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The Battle for Wesnoth Lithuanian translation

Updated 2 years ago

Wesnoth localization tools

Updated 2 years ago

TightVNC launcher

Updated 7 years ago

Translation helper scripts

Updated 3 months ago

UEFI port of stage0

Updated 4 months ago

A set of minimal dependency bootstrap binaries

Updated 4 years ago

Scrambling time (

Updated 7 years ago

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Orvibo S20 socket manager

Updated 5 years ago

WIP: use at your own risk

Updated 2 years ago

Manage your disks, partitions and file systems.

Updated 1 year ago

Async library to communicate with Heatmiser NeoHub 2 API

Updated 3 weeks ago

GNU Mes is a Scheme interpreter and C compiler for bootstrapping the GNU System.

Updated 1 week ago

The PLAtform NEutral Transpiler

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 5 months ago

Use of a Linux initramfs to fully automate the bootstrapping process

Updated 1 month ago