating at last!"
msgstr "Uf! Sudėtingas buvo mūšis, bet pagaliau jie traukiasi!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:366
msgid "Yes! We have fought them off!"
msgstr "Taip! Mes juos atrėmėm!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:384
msgid "Thank you for returning to help us, Moremirmu."
msgstr "Ačiū, kad grįžai ir padėjai mums, Moremirmu."
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:388
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"It is both my duty and pleasure, my lord! We were dining with some royal "
"guards of the Princess, taking a rest from our pilgrimage, when they spoke "
"of how you were tricked into traveling these dangerous lands. We could do "
"nothing but help you!"
msgstr ""
"Man tai maloni pareiga, valdove! Mes vakarieniavome su keliais princesės "
"karališkaisiais sargybiniais, ilsėjomės nuo kelionės, kai jie papasakojo "
"kaip jus įviliojo į šias pavojingas žemes. Neliko nieko kito, kaip tik "
"ateiti jums į pagalbą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:392
msgid ""
"So, she tricked us into coming this way! Where may we go now? Which way will "
"be safe for us?"
msgstr ""
"Tai ji mus įviliojo į spąstus! Kur eisime dabar? Kuris kelias mums saugesnis?"
#. [message]: speaker=Moremirmu
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:396
msgid ""
"You must escape the clutches of that vile Queen, my lord. If you take a "
"course bearing north-east, on past the mountain of gryphons, you will be "
"able to ford the Great River at Abez. Make haste though, for you will not be "
"able to ford the river in winter!"
msgstr ""
"Turite išvengti suktosios karalienės spąstų, valdove. Jeigu trauksite "
"šiaurės rytų link ir toliau, už grifų kalno, galėsite persikelti per "
"Didžiąją upę prie Abezo. Bet paskubėkite, nes žiemą per upę persikelti "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:400
msgid ""
"Thank you for your counsel, good friend! May our paths meet again in happier "
msgstr ""
"Ačiū už patarimą, mielas drauge! Lai mūsų keliai ir vėl susikerta geresniais "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:416
msgid ""
"It greatly saddens me that Moremirmu was slain on the field, after he helped "
msgstr ""
"Siaubingai liūdna, kad Moremirmu žuvo kovoje, po to, kai tiek mums padėjo."
#. [message]: type=White Mage,Mage of Light
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:420
msgid "May he rest peacefully!"
msgstr "Tegul jis ilsisi ramybėje!"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:424
msgid ""
"He died fighting for you, Prince, just as any of us would be willing to die "
"for you."
msgstr ""
"Jis žuvo kovodamas už jus, prince. Taip pat, kaip žūtų bet kuris iš mūsų."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:430
msgid ""
"This place makes me feel uneasy, even with the undead retreating. Where may "
"we go now?"
msgstr ""
"Man nuo šios vietos negera, net kai nemirėliai jau traukiasi. Kur eisime "
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:434
msgid ""
"The land of Wesnoth is not safe for us. The Queen’s forces reach every "
"corner. We must make haste to the north lands, across the Great River. Let "
"us go quickly!"
msgstr ""
"Vesnoto žemėje mums nesaugu. Karalienės žmonėms pasiekiamas kiekvienas "
"kampas. Reikia paskubėti į šiaurę, kirsti Didžiąją upę. Eime, greičiau!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/09_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:438
msgid "Indeed! Let us go from here!"
msgstr "Išties! Eime iš čia!"
#. [scenario]: id=10_Gryphon_Mountain
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:4
msgid "Gryphon Mountain"
msgstr "Grifų kalnas"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:35
msgid "Defeat the mother gryphon before the enemy does"
msgstr "Nugalėkite motiną grifę prieš tai padarant priešui"
#. [side]: type=General, id=Robryn
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:89
msgid "Robryn"
msgstr "Robrinas"
#. [side]: type=Gryphon, id=Mother Gryphon
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:107
msgid "Mother Gryphon"
msgstr "Motina grifė"
#. [side]: type=Gryphon, id=Mother Gryphon
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:110
msgid "Gryphons"
msgstr "Grifai"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:126
msgid "Graak"
msgstr "Graakas"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:127
msgid "Grook"
msgstr "Grūkas"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:128
msgid "Gruak"
msgstr "Gruakas"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:140
msgid "What is this place? That is one big mountain!"
msgstr "Kas čia per vieta? Tai bent kalnas!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:144
msgid "That is the fabled Gryphon Mountain."
msgstr "Tai padavimais apipintas grifų kalnas."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:148
msgid ""
"Gryphon Mountain! Maybe we could steal some eggs from the gryphons and train "
"the young to be flying mounts. Would that work, Delfador?"
msgstr ""
"Grifų kalnas! Gal galėtume pavogti iš grifų kelis kiaušinius ir užauginti "
"jauniklius, kad skraidintų raitelius? Ar pavyktų, Delfadorai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:152
msgid ""
"We can try to do that, but we must be careful. To disturb the gryphons could "
"prove dangerous... and yet such mounts could help us greatly later. Whatever "
"we do, we must pass by this place."
msgstr ""
"Galime pabandyti, bet reikia būti atsargiems. Trukdyti grifus gali būti "
"pavojinga... Ir visgi, skraidantys raiteliai vėliau mums gali labai "
"pagelbėti. Ką benuspręstume, praeiti pro čia vis tiek privalome."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:156
msgid "Well, let’s start climbing the mountain!"
msgstr "Tuomet pradėkime kopti į kalną!"
#. [message]: speaker=second_unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:172
msgid "Here are the mother Gryphon’s eggs!"
msgstr "Čia yra motinos grifės kiaušiniai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:177
msgid "Excellent! We should be able to breed Gryphons for our own uses now!"
msgstr "Nuostabu! Dabar galėsime veisti grifus savo reikmėms!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:189
msgid ""
"It appears that we are not the only ones interested in this mountain. Once "
"again the Queen opposes us!"
msgstr ""
"Panašu, kad šis kalnas domina ne mus vienus. Eilinį kartą mums kelią pastoja "
"karalienės žmonės!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:194
msgid "Quickly, men! Onward!"
msgstr "Greičiau, vyrai! Į priekį!"
#. [message]: speaker=second_unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:209
msgid ""
"Ha ha! We have killed this foul beast of the air, and can deny the rebels "
"its eggs!"
msgstr ""
"Cha cha! Užmušėm skraidančią bjaurybę ir galim nebeatiduoti sukilėliams jos "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:255
msgid "We have defeated them! Now what do we do?"
msgstr "Mes juos nugalėjome! Ką dabar darysime?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:259
msgid ""
"We must continue north. It is too late to return to the safety of Elensefar "
"or Alduin before winter falls. We must therefore cross the great river and "
"continue toward the land of the dwarves. Hurry, let us go!"
msgstr ""
"Turim toliau keliauti į šiaurę. Nebespėsime iki žiemos grįžti į saugų "
"Elensefaro ar Alduino prieglobstį. Vadinasi, reikia keltis per didžiąją upę "
"ir eiti link dvarfų žemių. Eime, greičiau!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:269
msgid ""
"With these gryphon eggs we should be able to breed gryphons that will serve "
"us. When they are large enough to carry mounts, we can hire gryphon riders!"
msgstr ""
"Turėtų pavykti iš šių kiaušinių užauginti grifus, kurie mums paklus. Kai jie "
"užaugs pakankamai dideli, kad pakeltų vadeliotojus, galėsim samdyti grifų "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:285
msgid ""
"It is a shame we could not get those gryphon eggs. I am glad we did not "
"slaughter any gryphons. They are magnificent animals (looks back at the "
"mountain). Still..."
msgstr ""
"Gaila, kad nesugebėjome gauti tų grifų kiaušinių. Džiaugiuosi, kad "
"neišskerdėme grifų. Jie didingi gyvūnai (pasižiūri atgal į kalną). Ir "
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:289
msgid "Whoa!!"
msgstr "Oba!!"
#. [then]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:346
msgid "Graik"
msgstr "Graik"
#. [then]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:347
msgid "Griak"
msgstr "Griak"
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:354
msgid ""
"Indeed, the majestic beasts were now circling the mountain’s peak. Several "
"glared in Konrad’s direction, their eagle eyes fixed on him at an incredible "
msgstr ""
"Didingi padarai suko ratus aplink kalno viršūnę. Keletas spoksojo Konrado "
"kryptimi, iš neįtikėtinų tolumų sutelkę į jį savo ereliškus žvilgsnius."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:394
msgid "Amazing! I have never before heard of such behavior in gryphons."
msgstr "Neįtikėtina! Niekada anksčiau neteko girdėti, kad grifai taip elgtųsi."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:398
msgid "What does it mean?"
msgstr "Ką tai reiškia?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:402
msgid "I do not know. Come now, the show is over."
msgstr "Aš nežinau. O dabar eime, pasirodymas baigtas."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:410
msgid ""
"It is a shame we could not get those gryphon eggs — they would surely have "
"given us an advantage sometime. Still, we must continue."
msgstr ""
"Gaila, kad nesugebėjome gauti tų grifų kiaušinių – kada nors jie tikrai būtų "
"davę mums pranašumą. Vis dėlto, turime tęsti kelionę."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:416
msgid "Let us continue onward!"
msgstr "Eime toliau!"
#. [modify_unit]: type=Gryphon, id=Rampant Graak
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:454
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:503
msgid "Rampant Graak"
msgstr "Siautėjantis Graakas"
#. [modify_unit]: type=Gryphon, id=Rampant Grook
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:469
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:518
msgid "Rampant Grook"
msgstr "Siautėjantis Grūkas"
#. [modify_unit]: type=Gryphon, id=Rampant Gruak
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:484
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/10_Gryphon_Mountain.cfg:533
msgid "Rampant Gruak"
msgstr "Siautėjantis Gruakas"
#. [scenario]: id=11_The_Ford_of_Abez
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:4
msgid "The Ford of Abez"
msgstr "Abezo brasta"
#. [objective]: condition=win
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:25
msgid "Move Konrad to the north side of the river"
msgstr "Nuveskite Konradą į šiaurinę upės pusę"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warlord, id=Gaga-Breuk
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:92
msgid "Gaga-Breuk"
msgstr "Gaga-Breukas"
#. [side]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:137
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/14_Plunging_Into_the_Darkness.cfg:70
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/19c_Cliffs_of_Thoria.cfg:170
msgid "Monsters"
msgstr "Pabaisos"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:194
msgid ""
"This is the Ford of Abez. When we ford this river, we will be leaving "
"Wesnoth, and entering the lands of the North. The dwarves once ruled these "
"lands, but they are now filled only with chaos. This is where your father "
"and uncle were betrayed, almost seventeen years ago now, Konrad."
msgstr ""
"Tai yra Abezo brasta. Kai perbrisime upę, mes paliksime Vesnotą ir įeisime į "
"šiaurės žemes. Kadaise dvarfai valdė šias žemes, bet dabar jose karaliauja "
"chaosas. Tai vieta, kur beveik prieš septyniolika metų buvo išduoti tavo "
"tėvas ir dėdė, Konradai."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:198
msgid "Really? So what happened, Delfador?"
msgstr "Tikrai? Tai kas gi atsitiko, Delfadorai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:202
msgid ""
"The forces of the king were encamped here, and the forces of the north were "
"on the north side of the river. For three days and three nights the armies "
"faced each other, neither willing to ford the river. On the fourth day, the "
"northern armies crossed and attacked us."
msgstr ""
"Karaliaus pajėgos įsitvirtino čia, o šiauriečiai – kitame krante. Tris "
"dienas ir tris naktis armijos stovėjo viena prieš kitą ir nė viena nesiryžo "
"keltis per upę. Ketvirtą dieną šiauriečiai persikėlė ir užpuolė mus."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:206
msgid "And then... we were defeated?"
msgstr "Ir tada... Mes buvom nugalėti?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:210
msgid "We were winning the battle. We were repelling them..."
msgstr "Mūsų pergalė artėjo. Mes pradėjome juos stumti..."
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:214
msgid "And then the king’s son, in the heat of battle, turned upon the king!"
msgstr "Ir tada karaliaus sūnus mūšio įkarštyje pasisuko prieš karalių!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:218
msgid "But you avenged the murder. You killed the prince. Right, Delfador?"
msgstr "Bet tu atkeršijai žudikui. Tu užmušei princą. Taip, Delfadorai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:222
msgid ""
"When I saw the king betrayed and his banner fallen, I fled the battle. I "
"know not now whether it was wisdom or cowardice, but I did flee, seeing no "
"further hope on that day."
msgstr ""
"Kai pamačiau, kad karalius išduotas ir jo vėliava krito, bėgau iš mūšio "
"lauko. Dabar nežinau, ar tada pasielgiau išmintingai, ar kaip bailys, bet "
"tądien aš bėgau, nematydamas jokių kitų vilčių."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:226
msgid ""
"Oh, but the elves always told me that you killed the prince, Delfador, even "
"though you never talked about it."
msgstr ""
"O... Bet elfai visada man sakė, kad tu užmušei princą, Delfadorai, nors tu "
"pats apie tai niekada ir nepasakojai."
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:230
msgid "That foolish boy killed himself."
msgstr "Tas kvailas berniūkštis pats save užmušė."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:234
msgid "What do you mean?"
msgstr "Ką turi omeny?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:238
msgid ""
"I mustered men to fight against the traitor-king, and of course Asheviere "
"too, for she was behind it all. We met them; not here, but on the road from "
"Weldyn, at Tath. We were outnumbered, perhaps four to one. In the heat of "
"battle, that boy, fool that he was, came charging at me, slashing wildly. I "
"had little choice but to end his life."
msgstr ""
"Aš subūriau vyrus kovoti prieš išdaviką karalių ir, žinoma, prieš Aševierę, "
"nes už viso to slypėjo ji. Mes susikovėme. Ne čia, o pakeliui iš Veldyno į "
"Tatą. Jų buvo daugiau, gal net keturi prieš vieną. Tas berniūkštis mūšio "
"įkarštyje rado kvailumo pulti mane, mosuoti kardu kaip pasiutęs. Neturėjau "
"kitos išeities, tik nutraukti jo gyvybę."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:242
msgid "So it is true, you did kill him?"
msgstr "Tad tai tiesa, tu jį nužudei?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:246
msgid ""
"He did die in battle at my hand. It is sad that your brothers did not have "
"the opportunity to experience such an honorable death, Konrad."
msgstr ""
"Jis mirė mūšyje nuo mano rankos. Liūdna, kad tavo broliai neturėjo galimybės "
"patirti tokios garbingos mirties, Konradai."
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:250
msgid ""
"With all respect, my lords, we must make haste. We have to ford the river "
"immediately. And, look! It seems that the guard-towers on the river banks "
"are manned!"
msgstr ""
"Su visa pagarba, ponai, mums reikia skubėti. Reikia tučtuojau persikelti per "
"upę. Ir pažvelkite! Atrodo, kad sargybiniai bokštai abipus upės netušti!"
#. [message]: speaker=Gaga-Breuk
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:254
msgid ""
"Look! Some of the southerners, men of Wesnoth, are trying to cross into our "
"lands! We will slaughter them by the river’s edge!"
msgstr ""
"Žiūrėkit! Kažkokie pietiečiai, Vesnoto vyrai, bando keltis į mūsų žemes! "
"Išskersim juos pakrantėje!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:258
msgid "Isn’t there somewhere else we can cross? Maybe upstream?"
msgstr "Negi mes negalime kirsti upės kur nors kitur? Gal kur aukščiau?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:262
msgid ""
"Winter quickly bears down upon us. We have only a few days to make the "
"crossing, and the nearest bridge is far upstream. To be trapped south of the "
"river when winter arrives would be suicide. Asheviere would have us trapped "
"like rats! Look to the west! Asheviere has a border fort, and it seems to be "
"full of soldiers! We must cross here, and quickly!"
msgstr ""
"Žiema sparčiai mina mums ant kulnų. Turime tik kelias dienas upei kirsti, o "
"artimiausias tiltas yra toli prieš srovę. Pasilikti pietiniame krante "
"užslinkus žiemai, būtų savižudybė. Aševierei mes būtume kaip grobis "
"spąstuose.Pažvelk į vakarus! Ten stovi Aševierės pasienio fortas ir jis, "
"regis, pilnas karių. Turime kirsti upę čia ir tuojau pat!"
#. [message]: speaker=Li'sar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:267
msgid ""
"There they are! So it is true, they foiled the undead. Now they are trying "
"to leave Wesnoth. We can’t let them cross the river. After them, men!"
msgstr ""
"Štai jie! Taigi, tai tiesa, jie išvengė nemirėlių. O dabar bando pasprukti "
"iš Vesnoto. Negalima leisti jiems kirsti upės. Vyrai, paskui juos!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:278
msgid ""
"Not her again! We must hurry! Do not forget to bring the gryphon eggs. They "
"must be allowed more time to hatch. Quickly!"
msgstr ""
"Tik ne ji vėl! Turime paskubėti! Neužmirškite pasiimti grifų kiaušinių. "
"Jiems reikia daugiau laiko, kad išsiristų. Greičiau!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:284
msgid "Not her again! Quickly! We must hurry!"
msgstr "Tik ne ji vėl! Greičiau! Turime paskubėti!"
#. [message]: type=Royal Guard
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:315
msgid "Stop! You shall not pass!"
msgstr "Stok! Tu nepraeisi!"
#. [message]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:357
msgid "Quick, reinforcements, protect the Princess!"
msgstr "Greičiau, pastiprinimą, apginkite princesę!"
#. [message]: speaker=second_unit
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:376
msgid "Quick, reinforcements!"
msgstr "Greitai, pastiprinimai!"
#. [message]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:396
msgid "Protect the Princess!"
msgstr "Apsaugokite Princesę!"
#. [message]: speaker=Li'sar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:417
msgid "You drive me from the field, but you have not vanquished me, impostor!"
msgstr "Išstūmei mane iš kovos lauko, apsimetėli, bet nesunaikinai manęs!"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:424
msgid "Water Serpent"
msgstr "Vandens gyvatė"
#. [event]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:427
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/13_The_Dwarven_Doors.cfg:707
msgid "Cuttle Fish"
msgstr "Sepija"
#. [message]: type=Water Serpent
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:447
msgid "Ruaarrrrrrrr!"
msgstr "Ruaarrrrrrrr!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:451
msgid "What is that?"
msgstr "Kas tai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:455
msgid ""
"Creatures of the deep are upon us! This may be very dangerous. Be quick! We "
"must get to the other side with all haste!"
msgstr ""
"Mus puola padarai iš gilumos! Tai gali tapti labai pavojinga. Paskubėkite! "
"Reikia kuo greičiau pasiekti kitą krantą!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:470
msgid "We made it across the river safely! Where to now?"
msgstr "Saugiai persikėlėm per upę! Kur toliau?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:475
msgid ""
"If we are to have any hope of penetrating into Knalga, we must continue "
"north to seek help from the Dwarves of the Heart Mountains."
msgstr ""
"Jei turime vilčių patekti į Knalgą, reikia keliauti tolyn į šiaurę ir "
"prašyti dvarfų iš Šerdies kalnų pagalbos."
#. [message]: speaker=Li'sar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:485
msgid ""
"I cannot believe it. They have made it away! We must make chase. After them, "
"men! Let us cross the river too! We will meet again, foul impostor."
msgstr ""
"Negaliu tuo patikėti. Jie pabėgo! Privalome vytis. Paskui juos, vyrai! "
"Keliamės per upę! Mes dar susitiksime, niekingas apsišaukėli."
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:490
msgid "Do you think she’s really going to chase us, Delfador?"
msgstr "Manai, kad ji tikrai ruošiasi mus vytis, Delfadorai?"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/11_The_Ford_of_Abez.cfg:495
msgid ""
"It surely looks like she will try. But many more creatures than we have "
"fought lurk in this river; that will make it difficult for her. We must "
"continue onward. If she makes it across before winter, then so be it!"
msgstr ""
"Atrodo, kad ji tikrai bandys. Tačiau upėje tūno daug daugiau padarų, nei "
"šiandien matėme, jai bus gerokai sudėtingiau. Reikia tęsti kelionę. Jeigu ji "
"persikels iki žiemos, tebūnie!"
#. [scenario]: id=12_Northern_Winter
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:4
msgid "Northern Winter"
msgstr "Šiaurinė žiema"
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:62
msgid ""
"Across the river were lands few humans had ever visited. The occasional "
"distant thutter of orcish signal drums made the abundant pine forests "
"nestled in rolling foothills both breathtaking and ominous."
msgstr ""
"Anapus upės driekėsi žemės, kuriose retam žmogui kada nors yra tekę "
"lankytis. Per kylančias pakalnes nusidriekę pušynai kartu ir gniaužė kvapą, "
"ir baugino nuo tai šen, tai ten nuskambančio orkų signalinių būgnų dundesio."
#. [part]
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:67
msgid ""
"Swirling, snow-laden winds tore at Konrad’s army, signaling the final exit "
"of autumn and the onset of what would be a harsh winter."
msgstr ""
"Sūkuriuojantys, sniego prisirpę vėjai plakė Konrado armiją, pranešdami apie "
"rudens pasitraukimą ir žiemos, kuri žadėjo būti labai atšiauri, atėjimą."
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Halgar Du'nar
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:93
msgid "Halgar Du’nar"
msgstr "Halgar Du’naras"
#. [side]: type=Orcish Warrior, id=Gorlak
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:118
msgid "Gorlak"
msgstr "Gorlakas"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:177
msgid ""
"This winter is bitterly cold! Perhaps we should stop here and rest a while."
msgstr ""
"Žiema pasitaikė rūsčiai šalta! Gal vertėtų čia apsistoti ir kiek pailsėti."
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:181
msgid ""
"Stop and rest? My lord, we must go hard after the Sceptre of Fire, lest it "
"fall into the hands of our enemies!"
msgstr ""
"Sustoti pailsėti? Valdove, reikia skubiai ieškoti ugnies skeptro, kol jis "
"nepateko į priešų rankas!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:185
msgid ""
"We have had a hard march ever since we were besieged by the undead in that "
"foul valley. Now winter bears down upon us, and we have spent most of our "
"money. This land looks fertile enough. Surely we can settle here for the "
msgstr ""
"Mes nesustodami žygiavome nuo pat to nelemto slėnio, kur mus užklupo "
"nemirėliai. Dabar mus puola žiema, o mes dar ir išleidome beveik visus "
"pinigus. Ši žemė atrodo pakankamai derlingai. Neabejoju, kad galime čia "
#. [message]: role=human-advisor
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:189
msgid ""
"Yes, let us rest a while! I am sure there are many challenges ahead, and I "
"do not think I could endure another like the fording of the river for many "
msgstr ""
"Taip, pailsėkime truputį! Mūsų dar tikrai laukia daug iššūkių, o aš nemanau, "
"kad pakelčiau dar vieną tokį, kaip kad mūsų daugiadienis kėlimasis per upę."
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:193
msgid ""
"We are pursued by the forces of your arch-enemy, chasing the Sceptre of "
"Fire, the fate of the realm in our hands, and you humans want to stop and "
"rest? Onward, I say!"
msgstr ""
"Mus persekioja mirtino priešo pajėgos, mes ieškom ugnies skeptro, paties "
"šalies likimo, o jūs, žmonės, norite sustoti ir ilsėtis? Aš sakau, pirmyn!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:197
msgid ""
"They are right, Kalenz. I had wanted to acquire the Sceptre within a moon, "
"but it is not to be. Our soldiers will begin to desert if they do not rest "
"soon. But in these wild north lands, we must fight even for the right to "
"rest. Look to the north! Those foul orcs will not allow us any peace!"
msgstr ""
"Jie teisūs, Kalenzai. Aš norėjau atgauti skeptrą mėnesio bėgyje, bet tam "
"nelemta įvykt. Mūsų kariai pradės bėgti, jeigu greitu metu neleisime jiems "
"pailsėti. Ir visgi šiose laukinėse šiaurės žemėse, mums teks kautis net už "
"teisę ilsėtis. Pažvelkite į šiaurę! Nelemtieji orkai nepaliks mūsų ramybėje!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:202
msgid "Then we shall wrest control of the land from them. To arms!"
msgstr "Tuomet perimsime šias žemes jėga. Prie ginklų!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:211
msgid "More snow is falling. We must finish this battle quickly. Onward, men!"
msgstr "Krenta daugiau sniego. Reikia greitai pabaigti šį mūšį. Pirmyn, vyrai!"
#. [message]: speaker=Konrad
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:335
msgid "We must make haste before the snow overwhelms us!"
msgstr "Reikia paskubėti, kol sniegas mūsų visai neužvertė!"
#. [message]: speaker=Delfador
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:343
msgid ""
"Victory is ours! We have secured the land from the orcs. Now we can rest "
"here while the cold winter passes."
msgstr ""
"Pergalė mūsų! Išgujom orkus iš šio krašto. Dabar galime čia pailsėti, kol "
"praeis šaltoji žiema."
#. [message]: speaker=Kalenz
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:347
msgid ""
"Let us not rest for too long though, friends. We must still reach the "
"ancient dwarven lands before our foes do."
msgstr ""
"Bet neužsibūkime, draugai. Mums vis dar reikia pasiekti senovės dvarfų žemes "
"pirmiau, nei tai padarys priešai."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:359
msgid ""
"A camp was pitched in a secluded valley that protected its occupants from "
"the worst of the winter weather and roving orc patrols. During this time, "
"the valley walls echoed with the squeaks of gryphon hatchlings, who happily "
"frolicked across the camp."
msgstr ""
"Stovykla buvo įrengta nuošaliame slėnyje, kuris gynė jo gyventojus nuo "
"baisiausių žiemos orų ir zyliojančių orkų patrulių. Per tą laiką slėnio "
"šlaitai skambėjo nuo linksmai besiduodančių grifų jauniklių cypsėjimo."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:364
msgid ""
"Konrad set his shamans to the task of corralling the animals. The elvish "
"shamans had a natural rapport with the gryphlets, whose wings were still too "
"small to carry a mount."
msgstr ""
"Konradas paskyrė šamanėms užduotį užauginti gyvūnus. Elfų šamanės iš "
"prigimties gerai sutaria su grifukais, kurių sparnai dar per silpni, kad "
"pakeltų vadeliotoją."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:369
msgid ""
"Konrad finally decided he could not wait until the gryphons grew to maturity "
"— Delfador’s insistence that the Sceptre must be recovered was too "
"compelling. And so after many days of rest, the party set out once again for "
"the dwarven kingdom..."
msgstr ""
"Pagaliau Konradas nusprendė, kad negali laukti kol grifai subręs – Delfadoro "
"reikalavimas surasti skeptrą buvo per daug įtikinamas. Ir štai, po daugelio "
"dienų poilsio, keliauninkai vėl išsiruošė į dvarfų karalystę..."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:376
msgid ""
"A camp was pitched in a secluded valley that protected its occupants from "
"the worst of the winter weather and roving orc patrols."
msgstr ""
"Stovykla buvo įrengta nuošaliame slėnyje, kuris gynė jo gyventojus nuo "
"baisiausių žiemos orų ir zyliojančių orkų patrulių."
#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/scenarios/12_Northern_Winter.cfg:381
msgid ""
"Eventually Delfador’s insistence that the Sceptre must be recovered proved "