The Battle for Wesnoth Lithuanian translation
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# Copyright (C) Wesnoth development team, 2007-2019.
# Translators:
# Andrius Štikonas <>, 2007-2019.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Battle for Wesnoth 1.11\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2020-12-19 01:27 UTC\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-01-01 18:10+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Andrius Štikonas <>\n"
"Language-Team: Lithuanian <>\n"
"Language: lt\n"
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"%100>=20) ? 1 : n%10==0 || (n%100>10 && n%100<20) ? 2 : 3);\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 2.2.4\n"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#. [attack]: type=arcane
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Brawler.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Citizen.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/monsters/Darawf.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/monsters/Small_Mudcrawler.cfg:16
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Divine_Avatar.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/monsters/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/monsters/Yeti.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/trolls/Rocklobber.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/trolls/Troll_Shaman.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/trolls/Whelp.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/undead/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:38
msgid "fist"
msgstr "kumštis"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Brawler.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/monsters/Fire_Dragon.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/monsters/Icemonax_Greater.cfg:79
msgid "tail"
msgstr "uodega"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Kraken.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/monsters/Cuttle_Fish.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/monsters/Tentacle.cfg:34
msgid "tentacle"
msgstr "čiuptuvas"
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Kraken.cfg:48
#: data/core/units/monsters/Cuttle_Fish.cfg:42
msgid "ink"
msgstr "rašalas"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Soldier_King.cfg:31
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Warrior_King.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Dead_Water/units/Young_King.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/units/Horseman_Commander.cfg:43
#: data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/units/Mounted_General.cfg:44
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/nagas/Naga_Guardian.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/nagas/Naga_Sentinel.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/nagas/Naga_Warden.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Alchemist.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Apothecary.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Cataphract.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Herbalist.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Horse_Archer.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Luminary.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rider.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sunderer.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Windbolt.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:23
msgid "mace"
msgstr "vėzdas"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Delfadors_Memoirs/units/Mage_Commander.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Delfadors_Memoirs/units/Mage_Leader.cfg:21
#: data/campaigns/Delfadors_Memoirs/units/Mage_Magister.cfg:26
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Frontier_Baroness.cfg:65
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/units/Novice_Orcish_Shaman.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/units/Old_Orcish_Shaman.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Wesfolk_Lady.cfg:66
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Wesfolk_Leader.cfg:67
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Wesfolk_Outcast.cfg:66
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Druid.cfg:30
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Mystic.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Shaman.cfg:30
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Shyde.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/elves/Druid.cfg:29 data/core/units/elves/Enchantress.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/elves/Shaman.cfg:35 data/core/units/elves/Sorceress.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage.cfg:29 data/core/units/humans/Mage_Arch.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_Elder.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_Great.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_Red.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_Silver.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_White.cfg:50
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Diviner.cfg:49
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Enchantress.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Initiate.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Priestess.cfg:45
#: data/core/units/saurians/Augur.cfg:26 data/core/units/saurians/Oracle.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/saurians/Soothsayer.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:50
msgid "staff"
msgstr "lazda"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Apprentice_Mage.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Apprentice_Necromancer.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Dark_Mage.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:502
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:530
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:572
#: data/campaigns/Liberty/units/Rogue_Mage.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Liberty/units/Shadow_Mage.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Falconer.cfg:142
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sky_Hunter.cfg:140
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Bowman.cfg:22
#: data/core/units/orcs/Crossbowman.cfg:23 data/core/units/orcs/Slurbow.cfg:28
msgid "short sword"
msgstr "trumpas kalavijas"
#. [attack]: type=cold
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Apprentice_Necromancer.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Dark_Mage.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:539
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:581
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/undead/Spider_Lich.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Dark_Adept.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:59
#: data/core/units/undead/Necromancer.cfg:41
msgid "chill wave"
msgstr "šalčio banga"
#. [attack]: type=arcane
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Apprentice_Necromancer.cfg:45
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Dark_Mage.cfg:46
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:551
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Malin_Keshar.cfg:593
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:60
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Rune_Lord.cfg:104
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/undead/Spider_Lich.cfg:50
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:57
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Dark_Adept.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:71
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Lich.cfg:63
#: data/core/units/undead/Necromancer.cfg:53
msgid "shadow wave"
msgstr "šešėlių banga"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Descent_Into_Darkness/units/Frontier_Baroness.cfg:74
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Delinquent.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Wesfolk_Lady.cfg:75
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Wesfolk_Leader.cfg:76
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Wesfolk_Outcast.cfg:75
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Scout.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Skirmisher.cfg:44
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Footpad.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Fugitive.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/trolls/Rocklobber.cfg:35
msgid "sling"
msgstr "svaidyklė"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Bone_Knight.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Skeleton_Rider.cfg:43
#: data/campaigns/Liberty/units/Bone_Knight.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Liberty/units/Skeleton_Rider.cfg:43
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Fighter.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/undead/Undead_Horseman.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Explorer.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rover.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wayfarer.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Explorer.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Fighter.cfg:41
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Pathfinder.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Pathfinder.cfg:44
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Scout.cfg:35 data/core/units/dwarves/Scout.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Deathblade.cfg:54
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Draug.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Revenant.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/undead/Skeleton.cfg:50
msgid "axe"
msgstr "kirvis"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Horse_Lord.cfg:26
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Mounted_Warrior.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/orcs/Ruler.cfg:28 data/core/units/orcs/Sovereign.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/orcs/Warlord.cfg:24 data/core/units/orcs/Warrior.cfg:22
msgid "greatsword"
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Horse_Lord.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Mounted_Fighter.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Mounted_Warrior.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Annalist.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Loremaster.cfg:41
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Witness.cfg:41
#: data/campaigns/tutorial/units/Quintain.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Iron_Mauler.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Shock_Trooper.cfg:23
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_of_Light.cfg:54
msgid "flail"
msgstr "kovos spragilas"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#. [attack]: type=arcane
#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion/units/Mounted_Fighter.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:134
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Commander.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Fighter.cfg:20
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Lord.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Princess.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Princess.cfg:94
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Sea_Orc.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Liberty/units/Death_Squire.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Sceptre_of_Fire/units/Haldric_II.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Noble_Fighter.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Noble_Lord.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/humans/Human_Commander.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/nagas/Naga_Hunter.cfg:26
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Archer.cfg:30
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Flanker.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Marksman.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Outrider.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Pathfinder.cfg:31
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Ranger.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Scout.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Youth.cfg:459
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Youth.cfg:516
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Youth.cfg:573
#: data/campaigns/tutorial/units/Fighter.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/tutorial/units/Fighteress.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/tutorial/units/Warrior.cfg:25
#: data/campaigns/tutorial/units/Warrioress.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Paragon.cfg:31 data/core/units/elves/Archer.cfg:23
#: data/core/units/elves/Avenger.cfg:40 data/core/units/elves/Captain.cfg:35
#: data/core/units/elves/Champion.cfg:23 data/core/units/elves/Fighter.cfg:22
#: data/core/units/elves/Hero.cfg:22 data/core/units/elves/High_Lord.cfg:49
#: data/core/units/elves/Lord.cfg:28 data/core/units/elves/Marksman.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/elves/Marshal.cfg:40 data/core/units/elves/Outrider.cfg:45
#: data/core/units/elves/Ranger.cfg:39 data/core/units/elves/Rider.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/elves/Scout.cfg:32 data/core/units/elves/Sharpshooter.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Knight.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Paladin.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalryman.cfg:44
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Dragoon.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Lieutenant.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Longbowman.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_Bowman.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Sergeant.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Swordsman.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Ranger.cfg:44
#: data/core/units/nagas/Fighter.cfg:30 data/core/units/nagas/Myrmidon.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/nagas/Warrior.cfg:27 data/core/units/orcs/Grunt.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/orcs/Leader.cfg:28
msgid "sword"
msgstr "kalavijas"
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Commander.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Lord.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:44
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Noble_Lord.cfg:45
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/humans/Human_Commander.cfg:46
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/nagas/Naga_Hunter.cfg:35
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Archer.cfg:40
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Marksman.cfg:44
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Youth.cfg:468
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Youth.cfg:525
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Youth.cfg:582
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Marauder.cfg:69
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Raider.cfg:67 data/core/units/elves/Archer.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/elves/Avenger.cfg:49 data/core/units/elves/Captain.cfg:44
#: data/core/units/elves/Champion.cfg:32 data/core/units/elves/Fighter.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/elves/Hero.cfg:31 data/core/units/elves/Marshal.cfg:49
#: data/core/units/elves/Outrider.cfg:54 data/core/units/elves/Ranger.cfg:48
#: data/core/units/elves/Rider.cfg:41 data/core/units/elves/Scout.cfg:41
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Bowman.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Huntsman.cfg:46
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Poacher.cfg:42
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Ranger.cfg:53
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Trapper.cfg:42
#: data/core/units/nagas/Ophidian.cfg:37 data/core/units/nagas/Sicarius.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/orcs/Archer.cfg:33 data/core/units/orcs/Archer.cfg:42
#: data/core/units/orcs/Warlord.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Banebow.cfg:41
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Bone_Shooter.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/undead/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:47
msgid "bow"
msgstr "lankas"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Flying Corpse_Gryphon
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Gryphon
#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne/units/Sleeping_Gryphon.cfg:30
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:161
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:133
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/monsters/Crab_Man.cfg:23
#: data/core/units/drakes/Burner.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/goblins/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:42
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon_Master.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon_Rider.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/monsters/Bear.cfg:51
#: data/core/units/monsters/Elder_Falcon.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/monsters/Falcon.cfg:85
#: data/core/units/monsters/Icemonax.cfg:53
#: data/core/units/monsters/Icemonax_Greater.cfg:61
#: data/core/units/monsters/Roc.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/monsters/Skeletal_Dragon.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Ghoul.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Necrophage.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/undead/Spirit_Nightgaunt.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/undead/Spirit_Shadow.cfg:66
msgid "claws"
msgstr "nagai"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Bone_Captain.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Sailor.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Sea_Captain.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Duelist.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Fencer.cfg:53
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_at_Arms.cfg:32
msgid "saber"
msgstr "kardas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Walking Corpse, race=undead
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Human
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Goblin
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Mounted
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Saurian
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Troll
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Wose
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Wolf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Wolf Rider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Spider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Rat
#. [unit_type]: id=Walking Corpse Shynal, race=undead
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Corpse_Shynal.cfg:4
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:111
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:126
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:141
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:174
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:189
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:222
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:237
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:252
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:268
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:283
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:299
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Walking.cfg:75
msgid "Walking Corpse"
msgstr "Vaikščiojantis lavonas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Walking Corpse, race=undead
#. [unit_type]: id=Walking Corpse Shynal, race=undead
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Corpse_Shynal.cfg:17
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:11
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Walking.cfg:85
msgid ""
"Walking Corpses are the bodies of the dead, re-animated by dark magic. "
"Though not especially dangerous to a trained soldier, the sight of one’s "
"former comrades amongst their number is frightening to say the least."
msgstr ""
"Vaikščiojantys lavonai yra mirusiųjų kūnai, prikelti juodąja magija. Nors ir "
"jie nėra ypatingai pavojingi treniruotam kariui, ankstesnio bendražygio "
"pamatymas tarp jų yra sakant bauginantis mažų mažiausiai sakant."
#. [attack]: type=impact
#. [attack]: type=arcane
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Human
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Goblin
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Mounted
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Saurian
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Swimming Corpse
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Troll
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Wose
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Wolf Rider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Human
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Goblin
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Mounted
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Saurian
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Swimmer
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Troll
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Wose
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Wolf Rider
#. [attack]: type=cold
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Corpse_Shynal.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:114
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:129
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:144
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:177
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:192
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:209
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:225
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:240
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:271
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:91
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:105
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:119
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:148
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:162
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:176
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:191
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:205
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:234
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Sun_Singer.cfg:30
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Sun_Sylph.cfg:34
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/undead/Spider_Lich.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Soulless.cfg:92
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Walking.cfg:91
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Lich.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/undead/Spirit_Ghost.cfg:60
msgid "touch"
msgstr "prisilietimas"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Delinquent.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Footpad.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Ruffian.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Thug.cfg:23
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Entangler.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Netcaster.cfg:26 data/core/units/trolls/Troll.cfg:25
msgid "club"
msgstr "vėzdas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Ancient Lich, race=undead
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Ancient Lich, race=undead
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:5
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:4
msgid "Ancient Lich"
msgstr "Senovinis ličas"
#. [attack]: type=cold
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:48
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Rune_Lord.cfg:92
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Ancient_Lich.cfg:45
#: data/core/units/undead/Necro_Lich.cfg:51
msgid "chill tempest"
msgstr "šalčio audra"
#. [unit_type]: id=Necromancer, race=human
#. [unit_type]: id=Sacrifice, race=human
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Necro_Sacrifice.cfg:8
#: data/core/units/undead/Necromancer.cfg:4
msgid "Necromancer"
msgstr "Nekromantas"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Necromancer.cfg:11
#: data/core/units/undead/Necromancer.cfg:29
msgid "plague staff"
msgstr "maro lazda"
#. [attack]: type=cold
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/units/Novice_Orcish_Shaman.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/units/Old_Orcish_Shaman.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:36
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Vampire_Lady.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/saurians/Augur.cfg:35 data/core/units/saurians/Oracle.cfg:47
#: data/core/units/saurians/Soothsayer.cfg:36
msgid "curse"
msgstr "prakeikimas"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Wolf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Spider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Flying Corpse_Bat
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Wolf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Spider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Bat
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:255
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:286
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:318
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:219
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:247
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:275
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/monsters/Alien_Minion.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Blood.cfg:118 data/core/units/bats/Bat_Dread.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Vampire.cfg:117
#: data/core/units/goblins/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/goblins/Knight.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/goblins/Pillager.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/goblins/Wolf_Rider.cfg:46
#: data/core/units/monsters/Ant.cfg:33 data/core/units/monsters/Bear.cfg:42
#: data/core/units/monsters/Fire_Ant.cfg:64
#: data/core/units/monsters/Giant_Spider.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/monsters/Sea_Serpent.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/monsters/Water_Serpent.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/monsters/Wolf.cfg:48
#: data/core/units/monsters/Wolf_Dire.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/monsters/Wolf_Great.cfg:33
msgid "fangs"
msgstr "iltys"
#. [attack]: type=cold
#. [attack]: type=blade
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#. [variation]
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Walking Corpse_Rat
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Rat
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Corpses.cfg:301
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:261
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Familiar.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wyvern_Rider.cfg:23
#: data/core/units/monsters/Crocodile.cfg:101
#: data/core/units/monsters/Fire_Dragon.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/monsters/Giant_Rat.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/monsters/Giant_Stoat.cfg:62
#: data/core/units/monsters/Icemonax.cfg:62
#: data/core/units/monsters/Icemonax_Greater.cfg:70
#: data/core/units/monsters/Wild_Wyvern.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Ghast.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Soulless.cfg:235
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Walking.cfg:234
msgid "bite"
msgstr "įkandimas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Soulless, race=undead
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:14
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Soulless.cfg:86
msgid ""
"The technique of animating a dead body is unfortunately well-known in the "
"dark arts; practitioners often use it to raise servants and soldiers from "
"unwilling corpses. These shamblers are often numerous, but fragile; a touch "
"of combat can waken them, though, making them far more formidable."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Soulless, race=undead
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Human
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Goblin
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Gryphon
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Mounted
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Saurian
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Swimmer
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Troll
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Wose
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Wolf
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Wolf Rider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Spider
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Rat
#. [unit_type]: id=SotA Soulless_Bat
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:89
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:103
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:117
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:131
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:146
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:160
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:174
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:189
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:203
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:217
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:232
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:246
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:260
#: data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/units/SotA_Soulless.cfg:273
#: data/core/units/undead/Corpse_Soulless.cfg:75
msgid "Soulless"
msgstr "Bedvasis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Berserker, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Berserker, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Berserker.cfg:18
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Berserker.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Berserkers are a rare caste of Dwarves, who work themselves into a towering "
"rage before combat. These warriors disdain all notion of defense, thinking "
"only of the unrelenting assaults for which they are legendary."
msgstr ""
"Berserkai priklauso retai kastai Dvarfų tarpe. Prieš stodami į mūšį, jie "
"sukelia savyje nežabojamą įsiūtį. Šie kariai pamiršta ką reiškia gynyba ir "
"galvoja tik apie nesustabdomą puolimą, už kurį juos supa legendos."
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Berserker.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Ulfserker.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Berserker.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Ulfserker.cfg:31
msgid "berserker frenzy"
msgstr "berserko įtūžis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Dragonguard, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Dragonguard, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Dragonguard.cfg:17
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Dragonguard.cfg:19
msgid ""
"It is not clear why the Dragonguards are called what they are, a name given "
"by their dwarven brethren. Some speculate that the name comes from their "
"weapon of choice, these strange staves that belch fire and death. Others "
"have surmised that it is because such weapons would be a threat against even "
"a true Dragon, should such a thing be seen again in the known world. "
"Whatever the case, it is for these weapons that the guardians of the great "
"Dwarven citadels are both renowned and feared; weapons that have broken the "
"mightiest of warriors with a single blow."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Dragonguard.cfg:24
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Thunderer.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Thunderguard.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Burner.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Firetrooper.cfg:86
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Scorcher.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Dragonguard.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderer.cfg:49
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderguard.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Assassin.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Rogue.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/humans/Outlaw_Thief.cfg:95
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Huntsman.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Poacher.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/humans/Woodsman_Trapper.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/nagas/Dirkfang.cfg:29 data/core/units/orcs/Archer.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/orcs/Assassin.cfg:28 data/core/units/orcs/Slayer.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Banebow.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Bone_Shooter.cfg:30
msgid "dagger"
msgstr "durklas"
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Dragonguard.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Dragonguard.cfg:46
msgid "dragonstaff"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Fighter, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Fighter, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Fighter.cfg:17
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Fighter.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Dwarvish Fighters wield mighty battle axes and hammers, which make them "
"feared opponents in close-range combat. They are excellent in mountainous "
"terrain or underground. Their power and endurance more than compensate for "
"their relatively poor mobility."
msgstr ""
"Dvarfų kovotojai naudoja galingus karo kirvius ir kūjus, kurių visi "
"prisibijo artimoje kovoje. Jie puikiai kovoja kalnuotuose reljefuose bei "
"požemyje. Jų galia ir ištvermė puikiai atsveria palyginti nedidelį judrumą."
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Fighter.cfg:40
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Lord.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Steelclad.cfg:37
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Rune_Lord.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Arcanister.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Fighter.cfg:49 data/core/units/dwarves/Lord.cfg:56
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Runemaster.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Runesmith.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Steelclad.cfg:56 data/core/units/trolls/Great.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/trolls/Hero.cfg:26 data/core/units/trolls/Warrior.cfg:26
msgid "hammer"
msgstr "kūjis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Guardsman, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Guardsman, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Guardsman.cfg:17
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Guardsman.cfg:17
msgid ""
"The dwarven race has always been famed for its sturdiness of build, and many "
"of their warriors outfit themselves to take advantage of this. Dwarven "
"guardsmen march into battle with tower shields and spears. Most often, their "
"role is to hold the line, and to take a heavy toll on those who try to break "
"it. As the line marches forward, they act to secure its hard-won advance."
msgstr ""
"Dvarfai visada garsėjo savo tvirtu sudėjimu ir dauguma jų karių pasiruošia "
"tai išnaudoti. Dvarfų sargybiniai žygiuoja į mūšį su aukštais skydais ir "
"ietimis. Dažniausiai jų darbas yra laikyti rikiuotę ir skaudžiai bausti "
"tuos, kurie bando ją išardyti. Judant eilėms, jie išlaiko sunkiai uždirbtą "
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Guardsman.cfg:29
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Sentinel.cfg:38
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Stalwart.cfg:33
#: data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/units/Junior_Commander.cfg:31
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Fighter.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/drakes/Clasher.cfg:34 data/core/units/drakes/Thrasher.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Harrier.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Skirmisher.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearguard.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearmaster.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Strider.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Guardsman.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Sentinel.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Stalwart.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/goblins/Impaler.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/goblins/Impaler.cfg:41 data/core/units/goblins/Rouser.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/goblins/Spearman.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/goblins/Spearman.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/humans/Horseman.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Javelineer.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Spearman.cfg:65
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Hoplite.cfg:36 data/core/units/merfolk/Hunter.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Hunter.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Javelineer.cfg:23
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Javelineer.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Spearman.cfg:22
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Spearman.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/saurians/Ambusher.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/saurians/Ambusher.cfg:35
#: data/core/units/saurians/Flanker.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/saurians/Flanker.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/saurians/Skirmisher.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/saurians/Skirmisher.cfg:45
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Chocobone.cfg:38
msgid "spear"
msgstr "ietis"
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Guardsman.cfg:38
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Sentinel.cfg:47
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Stalwart.cfg:42
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Flagbearer.cfg:54
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Protector.cfg:61
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Rider.cfg:41
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Stalwart.cfg:54
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Vanguard.cfg:53
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wyvern_Rider.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Guardsman.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Sentinel.cfg:48
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Stalwart.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Javelineer.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Spearman.cfg:77
msgid "javelin"
msgstr "svaidomoji ietis"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Lord.cfg:28
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Steelclad.cfg:28
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Explorer.cfg:24 data/core/units/dwarves/Lord.cfg:47
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Steelclad.cfg:47
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Death_Knight.cfg:35
msgid "battle axe"
msgstr "karo kirvis"
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Lord.cfg:46
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Lord.cfg:65
msgid "hatchet"
msgstr "kirvukas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Sentinel, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Sentinel.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Champions among their fellow troops, the dwarven sentinels form the bulwark "
"of their battle lines. Leading a direct assault against a line that they "
"fortify, is often out of the question; it tends toward being suicidal, "
"rather than merely ineffectual. These dwarves are masters of the melee, and "
"can hold a patch of earth with the single-minded tenacity of an oak."
msgstr ""
"Dvarfų sergėtojai yra čempionai savo karių tarpe, jie tarsi bangolaužiai "
"sutvirtina gynybines gretas. Pulti tokią sutvirtintą gretą dažniausiai net "
"nesvarstoma: tai panašiau į savižudybę, nei šiaip neefektyvu. Kontaktiniame "
"mūšyje šie dvarfai nuvargsta laikyti poziciją maždaug taip pat greitai kaip "
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Stalwart, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Stalwart, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Stalwart.cfg:17
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Stalwart.cfg:18
msgid ""
"The wiles of experience and training turn guardsmen into worthy soldiers. "
"These stalwart troops are equipped to match their skills, and can hold their "
"ground against all but the most visceral assault. It is a dangerous thing to "
"lose a foothold to one such as these, for it will not be easily reprised."
msgstr ""
"Patirties ir treniruočių metai paverčia sargybinius šauniais kariais. Šių "
"ištvermingų karių ginkluotė atitinka jų patirtį ir jie gali išlaikyti "
"poziciją prieš bet kokį antpuolį, išskyrus pačius nuožmiausius. Puolant "
"juos, pavojinga suklupti, nes vargu ar teks atnaujinti puolimą."
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Thunderer, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Thunderer, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Thunderer.cfg:17
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderer.cfg:17
msgid ""
"When the men of Wesnoth first encountered the dwarves, they were mystified "
"by the power of the Dwarvish Thunderers, who were able to hurl death from "
"afar through the apparatus of these strange wands they carried into battle. "
"The deafening noise of these ‘thundersticks’ is terrifying to behold, and is "
"made more so by the secrecy which dwarves wrap about their workings."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Thunderer.cfg:38
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Thunderguard.cfg:35
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderer.cfg:58
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderguard.cfg:47
msgid "thunderstick"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Thunderguard, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Thunderguard, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Thunderguard.cfg:18
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderguard.cfg:18
msgid ""
"The Dwarven Thunderguards are famed for their curious weaponry, these "
"strange staves of wood and iron that make a thunderous noise in their anger. "
"The machinations behind this weaponry are a mystery, a secret taken to the "
"grave by the dwarves of Knalga who wield them, and are assumed to have even "
"forged them. The most that is known are reports of dwarves pouring a strange "
"black dust into the mouth of their weapons, which some say is a food to fuel "
"the beast imprisoned within.\n"
"Though a single shot from these ‘thundersticks’ can take several minutes to "
"prepare, the results are seen by the Dwarves as being well worth the wait."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Ulfserker, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Masked Ulfserker, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Masked_Ulfserker.cfg:18
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Ulfserker.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Dwarves are an ancient race of powerful fighters. Ulfserkers are the most "
"ferocious of these; in battle, they will work themselves into a blind rage "
"wherein they feel neither fear nor pain, and will pay no heed to any wounds "
"they receive."
msgstr ""
"Dvarfai yra senovinė rasė ir galingi kariai. Ulfserkeriai yra patys "
"nuožmiausi iš dvarfų; mūšyje, jie įveda save į aklą įniršį, kuriame jie "
"nejaučia nei baimės, nei skausmo, ir nekreips dėmesio į jokias gautas "
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Runemaster, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Rune Lord, race=dwarf
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Rune_Lord.cfg:7
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Runemaster.cfg:5
msgid "Dwarvish Runemaster"
msgstr "Dvarfų runvedys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Runemaster, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Rune Lord, race=dwarf
#. [unit_type]: id=Undead Dwarvish Rune Lord
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Rune_Lord.cfg:27
#: data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/units/Dwarvish_Rune_Lord.cfg:80
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Runemaster.cfg:24
msgid ""
"Except for those with almost supernatural skill, the highest rank a "
"runecrafter can rise to is that of the Dwarvish Runemaster. Striking blows "
"nearly as powerful as those of the best warriors, they would be fearsome "
"without their craft, but with it they are also nigh on invincible, since "
"their runes cause the physical blows of their enemies to deal less damage "
"than would be expected."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Shyde, race=elf
#. [unit_type]: id=Autumn Shyde, race=elf
#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units/Autumn_Shyde.cfg:5
#: data/core/units/elves/Shyde.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Shyde"
msgstr "Elfų laumė"
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/units/Horseman_Commander.cfg:32
#: data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/units/Mounted_General.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Cataphract.cfg:47
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Grand_Knight.cfg:35
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Knight.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Lancer.cfg:25
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Paladin.cfg:52
msgid "lance"
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/units/Infantry_Commander.cfg:42
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearguard.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearmaster.cfg:46
msgid "shield bash"
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=arcane
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Divine_Avatar.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_White.cfg:59
#: data/core/units/humans/Mage_of_Light.cfg:63
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Diviner.cfg:58
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Priestess.cfg:54
msgid "lightbeam"
msgstr "šviesos spindulys"
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Druid.cfg:54
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Shaman.cfg:54
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Shyde.cfg:57
#: data/core/units/elves/Druid.cfg:50 data/core/units/elves/Shyde.cfg:57
msgid "thorns"
msgstr "dygliai"
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Dustbok.cfg:23
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Flagbearer.cfg:42
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Tauroch_Vanguard.cfg:41
#: data/core/units/drakes/Enforcer.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/drakes/Thrasher.cfg:40
msgid "ram"
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Pathfinder.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Harrier.cfg:46
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Strider.cfg:46
msgid "bolas"
msgstr "rutuliai"
#. [attack]: type=arcane
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Sun_Singer.cfg:39
#: data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/units/quenoth/Sun_Sylph.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/elves/Enchantress.cfg:50
#: data/core/units/elves/High_Lord.cfg:58 data/core/units/elves/Lord.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/elves/Sorceress.cfg:50 data/core/units/elves/Sylph.cfg:56
msgid "faerie fire"
msgstr "fėjų ugnis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Blood Bat, race=bats
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Blood.cfg:4
msgid "Blood Bat"
msgstr "Kraujo šikšnosparnis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Blood Bat, race=bats
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Blood.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Blood Bats are so named because of their ruddy hue, which some mark as a "
"symbol of their preferred diet. These creatures are fast and can drain the "
"blood of those they attack, thereby gaining some of the health lost by their "
msgstr ""
"Kraujo šikšnosparniai taip vadinami dėl savo įraudusio kailio, kurį kai kas "
"laiko jų mėgstamos dietos požymiu. Šie padarai yra greiti ir gali siurbti "
"savo aukų kraują, taip įgaudami dalį aukos prarandamų jėgų."
#. [unit_type]: id=Dread Bat, race=bats
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Dread.cfg:4
msgid "Dread Bat"
msgstr "Baisusis šikšnosparnis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dread Bat, race=bats
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Dread.cfg:20
msgid ""
"The most vicious, predatory, and successful of the Blood Bats become Dread "
"Bats, gaining the ability to drain not merely the blood but the very life "
"energy of their victims."
msgstr ""
"Plėšriausi, žiauriausi ir sėkmingiausi iš kraujo šikšnosparnių tampa "
"baisiaisiais šikšnosparniais. Jie geria ne tik aukų kraują, bet iščiulpia ir "
"pačius gyvybės syvus."
#. [unit_type]: id=Vampire Bat, race=bats
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Vampire.cfg:4
msgid "Vampire Bat"
msgstr "Šikšnosparnis vampyras"
#. [unit_type]: id=Vampire Bat, race=bats
#: data/core/units/bats/Bat_Vampire.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Vampire bats are flying beasts that feed on the blood of other creatures. "
"While their fangs are not very powerful, the health of victims is drained "
"away along with their blood, and given to the Bats."
msgstr ""
"Šikšnosparniai vampyrai yra skraidančios pabaisos, besimaitinančios kitų "
"būtybių krauju. Nors jų iltys ir nėra labai galingos, aukų jėgos "
"išsiurbiamos kartu su jų krauju ir atitenka šikšnosparniams."
#. [unit_type]: id=Boat, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Boat.cfg:4
msgid "Boat"
msgstr "Valtis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Boat, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Boat.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Propelled by oars or small sails, boats are used to travel short distances "
"and in shallows where large ships cannot navigate."
msgstr ""
"Valtys, varomos irklais ar mažomis burėmis, naudojamos nuplaukti nedideliems "
"atstumams sekliuose vandenyse, kur negali praplaukti dideli laivai."
#. [unit_type]: id=Galleon, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Galleon.cfg:6
msgid "Galleon"
msgstr "Galionas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Galleon, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Galleon.cfg:19
msgid "Galleons are blue-water ships built for trade and transport."
msgstr "Galionai yra jūriniai laivai pastatyti prekybai ir transportui."
#. [unit_type]: id=Pirate Galleon, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:4
msgid "Pirate Galleon"
msgstr "Piratų galionas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Pirate Galleon, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Pirate galleons are to transport ships what wolves are to sheep. The pirates "
"who crew them are more than happy to help relieve other ships of their "
"weighty cargo."
msgstr ""
"Piratų galionai transportiniams laivams yra tas pats, kas vilkai – avims. "
"Piratų įgula bus daugiau nei laiminga galėdama padėti kitiems laivams "
"atsikratyti jų sunkaus krovinio."
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/core/units/boats/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:20
#: data/core/units/boats/Transport_Galleon.cfg:20
msgid "ballista"
msgstr "balista"
#. [unit_type]: id=Transport Galleon, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Transport_Galleon.cfg:4
msgid "Transport Galleon"
msgstr "Transporto galionas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Transport Galleon, race=mechanical
#: data/core/units/boats/Transport_Galleon.cfg:16
msgid ""
"Transport Galleons are well-armed ships that carry troops. If they reach the "
"shore, they can land the troops to attack."
msgstr ""
"Transporto galionai yra gerai apginkluoti laivai, kurie gali plukdyti "
"karius. Jeigu jie pasiekia krantą, jie gali išlaipinti karius puolimui."
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Arbiter, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Arbiter.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Arbiter"
msgstr "Slibinų arbitras"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Arbiter, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Arbiter.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Arbiters take their caste duty of enforcing order very seriously. In order "
"to better execute their duties, they have abandoned the drakes’ traditional "
"hand-mounted claws and traded their spears for the spike and blade of the "
"halberd. In their minds, the loss of maneuverability is a fair price for the "
"raw heft the massive metal head provides. The thick plate these drakes wear "
"protects them well against weapons that could slip between their scales."
msgstr ""
#. [special_note]
#: data/core/units/drakes/Arbiter.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Compared to other drakes, Drake Arbiters have a higher resistance to "
"‘pierce’ attacks."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/core/units/drakes/Arbiter.cfg:31 data/core/units/drakes/Arbiter.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warden.cfg:32 data/core/units/drakes/Warden.cfg:41
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Halberdier.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Halberdier.cfg:44
msgid "halberd"
msgstr "alebarda"
#. [unit_type]: id=Armageddon Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Armageddon.cfg:4
msgid "Armageddon Drake"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Armageddon Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Armageddon.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Were it not for the armor they wear, certain drakes might be "
"indistinguishable from true dragons, at least to the lesser races for whom "
"dragons are but legend. The creatures known as ‘Armageddon Drakes’ are "
"towering things, both immune to and possessed of a tremendous fire."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/drakes/Armageddon.cfg:36 data/core/units/drakes/Fire.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/drakes/Inferno.cfg:31
msgid "battle claws"
msgstr "koviniai nagai"
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/core/units/drakes/Armageddon.cfg:45
#: data/core/units/drakes/Blademaster.cfg:36
#: data/core/units/drakes/Burner.cfg:37 data/core/units/drakes/Fighter.cfg:33
#: data/core/units/drakes/Fire.cfg:38 data/core/units/drakes/Flameheart.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/drakes/Flare.cfg:39 data/core/units/drakes/Glider.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/drakes/Hurricane.cfg:61
#: data/core/units/drakes/Inferno.cfg:40 data/core/units/drakes/Sky.cfg:60
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warrior.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/monsters/Fire_Dragon.cfg:52
#: data/core/units/monsters/Fire_Guardian.cfg:37
msgid "fire breath"
msgstr "ugnies pliūpsnis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Blademaster, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Blademaster.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Blademaster"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Blademaster, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Blademaster.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Black armor marks the elite order of the Fighter caste: the Blademasters. "
"Only a few manage to gain the skill and power necessary to be admitted to "
"this highest rank without perishing in battle. Though other drakes may "
"disparage the Fighter caste, they always check twice to be sure none are "
"around; Blademasters fiercely protect their fellows’ honor, and no-one would "
"dispute their right to do so."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/drakes/Blademaster.cfg:27
#: data/core/units/drakes/Clasher.cfg:25 data/core/units/drakes/Enforcer.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/drakes/Thrasher.cfg:22
msgid "war talon"
msgstr "karo nagai"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Burner, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Burner.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Burner"
msgstr "Slibinas degintojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Burner, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Burner.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Drake Burners are the proud few in whom the blood and strength of their "
"remote ancestors runs truest, giving them the ability to breathe fire. This, "
"coupled with their sheer size and fearsome claws, makes them deadly foes in "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Clasher, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Clasher.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Clasher"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Clasher, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Clasher.cfg:18
msgid ""
"The Clashers are members of a unique caste among the drakes. Their thick "
"armor, while compensating for the drakes’ natural weakness against spears "
"and arrows, is so heavy and restricting that they are not able to fly or "
"muster enough breath to use their inner fire. They have embraced this "
"handicap, completely encasing their wings to emphasize that they do not need "
"flight to triumph in battle.\n"
"This is also the only caste that is allowed to break taboo and fight with "
"spears in addition to the drake’s traditional metal claws, which makes them "
"particularly good at \"resolving\" territorial disputes with other drakes "
"and enforcing the laws of their tribe."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Enforcer, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Enforcer.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Enforcer"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Enforcer, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Enforcer.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Not for Enforcers are the tactics of maneuver and deception; rather, they "
"charge in wherever the melee is the fiercest. At close range, it matters "
"little that their armor prevents them from spouting flame; all that matters "
"is the power they’ve learned to focus in each strike. Drake leaders are "
"careful not to besmirch the honor of the Enforcers, and generally call upon "
"them to combat only the most pernicious of enemies."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/drakes/Enforcer.cfg:52
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Fighter.cfg:22 data/core/units/merfolk/Triton.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Triton.cfg:32 data/core/units/merfolk/Warrior.cfg:22
msgid "trident"
msgstr "trišakis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Fighter, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Fighter.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Fighter"
msgstr "Slibinų kovotojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Fighter, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Fighter.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Drake Fighters wield curved war blades, and possess the fire-breathing "
"skills of their ancestors. They can also fly, which is troubling to any foe. "
"Their great strength, coupled with their hardened scales, is rightly "
"frightening to swordsman of any other race."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/drakes/Fighter.cfg:24
#: data/core/units/drakes/Flameheart.cfg:31 data/core/units/drakes/Flare.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warrior.cfg:25
msgid "war blade"
msgstr "karo ašmenys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Fire Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Fire.cfg:4
msgid "Fire Drake"
msgstr "Ugnies slibinas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Fire Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Fire.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Not yet permitted to wear the red-gold reserved for the highest ranks of the "
"Burners, the Fire Drakes trim their armor with silver. Though they have only "
"begun to dedicate their lives to the flame that burns within them, its "
"vitality emanates through their skin, scorching their scales to a reddish-"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Flameheart, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Flameheart.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Flameheart"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Flameheart, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Flameheart.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Flamehearts lack the strength to defeat other high-ranking drakes in single "
"combat, but prefer in any case to avoid confrontation within the tribe. "
"Experience has taught any drake of this stature the extent of his authority: "
"where he can push those he leads and when it is best to leave them to their "
"own devices. Only occasionally will a Flameheart challenge his tribe’s "
"leader for supremacy, and only if he is sure of the support of his fellow "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Flare, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Flare.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Flare"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Flare, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Flare.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Respected for the heat of their flame and revered for their charisma, Flares "
"aspire to become great leaders of their people, both in war and in peace. "
"Though a small isolated tribe will sometimes accept a Flare as a leader, "
"they are more often seen leading small war parties or mediating disputes "
"with a subtle hand."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Glider, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Glider.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Glider"
msgstr "Slibinas sklandytojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Glider, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Glider.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Many drakes enjoy the flow of air over scales, leading them to don the light "
"robes of the Glider caste. The long forays to the far reaches of the tribal "
"territory are their passion, though other drakes often wonder what could "
"lead someone to take on the drudgery of hunting when more glory could be "
"found on the battlefield.\n"
"Most often, Gliders hunt larger game like deer, swine, or dolphins; the "
"drakes’ ancestral ability to aim fire, hampered in other castes by armor, is "
"invaluable for flushing and herding the quarry without harming it. If a "
"Glider is called to the battlefield, he prefers to harass the enemy from a "
"distance – and if all else fails, he will fight with his feet, keeping his "
"precious wings as far from the enemy as possible."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/drakes/Glider.cfg:30 data/core/units/drakes/Hurricane.cfg:52
#: data/core/units/drakes/Sky.cfg:51
msgid "slam"
msgstr "trankymas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Hurricane Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Hurricane.cfg:4
msgid "Hurricane Drake"
msgstr "Uraganinis slibinas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Hurricane Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Hurricane.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Hurricane Drakes have moved above the menial hunting and gathering to which "
"the lower members of their caste are relegated. They are an integral part of "
"the drakes’ military, scouting ahead of the main forces, carrying messages "
"across the battlefield, and falling upon the enemy where it’s least "
"expected. Being allowed—grudgingly—to train with the newcomers from other "
"castes has increased their skill in combat, but their greatest strength "
"still lies in their speed and flight."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Inferno Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Inferno.cfg:4
msgid "Inferno Drake"
msgstr "Pragaro slibinas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Inferno Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Inferno.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Inferno Drakes are masters of the fire they breathe, respected and feared in "
"their tribes nearly as much as the draconic ancestors themselves. They can "
"prowl unharmed through a firestorm of their own creation, scales tinged red "
"from extensive use of their inner flame, their sculpted red-gold armor "
"enhancing the illusion that they are, in fact, dragons."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Sky Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Sky.cfg:4
msgid "Sky Drake"
msgstr "Dangaus slibinas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Sky Drake, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Sky.cfg:17
msgid ""
"The lightweight ceramic armor that the Sky Drakes wear is a symbol of their "
"rank, glazed silver to honor their connection to the air. As leaders of the "
"hunt, they are often away from their homes for long periods of time. Each "
"tries to bring as much game home as possible, competing to gain the respect "
"of their tribe."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Thrasher, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Thrasher.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Thrasher"
msgstr "Slibinas talžytojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Thrasher, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Thrasher.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Instead of letting themselves be bound by their armor, Thrashers have "
"learned to redirect its weight to supplement their bodies’ momentum, adding "
"power to the blows of their short spears and hand-mounted claws. Equipment "
"and body are one; even their thick helms and the thick skulls beneath them "
"are weapons. A Thrasher will gladly fulfill his caste duties, as long as it "
"can be done on the battlefield."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Warden, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warden.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Warden"
msgstr "Slibinų sergėtojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Warden, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warden.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Wardens are set apart from the rest of the Clasher caste by two things: "
"their ornate helms, modeled after their dragon ancestors, and the care with "
"which they drape their armored wings in brightly colored cloth before "
"reporting for duty. Though this mode of dress stems from the pride they feel "
"for their role in drake society, it is far from ceremonial. Their cumbersome "
"bronze plate is the strongest work from the Drake forges, and their halberds "
"can cleave a human in half."
msgstr ""
#. [special_note]
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warden.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Compared to other drakes, Drake Wardens have a higher resistance to ‘pierce’ "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Warrior, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warrior.cfg:4
msgid "Drake Warrior"
msgstr "Slibinų karys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Drake Warrior, race=drake
#: data/core/units/drakes/Warrior.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Drakes of the Fighter caste, like the Warrior, are the foundation of any "
"tribe’s army. No special abilities or skills set them apart; only their "
"natural brute strength and military training help them carve their way "
"through enemy forces. They fight as they have for centuries, clad in ceramic-"
"plated leather with the traditional war blade mounted on the back of each "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Alchemist, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Alchemist.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Alchemist"
msgstr "Kopų žolininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Alchemist, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Alchemist.cfg:25
msgid ""
"To the Dunefolk, alchemy is less a form of philosophy or science, and more "
"an extension of the phytology that is practiced by herbalists. However, in "
"contrast to their brethrens’ focus on herbs for medicine and healing, many "
"alchemists utilize various plants and naturally occurring venoms to concoct "
"lethal poisons. While useful for weakening tough enemies, this art is viewed "
"warily by other Dunefolk as a potent means for espionage and assassination. "
"At the same time, such a tool presents a tremendous political advantage, so "
"much so that almost every caravan will hire or train a few alchemists to "
"maintain a reasonable level of threat at all times."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Alchemist.cfg:46
msgid "blowgun"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Apothecary, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Apothecary.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Apothecary"
msgstr "Kopų vaistininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Apothecary, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Apothecary.cfg:25
msgid ""
"Even in the absence of battle, infection and injury are common plights in "
"the harsh desert sands. Dunefolk healers, in particular, require vast "
"knowledge of herbs and medicine in comparison with healers of other races. "
"Their lack of magic combined with the meager plantlife in the desert results "
"in great difficulty in treating the plethora of ailments and poisons that "
"plague the dune peoples. Apothecaries are typically more knowledgeable and "
"well-traveled compared to their less experienced brethren, but their real "
"skill lies in the complex task of tending to valuable medicinal plants. The "
"Dunefolk have no means of healing without the necessary materials, and thus "
"these men possess a special role in supporting the remedial arts of their "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Blademaster, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Blademaster.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Blademaster"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Blademaster, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Blademaster.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Dunefolk swordsmen are known for playing a game called the ‘Laeqad "
"Challenge’, in which Laeqads—thick, sturdy reeds that are several sword "
"lengths in height—are hurled at them like javelins and they attempt to split "
"the reed length-wise in midair. The trick to the game is that the reed is "
"not circularly symmetric: most of the stalk is quite hard, but there is a "
"thin line across the cross section that is softer and easier to cut. For "
"even an experienced swordsman, splitting an entire Laeqad down its length "
"would be an extraordinary achievement, given the precise aim required to "
"line up the blade with the reed’s soft spot. However, for a true master of "
"the blade, splitting several Laeqads in quick succession is quite ordinary, "
"and some are even able to cut through two or three reeds simultaneously with "
"a single sword swish.\n"
"This game has more practical implications in real battles. No matter how "
"elusive or well-armored the fighter, the defense rarely seems to matter "
"against a blademaster. These warriors are undoubtedly the masters of "
"offensive swordsmanship and are capable of subverting even the strongest "
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Blademaster.cfg:30
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Blademaster.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Captain.cfg:31
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Soldier.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Warmaster.cfg:32
msgid "scimitar"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Burner, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Burner.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Burner"
msgstr "Kopų degintojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Burner, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Burner.cfg:21
msgid ""
"An oft forgotten hazard of traversing the desert is the freezing cold that "
"descends upon the sands during the night. To combat this, the Dunefolk "
"typically make use of the highly flammable sap of the Sanbaar tree, which "
"burns slowly and gently in small quantities, providing a modest amount of "
"heat and light. In larger amounts, however, Sanbaar sap is very nearly "
"combustible and burns extremely violently. The Dunefolk quickly realized the "
"applicability of such a substance to warfare and regularly employ fire "
"spouting weapons to sow chaos among their enemies."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Burner.cfg:41
msgid "tar bomb"
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Burner.cfg:98
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Burner"
msgstr "Kopų degintojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Captain, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Captain.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Captain"
msgstr "Elfų kapitonas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Captain, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Captain.cfg:23
msgid ""
"Traditionally hailing from noble or military families, captains are the core "
"of most Dunefolk platoons. Usually chosen based on heritage rather than "
"merit, many officers are often relatively weak with the blade, but still "
"reasonably trained in tactics. Their abilities lie largely in directing "
"their troops to strategically advantageous positions rather than directly "
"raising their morale. The presence of such a commander is rarely inspiring "
"for most soldiers, but they still readily follow the expert tactical "
"direction of their captains."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Cataphract, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Cataphract.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Cataphract"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Cataphract, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Cataphract.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Cataphracts are eminent horsemen, riders of mounts that are possessed less "
"of speed or endurance but tremendous power instead. Bearing a lance along "
"with their signature maces, these warriors are most often the secondary "
"strike force after a primary assault. After enemy forces are already "
"occupied and weakened by a flank of swordsmen, a terrifying sight is a group "
"of cataphracts lining up, lances pitched at the ready. A gap is made amongst "
"the Dunefolk ranks, and in a single charge, these mighty horsemen pierce "
"straight through enemy formations, dealing a lethal blow in a single stroke. "
"Those who try to flee swiftly discover that neither sand nor hills deter "
"these riders in the slightest, and the displaced air of a descending mace is "
"the last sound they hear."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Cataphract.cfg:59
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Explorer.cfg:43
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Horse_Archer.cfg:35
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rider.cfg:35 data/core/units/dunefolk/Rover.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sunderer.cfg:40
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wayfarer.cfg:52
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Windbolt.cfg:40
msgid "composite bow"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Explorer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Explorer.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Explorer"
msgstr "Kopų tyrinėtojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Explorer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Explorer.cfg:20
msgid ""
"A slow-moving caravan out in the open desert is a prime target for bandits "
"or marauders. In order to protect themselves, the Dunefolk employ special "
"warriors to scout and repel potential threats. In doing so, these fleet "
"fighters not only protect their vulnerable caravans, but pilfer the supplies "
"of supposed raiders for themselves. When employed for warfare, explorers no "
"longer act only as scouts for probing enemies, but are skilled enough to be "
"effective flankers or potent shock attackers."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Falconer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Falconer.cfg:15
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Falconer"
msgstr "Nekromantė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Falconer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Falconer.cfg:38
msgid ""
"While well respected among the dunefolk, the art of falconry is relatively "
"rare due to the time and skill required to properly train birds of prey. "
"Falconers most typically use their craft for sport or hunting, especially "
"for scouting game and water out in the open dunes. The same intelligence can "
"be useful when applied to warfare, if the falconer can be convinced to risk "
"their prized pets for combative purposes.\n"
"When engaging in battle, the falcon can either aid its master by striking at "
"enemies with its sharp claws, or it can be sent higher into the air, to "
"circle overhead and strike when the foe has shifted attention. Diverting a "
"warrior’s focus between two different fronts can be quite distracting to say "
"the least, forcing them to abandon their efforts on offense in order to "
"defend themselves properly."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Falconer.cfg:154
msgid "falcon"
msgstr "sakalas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Firetrooper, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Firetrooper.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Firetrooper"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Firetrooper, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Firetrooper.cfg:22
msgid ""
"By refining Sanbaar sap through a very specific distillation process, it "
"becomes possible to produce exceedingly flammable naphtha, which burns even "
"more violently than the sap it was derived from. Of course, such a substance "
"is extremely dangerous due to its highly combustible nature. Most shy away "
"from its use since the potential for self injury is very high, but a few "
"daring souls take up flamethrowers fueled by pure naphtha as their weapons "
"of choice. The resulting destruction is more than enough to justify the use "
"of such a hazardous chemical."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Firetrooper.cfg:95
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Scorcher.cfg:42
msgid "flamethrower"
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Firetrooper.cfg:149
msgid "female^Dune Firetrooper"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Harrier, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Harrier.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Harrier"
msgstr "Slibinų karys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Harrier, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Harrier.cfg:25
msgid ""
"While harriers can fulfill a similar role to striders in hampering enemy "
"forces, their epithet is actually derived from the harrier hawks they employ "
"to maintain contact with the bulk of a Dunefolk troop. Most commonly found "
"operating behind enemy lines, harriers are usually tasked with providing "
"useful intelligence on enemy troop movements, which alone is enough of an "
"edge for most Dunefolk armies to outmaneuver their foes. However, when the "
"time is right, these agile warriors gather together and strike at the rear "
"of weakened supply lines or flanks. A rain of bolas followed by a piercing "
"thrust of spears is often enough to severely cripple the target, allowing "
"the main Dunefolk force to close in and finish the job."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Herbalist, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Herbalist.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Herbalist"
msgstr "Kopų žolininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Herbalist, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Herbalist.cfg:25
msgid ""
"As those responsible for caring for the ill and wounded among the Dunefolk, "
"herbalists possess both the medicinal skills to heal a variety of "
"afflictions and the skill to seek and gather restorative herbs. Their "
"motivations are many; some look to it as an adventure or as a steady source "
"of pay while others feel it to be a duty to their society. No matter the "
"reason, these healers are an invaluable part of Dunefolk society and are "
"especially useful for their ability to administer quick treatments in the "
"midst of battle or while traveling in the desert.\n"
"Even among the nomadic Dunefolk, herbalists journey a great deal in search "
"of the various flora and fauna that supply their work. Hardened by their "
"travels, many of these men are even able to heal themselves."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Horse Archer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Horse_Archer.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Horse Archer"
msgstr "Orkas lankininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Horse Archer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Horse_Archer.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Though relatively few in number, some riders favor archery as their "
"technique of choice for battle. Fleet and elusive, these horsemen are "
"experts at harassing less mobile foes with hails of arrows and hunting down "
"fleeing enemies from a distance. Though not usually trained for infiltration "
"or spying, these equestrians’ ability to pass messages from afar with their "
"long-ranged arrows is of great use to maintain communication among the "
"Dunefolk armies."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Luminary, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Luminary.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Luminary"
msgstr "Kopų degintojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Luminary, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Luminary.cfg:25
msgid ""
"On the surface, it is not entirely clear what distinguishes a Luminary from "
"other healers among the Dunefolk. Certainly, a Luminary may be marginally "
"more knowledgeable, well-traveled, or skilled in combat compared to normal "
"herbalists or apothecaries, but the difference is usually modest at best. "
"Nevertheless, ‘Luminary’ is a formal title granted to the highest order of "
"Dunefolk healers and bestows these men both the greatest esteem and the "
"greatest envy.\n"
"There is some speculation that a secret order exists among the Luminaries. "
"These so called ‘Eminents’ hoard a great deal of forbidden knowledge and "
"advise many Dunefolk leaders from the shadows. Such a thing has never been "
"proven, but the fact remains that some Luminaries seem to hold much more "
"influence than their abilities should afford."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Marauder, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Marauder.cfg:11
msgid "Dune Marauder"
msgstr "Kopų plėšikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Marauder, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Marauder.cfg:30
msgid ""
"Some find themselves well suited to the life of a raider and may even form "
"their own clans with like-minded individuals. Ever roaming the deserts for "
"unwary travelers or vulnerable caravans, these horsemen make their "
"livelihood off scavenging and pilfering. Having no particular specialty, "
"marauders are neither the strongest warriors, nor the most dextrous archers, "
"but are nevertheless among the most dangerous enemies out in the desert due "
"to their sheer maneuverability. A coordinated marauder attack can wipe out "
"medium-sized camps before any response is possible, and guerrilla tactics "
"may allow them to prevail against stronger foes where brute force does not. "
"For this reason, they are sometimes hired by small armies or wealthier "
"caravans as a deterrent to unwanted raids."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Marauder.cfg:60
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Raider.cfg:58
#: data/core/units/goblins/Pillager.cfg:42
msgid "torch"
msgstr "deglas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Paragon, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Paragon.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Paragon"
msgstr "Kopų plėšikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Paragon, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Paragon.cfg:22
msgid ""
"In many Dunefolk city-states, the procedure for selecting the next "
"generation of leaders is a long process that takes place over many years. In "
"each generation, a few particularly talented youths among the nobility are "
"selected for special tutelage. Eat, sleep, and train, these warriors learn "
"to live and breathe swordsmanship — more than even an extension of "
"themselves, it becomes their core identity. From adolescence, ten years of "
"intense training paves the path to the final test, a series of duels to the "
"death between pairs of these fighters. When the dust settles and the process "
"is ended, eight are left remaining. These men are granted the title Kal, or "
"collectively, Kalai.\n"
"Among the Dunefolk, while great leaders are required to have mastered the "
"blade, the ruling caste must know far more than mere swordplay. Gruelling "
"drilling is usually followed by either several years of roving through the "
"deserts or dedication of the mind to the sciences. The purpose of this is to "
"find a self-motivated path toward enlightenment. No matter the case, at the "
"end of the second training period, the remaining Kalai return and "
"demonstrate their knowledge to the elders of the current ruling caste. Those "
"who are found worthy are then called Paragon, warriors of great strength and "
"acuity who may then be considered as candidates to lead the next generation "
"of Dunefolk."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Paragon.cfg:43
msgid "pommel strike"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Raider, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Raider.cfg:11
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Raider"
msgstr "Baisiojo vilko jojikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Raider, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Raider.cfg:29
msgid ""
"Though rarely found in organized armies, raiders are a staple among the "
"nomadic Dunefolk, who regularly ambush rival caravans and camps at night. In "
"these scenarios, raw power is of little concern. The greatest importance is "
"placed on speed — striking quickly and spreading as much chaos as possible "
"in the shortest time possible allows these riders to get in and out of the "
"blitz without fear of counterattack. Raiders are the fastest of the "
"Dunefolk, capable of outpacing nearly anything they might encounter in the "
"sandy deserts."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Rider, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rider.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Rider"
msgstr "Baisiojo vilko jojikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Rider, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rider.cfg:20
msgid ""
"The Dunefolk are prominent horse breeders who raise many different varieties "
"of mounts to fulfill various purposes. Those who are used for hard labor are "
"bred for power, while those for journeys or caravans are bred for endurance. "
"For warfare, a mix of traits is usually best, though the ability to easily "
"and rapidly traverse sand is of utmost importance. The riders of these "
"horses primarily function as scouts and messengers, or occasionally as "
"supporting forces for weakened lines. The crucial trait of maneuverability "
"is what allows these horsemen to be so effective and versatile out on the "
"rolling dunes."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Rover, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rover.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Rover"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Rover, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Rover.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Originating from the nomadic wanderers of the open deserts, rovers are the "
"representation of the most well-balanced Dunefolk soldier: flexible, mobile, "
"equally effective in defense and offense as well as in ranged or close "
"combat. They are experienced hunters and trackers, hardy inhabitants of the "
"deserts and hills that they call home. While lacking training as formal "
"troops, the skills these rovers employ for survival in the desert translate "
"readily to warfare. Their unique trait of fighting best at dawn or dusk "
"corresponds with the time when desert temperatures are the most habitable."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Scorcher, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Scorcher.cfg:9
msgid "Dune Scorcher"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Scorcher, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Scorcher.cfg:22
msgid ""
"The scorcher’s moniker is derived not from the destruction they wreak on "
"adversarial formations, but on their own singed appearances. By "
"experimenting endlessly with their equipment, most scorchers inevitably "
"overstep their bounds at some point and are seared by the highly volatile "
"Sanbaar sap that soaks their weapons. Bearing their burns as a mark of pride "
"in their work, these archers relish igniting great swaths of flame on the "
"battlefield, though this sometimes also results in unintended friendly fire."
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Scorcher.cfg:95
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Scorcher"
msgstr "Nekromantė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Skirmisher, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Skirmisher.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Skirmisher"
msgstr "Kopų peštukas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Skirmisher, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Skirmisher.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Born and raised out on the open sands, skirmishers are accustomed to the "
"harsh, arid desert heat and inhospitable terrain. Compared to even other "
"Dunefolk, these nomads are unnaturally agile on the unstable dunes, allowing "
"them to safeguard their herds and hunt the barrens with ease. When applied "
"to battle, the same agility allows them to both slip through enemy lines and "
"avoid all manner of attack. These skills make skirmishers effective "
"saboteurs, capable of cutting off escape routes and supply lines, "
"assassinating key units, or pincering an enemy formation into a "
"disadvantageous position."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Sky Hunter, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sky_Hunter.cfg:14
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Sky Hunter"
msgstr "Kopų degintojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Sky Hunter, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sky_Hunter.cfg:38
msgid ""
"Often mistaken for young Rocs, desert eagles are large, majestic birds of "
"prey who are notoriously aggressive and nearly impossible to tame. In the "
"wild, the eagles feed on larger prey such as wolves, small horses, and, it "
"is said, naughty young children. The power of these creatures makes them "
"tremendously difficult to engage, with only the most skilled of falconers "
"even daring to approach them. In the event that the bird tamer is actually "
"successful, the relationship between bird and hunter becomes less of master "
"and pet, and more a mutual bond between two equals. Serving not only as "
"tools for combat, the eagles can live for up to a few decades and are often "
"precious companions to their dunefolk partners."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sky_Hunter.cfg:152
msgid "eagle"
msgstr "erelis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Soldier, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Soldier.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Soldier"
msgstr "Kopų karys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Soldier, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Soldier.cfg:20
msgid ""
"While most Dunefolk castes serve an additional practical purpose beyond only "
"direct warfare, cities and caravans usually train a group of soldiers "
"completely dedicated to military purposes. By practicing intensely to hone "
"their skills in swordplay, these warriors learn to navigate tricky fights in "
"close quarters, mastering their enemies through melee combat. A typical "
"Dunefolk formation makes use of this adeptness by placing soldiers in a "
"spaced pattern, allowing them to assault and overwhelm clustered enemy lines "
"by engaging them in quasi-single combat."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Spearguard, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearguard.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Spearguard"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Spearguard, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearguard.cfg:20
msgid ""
"The push and pull of any battle requires varying degrees of offense and "
"defense. The Dunefolk no doubt value offense as the greater of the two and "
"typically focus most of their efforts on training skilled swordsmen. "
"However, in any band of warriors, a small number of soldiers opt to trade in "
"their swords and instead fulfill the vital role of defenders. Guarding "
"crucial supply lines and vantage points, spearguards are most often "
"positioned slightly behind the main line and used as a supporting force or a "
"deterrent to flanking attacks. Though these fighters tend to see less direct "
"combat than their sword-wielding brethren, they are highly skilled with "
"spear and shield and more than capable of repelling most advances."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Spearmaster, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearmaster.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Spearmaster"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Spearmaster, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Spearmaster.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Among Dunefolk armies, the highest prestige goes to the master swordsmen "
"leading every assault. Though honored for their service in battle, those who "
"wield the spear and shield are largely forgotten beyond that, usually "
"fulfilling the least desirable role in combat without glory or recognition. "
"When a Dunefolk assault fails and a retreat must be had, a rank of "
"spearguards is usually left behind to hold back the counterassault. Though "
"providing a formidable defense, the shield line is inevitably overwhelmed "
"and most of the defenders lost to the maw of war. On the off chance that one "
"manages to survive and find his way back to the recuperating army, he is "
"often reprimanded for failing to stand his ground and die with the rest of "
"his unnamed brethren. Nevertheless, after a minor scolding, the warrior is "
"accepted back and carries his hard won experience into the next battle.\n"
"It is not a formal title, but ‘Spearmaster’ is what spearguards call their "
"companions who manage to return from the usually suicidal defense that the "
"Dunefolk mount to cover their retreats. Hardly a term of praise or "
"distinction, it is still a modicum of recognition for those who were "
"prepared to die as nameless martyrs to protect their brethren."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Strider, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Strider.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "female^Dune Strider"
msgstr "Bėglė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Strider, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Strider.cfg:21
msgid ""
"The power of any Dunefolk assault is inhibited by one major drawback: "
"organized Dunefolk forces tend to be rather slow. Because of this, enemy "
"forces often have the ability to regroup and call upon reinforcements, in "
"which case a second assault becomes much more difficult. To combat this, "
"striders exchange their rudimentary slings with heavy bolas, allowing them "
"to slow retreating lines from the side and prevent a clean escape. The same "
"tactic can be applied in the opposite scenario of a Dunefolk retreat; an "
"advancing army can be hampered, allowing injured Dunefolk warriors time to "
"recuperate. The danger of such a tactic is that despite their elusiveness, "
"striders are fairly fragile in direct combat and are easily taken down if "
"left exposed."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Sunderer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sunderer.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Sunderer"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Sunderer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Sunderer.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Among the many different type of Dune horsemen, there are those who most "
"enjoy the frantic melee at the heart of battle. Bearing short-ranged maces, "
"these sunderers are sturdy, robust warriors who have both the disposition "
"and skill to survive multiple skirmishes. Though not particularly creative "
"or special warriors, such a rider is not impotent in any way — even a small "
"group of sunderers is powerful enough to breach most enemy lines through "
"sheer force. In a situation that requires it, these horsemen also possess "
"enough skill at archery to weaken enemy forces or pick off fleeing "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Swordsman, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Swordsman.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Swordsman"
msgstr "Kopų pėstininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Swordsman, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Swordsman.cfg:20
msgid ""
"In a direct clash of large armies, the Dunefolk commonly encounter either "
"densely packed ‘shield walls’ or heavily fortified enemy positions. Striking "
"against these highly organized fronts can be quite challenging — an enemy "
"formation might leave only small, brief gaps between shields and armor while "
"threatening a counterstrike with a thrust of spears and projectiles. "
"Dunefolk swordplay thus places a heavy emphasis on power and more "
"importantly, precision. A warrior might find only one chance to strike at an "
"enemy, but an experienced swordsman is more than likely to seize the "
"opportunity and make his strike count. Honing in with almost unnatural "
"accuracy, a contingent of of swordsmen is enough to crack even the sternest "
"of defenses."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Swordsman.cfg:27
msgid "forceful scimitar strike"
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Swordsman.cfg:36
msgid "balanced scimitar slash"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Warmaster, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Warmaster.cfg:8
msgid "Dune Warmaster"
msgstr "Kopų karvedys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Warmaster, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Warmaster.cfg:24
msgid ""
"In direct contrast with other Dunefolk commanders, many high-ranking "
"generals focus heavily on rousing their troops and maintaining high morale. "
"Warmasters are often found at the forefront of battle, fighting and bleeding "
"alongside their soldiers. While these commanders usually leave the finer "
"strategic details to their lower-ranking captains, they are certainly "
"capable tacticians as well; many a battle has been won on an inventive or "
"surprise maneuver that is often the creative byproduct of combat experience "
"rather than formal training. Said to be a veteran of a thousand battles, a "
"warmaster is an expert leader that should never be underestimated."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Wayfarer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wayfarer.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Wayfarer"
msgstr "Kopų karvedys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Wayfarer, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wayfarer.cfg:21
msgid ""
"From the journal of Balah, the Dune Watcher:\n"
"“... Today was the sixth day. Six days of pursuit through the desert without "
"sleep, without rest... but I require neither. The Bloodeye Roc has pilfered "
"too many of my herd for its ravenous feasting. I must be rid of it before "
"the caravan starves. I have tracked it thus far, and no matter how far it "
"flees, I shall follow.\n"
"... blast it! The creature was only a couple hundred paces away, but the sun "
"was in my eyes! I managed to land a few arrows on the irksome thing, but "
"only enough to slow it. Still, it seems to be tiring faster than I. With any "
"luck, I will catch it before it can reach the mountains.\n"
"... Day eleven. I cornered the creature after it landed on the hillside, but "
"there were three more that I was not accounting for. Rocs are ferocious "
"creatures in close quarters. Fighting one is already no simple task, but "
"four at once? I am lucky I brought my second axe, otherwise I would have "
"sustained severe injury during that battle. As it is, I am waiting for the "
"gauze to set on my leg before I return to slay the final two. Perhaps then I "
"can finally find the time to eat and get some rest.\n"
"... it comes as a surprise to even me that I traveled nearly halfway across "
"the Northern Dunes in my twenty-one day expedition. It would take the "
"caravan nearly three months to make that trip, but I do suppose the "
"circumstances around my journey were somewhat extenuating. On the bright "
"side, I was able to procure some salted roc meat along the way, which should "
"make for a fine treat for the children. It will also be nice to see some of "
"the other Wayfarers again. My tale might not be that impressive to them, but "
"at least it is an improvement over my previous encounter with the wyvern...”"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Windbolt, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Windbolt.cfg:8
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dune Windbolt"
msgstr "Baisiojo vilko jojikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dune Windbolt, race=dunefolk
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Windbolt.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Archery on horseback presents a number of additional challenges that very "
"few are able to overcome. What separates the renowned windbolts from other "
"bowmen is their ability to not only master these difficulties, but turn them "
"into advantages instead. Making use of their steeds’ great speed, a windbolt "
"is actually a better archer when mounted as compared to on land. The extra "
"momentum from riding on horseback provides additional force to their already "
"potent shots, and by riding in meandering patterns, these bowmen are able to "
"curve the trajectories of their arrows, reaching targets they might not be "
"able to otherwise. Having honed their craft to its apex, windbolts are the "
"undisputed masters of ranged combat among the Dunefolk."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Wyvern Rider, race=monster, description=
#: data/core/units/dunefolk/Wyvern_Rider.cfg:4
#, fuzzy
msgid "Wyvern Rider"
msgstr "Grifų raitelis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Arcanister, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Arcanister.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Arcanister"
msgstr "Dvarfų arkanisteris"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Arcanister, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Arcanister.cfg:24
msgid ""
"The most powerful of all the runecrafters, the Dwarvish Arcanister destroys "
"wounded enemies almost instantly, and rarely fails to cause a wound when "
"that is his intent. His skill in runecrafting is unrivaled, and the glyphs "
"he carves into his weapons and armor deflect the blows of his enemies."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Berserker, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Berserker.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Berserker"
msgstr "Dvarfų berserkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Dragonguard, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Dragonguard.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Dragonguard"
msgstr "Dvarfų slibingriausmis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Explorer, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Explorer.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Explorer"
msgstr "Dvarfų tyrinėtojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Explorer, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Explorer.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Dwarvish Explorers are peerless survivalists. Using only the equipment they "
"carry, they can range for months around the forests and mountains looking "
"for new seams of ore and deposits of minerals. Whilst their skill in a melee "
"is less than some other dwarves, they are unmatched with throwing axes, "
"having practiced this skill hunting in the mountains. Their maneuverability "
"makes them dangerous and tricky foes."
msgstr ""
"Dvarfų tyrinėtojai yra vienišiai išgyvenimo ekspertai. Naudodami tik tai, ką "
"paneša, jie gali ištisus mėnesius keliauti po aplinkinius miškus ir kalnus, "
"ieškodami naujų rūdos gyslų ar mineralų telkinių. Nors kontaktiniame mūšyje "
"jie silpnesni už kai kuriuos savo gentainius, niekas neprilygs jų gebėjimui "
"mėtyti kirvuką: užtektinai laiko praleidžia aštrindami įgūdžius medžioklėse. "
"Būdami manevringi, tyrinėtojai yra pavojingi ir klastingi priešai."
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Fighter, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Fighter.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Fighter"
msgstr "Dvarfų kovotojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Guardsman, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Guardsman.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Guardsman"
msgstr "Dvarfų sargybinis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Lord, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Lord.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Lord"
msgstr "Dvarfų valdovas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Lord, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Lord.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Clad in shining armor, these dwarves look like kings from under the "
"mountains. They wield axe and hammer with masterful skill, and can hit a "
"target with a thrown hand axe at several paces. Though slow on their feet, "
"these dwarves are a testament to the prowess of their kin."
msgstr ""
"Apsirėdę spindinčiais šarvais, šie dvarfai atrodo tarsi karaliai iš po "
"kalnų. Jie tobulai įvaldę tiek kirvį, tiek kūjį, o svaidomuoju kirvuku gali "
"sužaloti priešą už keleto sieksnių. Nors ir lėti, jie yra gyvi paminklai "
"savo tautos meistriškumui."
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Pathfinder, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Pathfinder.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Pathfinder"
msgstr "Dvarfų pėdsekys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Pathfinder, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Pathfinder.cfg:22
msgid ""
"These hardy dwarves are sometimes away from their caves for long periods, "
"scouting and patrolling the borders. They spend this time watching for "
"invaders, and fighting bandits and thieves who encroach on dwarvish "
"territory. They are powerful fighters in a melee, and from a distance their "
"deftly thrown axes can rival the power and accuracy of a human archer."
msgstr ""
"Šie tvirti dvarfai neretai ilgai negrįžta į savo urvus, žvalgydami arba "
"patruliuodami pasieniuose. Tas laikas neprailgsta beieškant pažeidėjų ir "
"besikaunant su banditais bei vagimis, kurie įžengia į dvarfų teritoriją. Jie "
"galingai kaunasi artimoje kovoje, o iš toli taip šauniai mėto kirvukus, kad "
"jų taiklumas ir galia prilygsta žmonių lankininkams."
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Runesmith, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Runesmith.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Runesmith"
msgstr "Dvarfų runvedys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Runesmith, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Runesmith.cfg:23
msgid ""
"Dwarvish runesmiths, now practiced at their craft, carve arcane runes into "
"their weapons and armor. These runes infuse the runesmith’s blows with power "
"and accuracy, and disrupt the blows of their enemies, causing them to strike "
"softly, weakly and on the armor of the defender."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Scout, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Scout.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Scout"
msgstr "Dvarfų žvalgas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Scout, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Scout.cfg:22
msgid ""
"Although the dwarves cannot match the taller races in a sprint, when "
"unencumbered by heavy armor their tremendous stamina and endurance allows "
"them to match all but the fastest on foot. Dwarvish Scouts use this to their "
"advantage, ranging ahead of the main force and reporting back on troop "
"movements and dispositions, or securing important objectives. Outside of "
"battle, they are often used to relay messages between dwarvish communities. "
"However, they pay for their speed with the poorer protection provided by "
"their lighter armor."
msgstr ""
"Nors dvarfai ir negali prilygti aukštesnėms tautoms greitumu, neapkrauti "
"sunkiais šarvais dėl savo ypatingos ištvermės ir veržlumo gali pavyti bet "
"ką, tik ne pačius greičiausius. Dvarfų žvalgai tą išnaudoja žvalgydami "
"pagrindinių pajėgų priešakį ir pranešdami apie priešo pajėgų pozicijas bei "
"judėjimą arba užimdami svarbius objektus. Žvalgai naudingi ir ne mūšio metu: "
"jie nešioja pranešimus tarp dvarfų bendruomenių. Visgi už savo greitį jie "
"sumoka silpnesniais šarvais."
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Sentinel, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Sentinel.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Sentinel"
msgstr "Dvarfų sergėtojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Sentinel, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Sentinel.cfg:19
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Champions among their fellow troops, the dwarven sentinels form the bulwark "
"of their battle lines. Leading a direct assault against a line that they "
"fortify, is often out of the question; it tends toward being suicidal, "
"rather than merely ineffectual. Equipped with the strongest of Knalgan "
"armor, these dwarves are masters of the melee and can hold a patch of earth "
"with the single-minded tenacity of an oak."
msgstr ""
"Dvarfų sergėtojai yra čempionai savo karių tarpe, jie tarsi bangolaužiai "
"sutvirtina gynybines gretas. Pulti tokią sutvirtintą gretą dažniausiai net "
"nesvarstoma: tai panašiau į savižudybę, nei šiaip neefektyvu. Kontaktiniame "
"mūšyje šie dvarfai nuvargsta laikyti poziciją maždaug taip pat greitai kaip "
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Stalwart, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Stalwart.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Stalwart"
msgstr "Dvarfų stipruolis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Steelclad, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Steelclad.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Steelclad"
msgstr "Dvarfų šarvuotis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Steelclad, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Steelclad.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Outfitted in the strongest plate and mail of Knalgan forges, the Steelclads "
"are the vanguard of dwarvish armies. They are renowned for their resilience "
"in the heat of battle, and their mastery of both battleaxe and warhammer "
"make them imposing foes indeed."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Thunderer, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderer.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Thunderer"
msgstr "Dvarfų perkūntrankis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Thunderguard, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Thunderguard.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Thunderguard"
msgstr "Dvarfų perkūnšaudis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dwarvish Ulfserker, race=dwarf
#: data/core/units/dwarves/Ulfserker.cfg:4
msgid "Dwarvish Ulfserker"
msgstr "Dvarfų ulfserkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Archer, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Archer.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Archer"
msgstr "Elfų lankininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Archer, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Archer.cfg:19
msgid ""
"As primarily foragers and hunters, most elves learn to become proficient "
"archers from a young age. Besides being only a practical skill, archery is "
"also a common pastime and many competitions are held in sport for the "
"entertainment of spectators and participants alike. This ability is readily "
"turned to battle in times of war, where many elves will wield bows as their "
"weapons of choice. Though not as sturdy as their human or orc counterparts, "
"Elvish archers are still effective combatants, especially when fighting from "
"the safety of their forests."
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/elves/Archer.cfg:80
msgid "female^Elvish Archer"
msgstr "Elfų lankininkė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Avenger, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Avenger.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Avenger"
msgstr "Elfų keršytojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Avenger, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Avenger.cfg:20
msgid ""
"The curious name of the Elvish ‘Avengers’ comes from a tactic often employed "
"by these master rangers. The enemy is allowed to break through a feint "
"defense and when the vulnerable troops behind the front line follow, these "
"archers break cover and attack, cutting supply lines and surrounding the "
"enemy in one fell stroke. This has, at times, been interpreted as a form of "
"vengeance for their brethren lost earlier in the battle. While not so base "
"in design, it is not at all inaccurate."
msgstr ""
#. [special_note]
#: data/core/units/elves/Avenger.cfg:22
msgid ""
"Elvish Avengers are well-traveled and adept at traversing harsh terrains "
"like sand, water, and mountains."
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/elves/Avenger.cfg:97
msgid "female^Elvish Avenger"
msgstr "Elfų keršytoja"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Captain, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Captain.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Captain"
msgstr "Elfų kapitonas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Captain, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Captain.cfg:25
msgid ""
"Elvish captains usually command patrols and garrisons that stand guard over "
"the vast forests in elvish territory. Unlike leaders from other races, they "
"are most proficient at navigating small skirmishes rather than large-scale "
"battles, and are especially skilled at defensive maneuvering. Captains "
"typically lead small units that remain together for extended periods of "
"time, allowing them to personally mentor and befriend their troops. They are "
"often observed to lead through camaraderie and amicability, but still "
"command great respect from their kin."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Champion, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Champion.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Champion"
msgstr "Elfų čempionas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Champion, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Champion.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Elves are typically peaceable by nature and most will attack only in "
"retaliation for some wrongdoing wrought upon them. However, there are some "
"elves who deliberately seek battle, purposeful or otherwise, for their own "
"enjoyment. Through constant combat, these warriors either learn to hone "
"their swordsmanship to a level far beyond most of their peers or perish in "
"the volatile frenzy of melee. Those capable of persisting eventually grow "
"skilled enough to wholly conquer the battlegrounds, becoming veritable "
"champions of war as they mercilessly cut through their foes. Having spent "
"their whole lives refining their prowess with the blade, these elves are "
"exceptionally dangerous and should never be underestimated."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Druid, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Druid.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Druid"
msgstr "Elfų druidė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Druid, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Druid.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Some elves choose to deepen their connection to the corporeal world, thereby "
"enhancing their already potent abilities to foster and manipulate natural "
"energies. Perhaps the most notable effect of these druids’ magic is the "
"marked sense of motion in the deep woodlands that they preserve. Outsiders "
"wandering through Elven woods often speak of entangling roots and vines, "
"moving nearly as fast as a warrior’s marching pace, or the creaking shamble "
"of ancient trees, lumbering across entire camps in just a single night. The "
"forest and the earth become almost like a connected entity, something that "
"lives and breathes like a single massive organism. As it flourishes under "
"the druids’ careful tending, the forest kindles their magics in turn, "
"symbiotically enhancing the already potent powers that these elves possess."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/elves/Druid.cfg:38 data/core/units/elves/Lady.cfg:29
#: data/core/units/elves/Shyde.cfg:45
msgid "ensnare"
msgstr "spąstai"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Enchantress, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Enchantress.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Enchantress"
msgstr "Elfė kerėtoja"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Enchantress, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Enchantress.cfg:19
msgid ""
"In the context of Elven magic, the notion of enchanting is a little bit "
"misleading since it almost always refers to manipulation of an object’s "
"essence for the purpose of divination or insight. A favorite among the "
"corresponding enchantresses is imbuing their natural surroundings with the "
"breath of the arcane, yielding secret groves that exist at the juncture "
"between the corporeal and ethereal worlds. These mysterious domains are kept "
"by their equally enigmatic caretakers, who mostly keep to themselves away "
"from prying eyes. Though rather reserved and unsociable, these elves are "
"well-regarded by most of their kin and sometimes called upon for guidance "
"especially in unusual or peculiar matters."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/elves/Enchantress.cfg:39 data/core/units/elves/Shaman.cfg:44
#: data/core/units/elves/Sorceress.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/wose/Wose_Shaman.cfg:46
msgid "entangle"
msgstr "įpainioti"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Fighter, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Fighter.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Fighter"
msgstr "Elfų kovotojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Fighter, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Fighter.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Among elves, swordplay is most commonly practiced by rangers and border "
"patrols, who serve primarily as guardians of the forests and more "
"occasionally as small squads for intrusions into other territories. Elvish "
"swordsmanship is known for its emphasis on swift, agile strikes, generating "
"less power than human or orcish warriors, but also leaving less time to "
"react and counter. Most elves can learn the basics of swordplay relatively "
"quickly and will readily pick up the blade when confronted with battle."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Hero, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Hero.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Hero"
msgstr "Elfų herojus"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Hero, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Hero.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Accomplished Elvish warriors are sometimes called ‘Sárcan’, roughly meaning "
"‘one who has sacrificed in defense’ or ‘one transfigured by experience’. "
"Often translated to ‘Elvish Heroes’ in the human tongue, this name does "
"indicate some level of prestige, but is not meant to glorify the position. "
"Elvish Heroes are those who have survived numerous wars and outlived many of "
"their friends who fell in prior battles. Often among the few lone survivors "
"of the battlefield, these battle-hardened soldiers are privy to the numerous "
"atrocities of war — orcs and humans burning and razing their homes in the "
"forests, dwarves pillaging precious artifacts from the fallen, necromancers "
"raising their own comrades to fight against them, or even their own kind "
"slaughtering innocents without care or mercy. While the Elves realize the "
"necessity of military strength and honor the ‘Sárcanet’ as heroes for their "
"service, such a status is not one often sought after by the majority of "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish High Lord, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/High_Lord.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish High Lord"
msgstr "Elfų didysis valdovas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish High Lord, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/High_Lord.cfg:18
msgid ""
"While the duality of Elven magic manifests itself most strongly in the split "
"paths between the corporeal and arcane worlds, the same dichotomy is "
"reflected in the ranks of Elven nobility. In part due to their use of faerie "
"fire, most lords find themselves strongly aligned with enchantresses, thus "
"associating themselves with the aspects of insight and destruction. Though "
"not the same thing as wisdom, a lord’s intuition is usually to be respected, "
"and his wrath, feared. This only grows more true with age, as time brings "
"acuity to the elf’s mind and senses.\n"
"Outsiders’ notions that an upper class of ‘High Lords’ exists is usually a "
"fallacy resulting from the great disparity in both perception and power that "
"these experienced elves possess. In actuality, the hierarchy of Elvish rule "
"differs between enclaves and situationally between times of peace and war. "
"The only thing that can be said for certain is that the acumen of these "
"lords is invaluable for maintaining the prosperity of Elvish rule, whether "
"or not they sit at the top of the chain of command."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Lady, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Lady.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Lady"
msgstr "Elfų valdovė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Lady, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Lady.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Usually strongly connected with the earthly aspect of Elven magic, noble "
"ladies of the elvish enclaves are associated with wisdom and preservation. "
"As those entrusted with maintaining many of the more venerated Elvish "
"traditions, they play a large role in safeguarding the tranquility and "
"natural wonder of their renowned forest sanctuaries. Unlike their "
"counterparts in the lords, many of whom gain great individual insight "
"through their use of arcane magic, most ladies spread their power throughout "
"the societal orders that they guide, often at some cost to their own "
"personal abilities. For this reason, they serve most often as diplomats and "
"peacekeepers, holding high authority during times of amity and taking a "
"lesser role in times of war."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Lord, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Lord.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Lord"
msgstr "Elfų valdovas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Lord, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Lord.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Succession among the Elvish nobility is a complex process that varies "
"somewhat between the different enclaves of Elvenkind. Typically, the future "
"leaders of the elves are tasked with governing the three-fold aspects of "
"Elvish society: warriors and rangers who defend the forests, peaceable "
"civilians who shy away from combat altogether, and the collective group of "
"healers and mystics who study the art of faerie magic. Being able to "
"reconcile the differences between these factions and effectively lead their "
"people requires considerable personal merit and a deep insight into elves of "
"all kinds. To this end, lords are typically the only male elves who are "
"allowed to learn any amount of faerie magic, which is traditionally taught "
"solely to female shamans.\n"
"Though some enclaves, such as the northern Lintanir grove, maintain their "
"nobility via bloodline, others such as the mighty Wesmere elves elect new "
"lords on each new generation. In either case, the nobles’ position is rarely "
"an absolute one, and they are expected to lead more by diplomacy and wisdom "
"rather than force."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Marksman, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Marksman.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Marksman"
msgstr "Elfų šaulys"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Marksman, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Marksman.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Elves have an intimate connection to the world of faerie, which innately "
"imbues them with highly acute senses and incredibly keen vision. This, "
"combined with years of hunting in the deep forests, contributes greatly to "
"the elves’ mastery of the bow. An elf practiced at marksmanship is capable "
"of hitting a pinhole-sized target from dozens of paces away and can shoot "
"quickly and precisely enough to split falling branches in midair. Of course, "
"training the body to keep up with the eyes is no easy feat, and realizing "
"this prodigious skill does come with the cost of weakness in close quarters."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/core/units/elves/Marksman.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/elves/Sharpshooter.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Longbowman.cfg:34
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_Bowman.cfg:34
msgid "longbow"
msgstr "didelis lankas"
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/elves/Marksman.cfg:90
msgid "female^Elvish Marksman"
msgstr "Elfų šaulė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Marshal, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Marshal.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Marshal"
msgstr "Elfų maršalas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Marshal, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Marshal.cfg:26
msgid ""
"Elves are not often the instigators of open war, but will not shy away when "
"the time comes to do battle. To this end, they maintain a small number of "
"strategically-minded marshals at all times. Selected from the most talented "
"patrol captains, these commanders undergo extensive training in various "
"military styles, including those of the humans and orcs. They are "
"unorthodox, but brilliant strategists who excel at breaking down large "
"battlefronts into smaller skirmishes, transforming ordinary campaigns into "
"dispersed guerrilla warfare. Engaging elves in their own homes is a daunting "
"task for any invasion force, precisely because of the skillful maneuvering "
"of the marshals who are entrusted with the protection of their people."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Outrider, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Outrider.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Outrider"
msgstr "Elfų žygūnas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Outrider, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Outrider.cfg:19
msgid ""
"There once was an elf by the name of Beirand, who set out on a journey to a "
"distant land.\n"
"Thirteen days he rode, no rest did he take, ‘til a nymph’s abode he entered, "
"‘side a lake.\n"
"“Look there, Narya!” Came a cry of glee, “Do thee spy that yonder apple "
"The response, a neigh, she jumped with delight, then off she skipped in a "
"canter spright.\n"
"Not a moment passed ‘ere a gusting blast, blew all around, an airy voice "
"“Hold there, thee elf, this grove is mine — no fruit shall I yield you, nor "
"your equine.”\n"
"Next came the reply, “Please grant us respite. Long have we travel’d; surely "
"see thee our plight!”\n"
"“Fatigue, I perceive, that is your case, but to earn my grace, let’s have a "
"To this, the rider did consent, and toward the tree, then off they went.\n"
"A howl, a rush, a flying gale, the wind left the rider back on its tail.\n"
"But in a flashing streak, a gallop sleek, horse and rider past the wind did "
"barely squeak.\n"
"In augmented time, back and forth they sped, ‘til at last, fleet elf arrived "
"“Well done,” spake the spirit, as she blew in, “my grace I shall grant thee "
"and all of your kin.”\n"
"Beirand and Narya thus took their leave, bearing evermore, the nymph’s "
"The truth of this tale, one can only surmise, but doubtless, Outriders the "
"fastest do comprise."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Ranger, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Ranger.cfg:3
msgid "Elvish Ranger"
msgstr "Elfų bastūnas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Ranger, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Ranger.cfg:19
msgid ""
"The silent watchers of the forests, Elvish rangers are masters of stealth "
"and reconnaissance. Many are explorers and loners, preferring to wander "
"through the towering trees sheltering the natural beauty of their homes, of "
"which they are fiercely protective. While they possess considerable skill in "
"both blade and bow, these archers are less adept at fighting other warriors "
"on even terms, preferring instead to ambush their enemies from the shadows "
"in the woods. A surprise attack from rangers can cripple a force many times "
"their size and will often compel attacking armies to withdraw rather than "
"risk a game of prolonged guerrilla warfare in the forests."
msgstr ""
#. [special_note]
#: data/core/units/elves/Ranger.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Elvish Rangers are well-traveled and adept at traversing harsh terrains like "
"sand, water, and mountains."
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/elves/Ranger.cfg:96
msgid "female^Elvish Ranger"
msgstr "Elfų bastūnė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Rider, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Rider.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Rider"
msgstr "Elfų raitelis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Rider, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Rider.cfg:21
msgid ""
"The prevalence of guerrilla tactics in Elven strategy results in great "
"emphasis on maintaining highly mobile units capable of fighting on an "
"adaptable battlefront. This style of warfare requires rapid communication "
"between small skirmish groups and the ability to quickly transfer troops "
"between combat zones. Experienced Elvish riders know this well and thus "
"devote most of their time to improving their horsemanship rather than their "
"individual fighting skills. The speed at which they travel through the "
"forest would be suicidal for any other cavalry, and they are tenacious "
"enough to ride for as much as two or three days at a time without resting. "
"While the intelligence and communication these horsemen provide is "
"invaluable, the lack of combat prowess and front line engagement means that "
"these riders are the oft unsung heroes of war, left supporting their "
"brethren from the back lines."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Scout, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Scout.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Scout"
msgstr "Elfų žvalgas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Scout, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Scout.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Although the equines bred by the wood elves are much faster and more agile "
"than regular horses, they tend to be quite a bit harder to master. It takes "
"many years to train these fickle ponies, but once tamed, they are among the "
"most devoted mounts. These unique horses allow Elvish horsemen to outpace "
"most other cavalry on open ground and even ride through thick forests at "
"full gallop. Though these riders possess some skill in wielding swords and "
"bows, their greatest effectiveness lies in their ability to scout and "
"outmaneuver enemy forces. Elvish scouts are most often used as messengers or "
"support units and are adept at quickly transferring information between "
"patrols, whom they also reinforce when necessary."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Shaman, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Shaman.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Shaman"
msgstr "Elfų šamanė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Shaman, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Shaman.cfg:19
msgid ""
"With a little training, an elf’s inherent affinity with the natural world "
"can be channeled into a material magic that affects the physical plane. "
"Shamans of this discipline most often use their skills to tend to the nature "
"that connects them to their powers, resulting in the unusually lush and "
"verdant forests surrounding their homes. The same magic lends itself to "
"remarkable and well-renowned capabilities in the healing arts. Devoutly "
"peaceful by nature, these shamans rarely engage in combat, instead using "
"their magic to command the earth itself to hinder or pacify their enemies."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Sharpshooter, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Sharpshooter.cfg:4
msgid "Elvish Sharpshooter"
msgstr "Elfų snaiperis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Sharpshooter, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Sharpshooter.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Though not a formal title, ‘Sharpshooter’ is the epithet given to the most "
"gifted Elvish marksmen. These expert archers are capable of feats that, even "
"by Elven standards, border on miraculous — they have the precision to split "
"incoming arrows midair and can loose a second arrow before the first hits, "
"all while maintaining enough power to damage full plate armor. A single "
"volley of their arrows is enough to bring down a knight on horseback, and "
"even heavily-armored infantry will survive few additional shots. The "
"sharpshooters of the elves have honed their art to its highest form and are "
"the undisputed masters of archery."
msgstr ""
#. [female]
#: data/core/units/elves/Sharpshooter.cfg:82
msgid "female^Elvish Sharpshooter"
msgstr "Elfų snaiperė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Shyde, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Shyde.cfg:22
msgid ""
"As an elf maiden entwines herself more and more with nature, the essence of "
"earth begins to transform her body. The butterfly wings that sprout on the "
"back of a Shyde are a direct manifestation of her connection to the faerie, "
"granting her their characteristic ethereal aura of both serenity and fear. "
"Shydes are masters of the mundane, guided by a power which is little "
"understood, yet greatly respected by others of their kind. Often mistaken "
"for true faerie or ‘forest spirits’, these stewards of the forests epitomize "
"their people’s mysterious connection with the natural order."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/elves/Shyde.cfg:32 data/core/units/elves/Sylph.cfg:31
msgid "faerie touch"
msgstr "fėjos prisilietimas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Sorceress, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Sorceress.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Sorceress"
msgstr "Elfų burtininkė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Sorceress, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Sorceress.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Elven magic most commonly diverges among two paths — manipulation of the "
"natural, or corporeal world, and divination into the arcane plane. The "
"latter, as a power that is difficult to control and ill-understood even by "
"most of its practitioners, is not often sought after by the Elves. Wielders "
"of the arcane face significant risk in studying the volatile nature of their "
"discipline and quickly learn to respect the disruptive power of their craft. "
"This destructive nature most commonly manifests itself as gouts of ‘faerie "
"fire’, which is among the most readily mastered skills for an Elvish "
"sorceress. While a rather superficial application of this art, the Elves "
"nonetheless hold the arcane flame in high regard and are careful to utilize "
"it with judicious caution."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Sylph, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Sylph.cfg:4
msgid "female^Elvish Sylph"
msgstr "Elfų silfidė"
#. [unit_type]: id=Elvish Sylph, race=elf
#: data/core/units/elves/Sylph.cfg:21
msgid ""
"Tremendously powerful in unfathomable ways, the sage-like Sylphs are masters "
"of manipulating the bridge between the mundane and arcane worlds. Long years "
"spent peering into the ethereal realm have eroded the ability of these elves "
"to view the physical world; in return, they are granted an abstract sight, "
"gaining the ability to view one or even several different aspects of "
"reality’s essence. Like the many shards of a broken mirror, the myriad "
"fractures of the material world reflect the light of the arcane through its "
"many different facets. Careful practice allows one to follow these strands "
"of light from pane to pane, observing how the outcome of physical reality "
"evolves with each choice made of free will. While direct weaving of the "
"connecting fabric is usually impossible to achieve, indirect manipulation is "
"feasible by machination in the corporeal plane where the reflection of the "
"arcane plane is strongest. The ability of a Sylph to locate these "
"‘reflection pools’ and steer them is one of her greatest — and most feared — "
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/elves/Sylph.cfg:44
msgid "gossamer"
msgstr "voratinkliai"
#. [unit_type]: id=Fog Clearer, race=monster
#: data/core/units/fake/Fog_Clearer.cfg:13
msgid "dummy_unit^Fog Clearer"
msgstr "Rūko valytuvas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Direwolf Rider, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:4
msgid "Direwolf Rider"
msgstr "Baisiojo vilko jojikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Direwolf Rider, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:19
msgid ""
"‘Dire wolves’ differ from the common variety only in size and color. They "
"typically stand taller than a horse at the shoulder, and have an appetite to "
"match. Only a madman would willingly encounter them; but goblins, at great "
"cost to themselves, have managed to tame and ride them.\n"
"The claws of a wolf are not generally regarded as being the more dangerous "
"parts, but on a beast this large, they are thicker and longer than iron "
"nails. Their riders smear a poison on the front set, not unlike that used by "
"the orcish assassins, making a swipe from these beasts’ paws into a most "
"deadly stroke."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Impaler, race=goblin
#: data/core/units/goblins/Impaler.cfg:4
msgid "Goblin Impaler"
msgstr "Goblinas persmeigėjas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Impaler, race=goblin
#: data/core/units/goblins/Impaler.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Goblins are used by the orcs as skirmishers to disrupt the enemy’s battle "
"line. Those who manage to survive their first few battles equip themselves "
"with a long spear to compensate for their short reach, and better armor to "
"guard their diminutive frames."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Knight, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Knight.cfg:4
msgid "Goblin Knight"
msgstr "Goblinų riteris"
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Knight, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Knight.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Battle experience strengthens not only the combat prowess of both mount and "
"rider, but also heartens the bond between them. While a human knight may "
"ride different steeds into battle, a ‘goblin knight’ refers to goblin and "
"wolf together as a single unit, fiercely loyal to one another almost to a "
"Among orcs, the riders are treated as a class above goblins, even when "
"separated from their mount. Orcish grunts, while feeling themselves superior "
"to goblins, recognize that picking a fight with the rider is also picking a "
"fight with jaws that strike faster than a sword, and almost as hard."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Pillager, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Pillager.cfg:4
msgid "Goblin Pillager"
msgstr "Goblinas grobikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Pillager, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Pillager.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Some Goblins train their wolves to overcome their fear of fire. In raids, "
"these goblins take a supporting role; they will torch the homes and crops of "
"their foes, and also carry nets to wreak havoc against those attempting to "
"rally for defense or reprisal."
msgstr ""
"Kai kurie goblinai treniruoja savo vilkus įveikti ugnies baimę. Per "
"antpuolius šie goblinai užima palaikymo vaidmenį; jie padega savo priešų "
"namus ir derlių bei nešiojasi tinklus, kad pasėtų sumaištį tarp bandančių "
"susitelkti gynyboje ar atsakomajame puolime."
#. [attack]: type=impact
#: data/core/units/goblins/Pillager.cfg:51
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Entangler.cfg:35
#: data/core/units/merfolk/Netcaster.cfg:34
msgid "net"
msgstr "tinklas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Rouser, race=goblin
#: data/core/units/goblins/Rouser.cfg:4
msgid "Goblin Rouser"
msgstr "Goblinas įkvėpėjas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Rouser, race=goblin
#: data/core/units/goblins/Rouser.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Standard-bearers are an oddity amongst goblins. A goblin who has survived "
"enough battles to be considered a veteran is rare enough, and it is rarer "
"still for the other goblins to recognize and respect his veteran status. "
"Nonetheless, a rouser’s frenzied goading effectively steels the less veteran "
"fighters to strive harder and longer before they die."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Spearman, race=goblin
#: data/core/units/goblins/Spearman.cfg:4
msgid "Goblin Spearman"
msgstr "Goblinų ietininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Goblin Spearman, race=goblin
#: data/core/units/goblins/Spearman.cfg:17
msgid ""
"In any race, there are always those rare individuals who, by stroke of bad "
"luck, are born much smaller and weaker than the rest of their kind. For "
"Orcs, however, such occurrences are extraordinarily common, with there "
"usually being several runts born in each litter. Known as ‘Goblins’, these "
"sickly creatures nearly always live short, brutal lives, most used merely as "
"fodder against an enemy of their larger siblings' choosing while equipped "
"with only the crudest of spears."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Wolf Rider, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Wolf_Rider.cfg:4
msgid "Wolf Rider"
msgstr "Vilko jojikas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Wolf Rider, race=wolf
#: data/core/units/goblins/Wolf_Rider.cfg:30
msgid ""
"No one is quite sure how the practice of taming and riding wolves came into "
"being, but the advantages of it for a goblin are obvious. Goblins are much "
"smaller and weaker than their orcish kin and are often sent to the most "
"dangerous and unwanted parts of a fight. Any who manage to tame a mount have "
"a much safer role in combat.\n"
"Though few wolves could even stand with the weight of a true orc on their "
"back, a goblin is quite within many wolves’ ability to carry swiftly. Unlike "
"horses, these mounts have a rather easy time traversing the mountains, "
"though water and woods will still slow them down."
msgstr ""
"Niekas tiksliai nežino kaip atsirado vilkų jaukinimo ir prajodymo menas, bet "
"nauda goblinams akivaizdi. Goblinai žymiai mažesni ir silpnesni už savo "
"gentainius orkus ir jiems dažnai siunčiami į pavojingiausias ir "
"nemėgiamiausia kovos dalis. Tie, kas prisijaukina vilką, tampa daug "
"saugesniais mūšyje.\n"
"Nors retas vilkаs galėtų pastovėti su tikru orku ant nugaros, daugelis vilkų "
"gali greitai nešti goblinus. Skirtingai nuo žirgų, vilkai gana lengvai "
"keliauja kalnais, nors vanduo ir miškas pristabdo ir juos."
#. [unit_type]: id=Gryphon, race=gryphon
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon.cfg:4
msgid "Gryphon"
msgstr "Grifas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Gryphon, race=gryphon
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon.cfg:18
msgid ""
"These majestic and powerful creatures are masters of the sky. Gryphons are "
"both dangerous and wary of other intelligent creatures, and thus should not "
"be disturbed without a good reason."
msgstr ""
"Šie didingi ir galingi padarai yra dangaus valdovai. Grifai yra ir "
"pavojingi, ir saugosi kitų protingų būtybių, ir todėl neturėtų būti trukdomi "
"neturint geros priežasties."
#. [unit_type]: id=Gryphon Master, race=gryphon
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon_Master.cfg:4
msgid "Gryphon Master"
msgstr "Grifų meistras"
#. [unit_type]: id=Gryphon Master, race=gryphon
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon_Master.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Gryphon Masters have long experience flying the Gryphons, which have become "
"an extension of themselves. This special relationship makes the heart of the "
"earth-bound tremble, for these mighty birds of prey may strike from anywhere."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Gryphon Rider, race=gryphon
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon_Rider.cfg:4
msgid "Gryphon Rider"
msgstr "Grifų raitelis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Gryphon Rider, race=gryphon
#: data/core/units/gryphons/Gryphon_Rider.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Only a few are able to bond with the mighty Gryphons. Those who do may "
"become Gryphon Riders, and discover the world of the skies upon the backs of "
"these flying beasts."
msgstr ""
"Tik nedaugelis gali atrasti ryšį su galingaisiais grifais. Tie, kuriems "
"pavyksta, tampa grifų raiteliais ir ant šių skraidančių žvėrių atranda "
"padangių pasaulį."
#. [unit_type]: id=Grand Knight, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Grand_Knight.cfg:4
msgid "Grand Knight"
msgstr "Didysis riteris"
#. [unit_type]: id=Grand Knight, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Grand_Knight.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Grand Knights have reached the acme of skill with sword and lance. Wearing "
"full plate, and riding steeds bred more for power than for speed, these "
"warriors form the core of any serious cavalry force. A grand knight at the "
"head of a charge is a terrifying sight for infantry, and is often enough to "
"break right through a defensive line."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=blade
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Grand_Knight.cfg:26
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalier.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_General.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Grand_Marshal.cfg:39
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Royal_Guard.cfg:33
msgid "longsword"
msgstr "ilgas kalavijas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Knight, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Knight.cfg:4
msgid "Knight"
msgstr "Riteris"
#. [unit_type]: id=Knight, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Knight.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Horsemen of skill and discipline are promoted to Knights. Veterans of "
"combat, they have seen the often-fatal results of a failed charge, and have "
"learnt discretion in its use. Knights, therefore, carry swords in their "
"armament, and practice tactics which, although requiring of much more "
"patience, are less risky than a charge. Their lances are still at the ready, "
"however, and growing experience with these weapons makes them deadlier at "
"the tilt."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Lancer, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Lancer.cfg:4
msgid "Lancer"
msgstr "Ulonas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Lancer, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Lancer.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Lancers are among the bravest and most feared riders in all of Wesnoth. Clad "
"in minimal armor, they free themselves to ride swiftly, faster than any of "
"their peers. The daring tactics they employ are like a double-edged sword, "
"for they often win either glory or a swift death. Lancers excel in hunting "
"down infantrymen who have made the mistake of breaking formation, and in "
"piercing defensive lines. However, they have limited use in defense."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Paladin, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Paladin.cfg:4
msgid "Paladin"
msgstr "Paladinas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Paladin, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horse_Paladin.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Knights of the highest virtue, Paladins have sworn their strength not to "
"king and crown, but to ideals themselves; of chivalry, and the stewardship "
"of everything that is good. They may serve in the armies of the world, but "
"their first loyalties often lie with groups of their own making; secret, "
"monastic orders that cross political and cultural boundaries. Rulers are "
"sometimes wary of them, for the paladins’ loyalty is only as strong as the "
"liege’s apparent virtue. This has led the more darkly ambitious to either "
"attempt to defame and disperse these groups, or more rarely, to conjure "
"elaborate deceptions to keep these otherwise staunchly loyal troops in "
"Full paladins are generally not quite as fearsome as the ‘Grand Knights’ "
"that champion most armies, but they are first-class fighters nonetheless. "
"Additionally, their wisdom and piety grants these warrior monks certain "
"curious abilities; a paladin is very powerful in fighting magical or "
"unnatural things, and most have some skill at medicine and healing."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Horseman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horseman.cfg:4
msgid "Horseman"
msgstr "Raitelis"
#. [unit_type]: id=Horseman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Horseman.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Often hailing from the wilder and untamed regions of Wesnoth, Horsemen are "
"trained from childhood to ride and to follow a strict code of honor. A "
"charge made by a horseman is a powerful though risky tactic, the worth of "
"which has been proven time and time again on the battlefield. Horsemen excel "
"against most infantry, especially those who have fallen out of line, but "
"must take care against both spearmen and archers for whom their large size "
"provide inviting targets."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Bowman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Bowman.cfg:4
msgid "Bowman"
msgstr "Lankininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Bowman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Bowman.cfg:18
msgid ""
"The use of archery in shooting something other than game was seen from its "
"inception, and archers have been indispensable in warfare since time "
"immemorial. Usually of humble origins, hailing from the peasantry or "
"woodsmen, military bowmen are trained to competence with both a bow and a "
"short sword, and are very common on the battlefield."
msgstr ""
"Lanko nauda daugiau nei medžioklei buvo įžvelgta nuo pat jo išradimo ir "
"lankininkai buvo neatsiejama kariuomenės dalis nuo neatmenamų laikų. "
"Dažniausiai nekilmingi, iš prastuomenės arba miškininkų kilę lankininkai "
"išmokomi kompetentingai elgtis tiek su lanku, tiek su trumpuoju kalaviju, ir "
"labai dažnai pasirodo mūšio lauke."
#. [unit_type]: id=Cavalier, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalier.cfg:4
msgid "Cavalier"
msgstr "Kavaleristas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Cavalier, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalier.cfg:20
msgid ""
"Cavaliers are masters at the use of both sword and crossbow from horseback. "
"Their combination of striking power and mobility is fearsome, and they have "
"a reputation for dash and aggressiveness to match it. The daring deeds of "
"Cavaliers are the subject of many a tale and song."
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#. [attack]: type=fire
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalier.cfg:46
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Dragoon.cfg:45
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Duelist.cfg:46
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_General.cfg:48
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Grand_Marshal.cfg:48
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Lieutenant.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_at_Arms.cfg:41
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Sergeant.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/orcs/Crossbowman.cfg:32
#: data/core/units/orcs/Crossbowman.cfg:41 data/core/units/orcs/Leader.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/orcs/Ruler.cfg:37 data/core/units/orcs/Slurbow.cfg:37
#: data/core/units/orcs/Slurbow.cfg:46 data/core/units/orcs/Sovereign.cfg:38
#: data/core/units/undead/Skele_Death_Knight.cfg:44
msgid "crossbow"
msgstr "arbaletas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Cavalryman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalryman.cfg:4
msgid "Cavalryman"
msgstr "Raitininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Cavalryman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Cavalryman.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Cavalrymen are distinguished from horsemen by their tactics and equipment. A "
"cavalryman wears heavier armor, and carries a sword and shield, rather than "
"a lance. Their tactics do not include charging; instead they maneuver to "
"slash with a sword, using both horse and rider as an effective tool of "
"Cavalrymen are very useful for taking and holding positions on open ground, "
"for screening friendly soldiers, and also for scouting work."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Dragoon, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Dragoon.cfg:4
msgid "Dragoon"
msgstr "Dragūnas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Dragoon, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Dragoon.cfg:19
msgid ""
"The more talented cavalrymen in the armies of Wesnoth are trained in the use "
"of the crossbow, and matched with much more powerful steeds. Well-armored, "
"and skilled in the use of their swords, these soldiers can drive forward and "
"hold the ground they take. Their mobility and resilience make them of great "
"value on the battlefield."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Duelist, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Duelist.cfg:4
msgid "Duelist"
msgstr "Dvikovininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Duelist, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Duelist.cfg:17
msgid ""
"It is a peculiar custom of Wesnoth’s nobility that they typically enroll "
"their sons into one of two orders of armigers, training them either in the "
"art of horsemanship or fencing. Duelists are so named for an unfortunately "
"common practice of young aristocrats, for whom the sting of insult, whether "
"real or fancied, can incite a rash demonstration of their natural right.\n"
"Experienced fencers carry with them a small crossbow that is easily "
"concealed under a coat or cape. Slow to load and sometimes thought "
"dishonorable to use, it is in fact very useful, and those of their ranks who "
"live long enough to be veterans typically do so by making such concessions "
"to utility and survival."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Fencer, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Fencer.cfg:4
msgid "Fencer"
msgstr "Fechtuotojas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Fencer, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Fencer.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Fencers belong to a school of thought that considers the armor most soldiers "
"wear in combat to be their own worst enemy. While armor can only soften a "
"blow, evading it leaves the defender completely unharmed. Being able to "
"reliably dodge any offensive move is a luxury only afforded to the fit of "
"body, and then only to those who endure rigorous training.\n"
"Outfitted with only a dagger and saber, fencers are light on their feet and "
"useful in many situations where their armor-bound peers are at a "
"disadvantage. They relish dancing circles around troops like heavy infantry, "
"mocking the weight of their full armor."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=General, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_General.cfg:4
msgid "General"
msgstr "Generolas"
#. [unit_type]: id=General, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_General.cfg:24
msgid ""
"As the leaders of their armies, Generals are responsible for the protection "
"of large or important areas in the kingdoms to which they have sworn fealty. "
"Well seasoned in the art of war, Generals can direct even the freshest "
"recruits to strike strategically against imposing odds and emerge "
"victorious. Recognized by nobility and citizenry alike, they are outfitted "
"in ornate plate armor and granted some of the finest weaponry that human "
"craftsmen can offer."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Grand Marshal, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Grand_Marshal.cfg:4
msgid "Grand Marshal"
msgstr "Didysis maršalas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Grand Marshal, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Grand_Marshal.cfg:24
msgid ""
"The rank of Grand Marshal is one of the most esteemed in the armies of "
"humanity, and those who bear its title have survived many trials by fire, "
"proving both their tactical wit and their considerable mettle at personal "
msgstr ""
"Didžiojo maršalo rankas yra vienas iš labiausiai gerbiamų žmonių "
"kariuomenėse, o tie, kurie turi šį titulą, išgyveno daugybę išbandymų, "
"įrodydami tiek savo taktinius gebėjimus, tiek žymią drąsą asmeninėje kovoje."
#. [unit_type]: id=Halberdier, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Halberdier.cfg:4
msgid "Halberdier"
msgstr "Alebardininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Halberdier, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Halberdier.cfg:18
msgid ""
"A halberd is a heavy weapon and difficult to use, but very powerful in the "
"hands of an expert. It is also much more flexible than the spear from which "
"it descended. As any halberdier can tell you, the weapon possesses four "
"primary striking points, two more than a spear or pike; these are the tip, "
"the blade, the spike at the base of the shaft, and the inner point on the "
"blade, which can be used in a motion pulling back towards the wielder. All "
"this makes for a very versatile weapon in melee, especially against "
"However, a halberd is notably more expensive to craft than a spear, and in "
"the hands of a novice, much less effective. In the armies of Wesnoth, it is "
"customary only to grant these weapons to veteran pikemen, who have proven "
"that they have the skill to employ them properly on the field of war."
msgstr ""
#. [special_note]
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Halberdier.cfg:22
msgid ""
"Compared to other loyalists, Halberdiers have a higher resistance to "
"‘pierce’ attacks."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Heavy Infantryman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:4
msgid "Heavy Infantryman"
msgstr "Sunkusis pėstininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Heavy Infantryman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Heavy infantry are brawny fighters clad in full plate and wielding massive "
"impact weapons. Though they fight with unmatched power in melee combat, they "
"have poor mobility and are best employed in static defense of fortified "
"positions. A few of these in battle line will stiffen it considerably, "
"albeit at an obvious cost in tactical flexibility."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Iron Mauler, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Iron_Mauler.cfg:4
msgid "Iron Mauler"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Iron Mauler, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Iron_Mauler.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Iron Maulers are given their name for reasons which are all too obvious to "
"their foes. The men within these suits of armor can match ogres in contests "
"of strength, and are marked as the champions of the castle guards in which "
"they serve. They are, however, expensive to maintain, and cannot be sent to "
"distant battles without a full convoy of servants to support them.\n"
"Though staggering in melee combat, there are many drawbacks to being "
"outfitted in this way; Iron Maulers tire easily, and know all too well that "
"they cannot run on the battlefield. Too often have they seen a distant "
"comrade fall, yet were powerless to reach the scene in time to help."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Javelineer, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Javelineer.cfg:4
msgid "Javelineer"
msgstr "Patyręs ietininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Javelineer, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Javelineer.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Spearmen almost always equip themselves with a few javelins, to harry, if "
"not kill, enemies at range. Some, however, take to them rather well, finding "
"that they have a natural talent in their use. Javelineers are a valuable "
"asset to an army, being able to supplement their skill in melee combat with "
"an ability to handle distant foes. They can hurl javelins into enemy ranks "
"from a distance, often without retribution, and still hold their ground in "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Lieutenant, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Lieutenant.cfg:4
msgid "Lieutenant"
msgstr "Leitenantas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Lieutenant, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Lieutenant.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Lieutenants are some of the more respected commanding officers among humans "
"and are often seen leading smaller-scale incursions and managing the "
"battlefield. Trained both with sword and crossbow, they excel at neither, "
"and are somewhat less resilient than the warlords of other races — this is "
"more than made up for by their superior knowledge and training in military "
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Longbowman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Longbowman.cfg:4
msgid "Longbowman"
msgstr "Patyręs lankininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Longbowman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Longbowman.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Longbows are fearsome weapons, but too difficult for beginning archers to "
"wield. It takes great strength to draw one, and the added range and power it "
"confers remain useless unless one has good aim with the weapon. Longbowmen "
"carry their weapons as a badge of pride, and most bowmen look forward to the "
"day they can begin using one."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Master Bowman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_Bowman.cfg:4
msgid "Master Bowman"
msgstr "Meistras lankininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Master Bowman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_Bowman.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Master bowmen have reached the zenith of their art, inasmuch as any human is "
"capable. Armed with both a sword, and a great yew bow, these warriors crown "
"battalions of archers with their presence, bringing down many a foe with "
"their well-aimed shots. Their skill with the sword is also not to be "
"discounted; they are easily as good with it as any novice swordsman. Of the "
"many races in the world, only the elves surpass humanity in archery, and "
"their human counterparts have speculated, perhaps in envy, that this is only "
"by dint of age."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Master at Arms, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_at_Arms.cfg:4
msgid "Master at Arms"
msgstr "Ašmenų meistras"
#. [unit_type]: id=Master at Arms, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Master_at_Arms.cfg:18
msgid ""
"Master fencers have an envied place in life. Though the journey to their "
"station was a dangerous way of life, they have reached the time wherein they "
"reap its rewards. Famed for their skill and dashing manner, these gentlemen "
"have the bearing of natural aristocrats, and are followed by the eyes of "
"many a high born lady.\n"
"They usually have the luxury of choosing their appointments, and are free to "
"roam the land should they so elect. Often, they will be found as the "
"captains of a castle guard, or as the master of a military academy, "
"positions in which their flamboyant nature is not only accepted, but is "
"perhaps even useful."
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Pikeman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Pikeman.cfg:4
msgid "Pikeman"
msgstr "Šarvuotas ietininkas"
#. [unit_type]: id=Pikeman, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Pikeman.cfg:17
msgid ""
"Promising spearmen in the armies of Wesnoth are often graduated to wielding "
"pikes, and are outfitted with something far superior to the motley "
"collection of leather armor they wore as recruits. A pike is a much longer "
"weapon than a spear, and thus facilitates different combat tactics. A wall "
"of pikemen is the bane of any cavalry charge, and with proper discipline and "
"tactics, pikemen can also hold most other infantry at bay."
msgstr ""
#. [special_note]
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Pikeman.cfg:19
msgid ""
"Compared to other loyalists, Pikemen have a higher resistance to ‘pierce’ "
msgstr ""
#. [attack]: type=pierce
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Pikeman.cfg:35
msgid "pike"
msgstr ""
#. [unit_type]: id=Royal Guard, race=human
#: data/core/units/humans/Loyalist_Royal_Guard.cfg:4
msgid "Royal Guard"
msgstr "Karališkasis gvardietis"