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Andrius Štikonas 7d2a3137dd Use relative paths and variables instead of hardcoding absolute path. 2023-05-01 22:01:13 +01:00
fosslinux d918b984ad
Merge pull request #287 from emilytrau/heirloom-devtools-snprintf
Fix segfault in yacc
2023-05-01 11:35:57 +00:00
Emily Trau 2c0a1d39d9 Fix segfault in yacc
The patch to heirloom-devtool's yacc used sprintf instead of snprintf.
This incompatibility causes a segfault when those code paths are hit.
Fixing this allows yacc to compile more grammars, and may allow some
packages to drop dependency on bison in favor of yacc.
2023-05-01 21:33:15 +10:00
Andrius Štikonas 725522b901 Make sure we pass MES_ARCH and not ARCH to mes. 2023-05-01 11:23:22 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas bd7ad7e8ae Update stage0-posix to pull in newer M2-Planet. 2023-04-30 23:58:31 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas eae8107607 Fix MES_ARCH vs ARCH mixup. 2023-04-30 19:29:58 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas b96b953e9f Fix path to checksum-transcriber.*.SHA256SUM in reuse exceptions. 2023-04-30 19:08:50 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas dbc6a25be1 Move checksum transcriber checksum to x86 specific name. 2023-04-30 18:45:41 +01:00
fosslinux de9f898f85 Make python 3.4.10 -j1
Fix the transient parallelism issues (same as py3.3).

Fixes #283
2023-04-30 11:47:06 +10:00
fosslinux 37f0832e2a
Merge pull request #285 from fosslinux/multiarch
Make mes build script more multiarch friendly.
2023-04-30 00:26:50 +00:00
Andrius Štikonas 07b11120b2 Make mes build script more multiarch friendly. 2023-04-30 01:23:57 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas 1259e3fa28
Merge pull request #284 from fosslinux/gcc-12
2023-04-30 00:05:46 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas 3197781127 Do not hardcode mes version in kaem scripts. 2023-04-29 19:44:19 +01:00
fosslinux 6835ebfaf8 Disable binutils' manpages
I have no idea where this unreproducibility is coming from and I'm not
really bothered to spend more time on it right now :)
2023-04-29 23:41:15 +10:00
fosslinux 2e29ac837a Archive packages of failed builds 2023-04-29 18:37:57 +10:00
fosslinux 05e8e34ad3 Workaround github actions vs nongnu error 2023-04-28 22:19:39 +10:00
fosslinux c063a86bb4 Fix binutils manpage deletion
binutils manpages were, incorrectly, not deleted - this causes issues
with reproducibility in pass2
2023-04-28 21:50:54 +10:00
fosslinux 99bad05173 Update dhcpcd to 10.0.1
There was a bit of churn with the tarballs - hopefully this doesn't
happen again.
2023-04-27 17:36:18 +10:00
fosslinux 1292d6ab9c Consistency in parts.rst 2023-04-27 17:25:51 +10:00
fosslinux 6fb676c8c2 Add GCC 12
The latest version of GCC.
And with this, the glibc-musl-gcc toolchain is complete.

A variety of modern features (default PIE SSP) are enabled.
2023-04-27 17:25:51 +10:00
fosslinux ac4685e886 Rebuild Binutils 2.38 using all modern features
- Rather than using part-by-part build of Binutils, use autogen and full
  ./configure, make build.
- Enable some other modern features, including the gold linker, threaded
  linking and 64-bit linking.
- This allows GCC 12 to build unhindered by binutils.
2023-04-27 17:25:51 +10:00
fosslinux 8ae911162a Move libssp into musl out of GCC
The motivations for this are complicated, but on musl systems, musl
will use its own libssp implementation, so GCC's libssp is not required.

Not to mention that GCC's libssp implementation is questionable at best.

This is the approach taken by the two major musl distributions - Alpine
Linux and Void Linux.
2023-04-25 14:04:42 +10:00
Andrius Štikonas 906b6b8f19 Update stage0-posix. 2023-04-23 17:26:26 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas 1bc4296091
Merge pull request #282 from eduardosm/build-kernels-in-chroot
Add option to build kernels and related tools during chroot and bwrap builds
2023-04-16 16:00:44 +01:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz 55a44d9347 Force building kernels with `--update-checksums` 2023-04-16 12:14:26 +02:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz b96074616f Add `--build-kernels` to CI bwrap build 2023-04-16 12:13:20 +02:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz d11ee97452 Regenerate SHA256SUMS.pkgs so it matches the file produced with `--update-checksums`
No checksum is actually changed, they are simply sorted.
2023-04-16 12:13:20 +02:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz 929eb69d03 Add checksums for kexec-fiwix and lwext4 2023-04-16 12:13:20 +02:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz dd8ce0e516 Add option to build kernels and related tools during chroot and bwrap builds
The main motivations to have this are:
* Detect checksum changes with chroot/bwrap builds
* Avoid removing checksums from `SHA256SUMS.pkgs` when unsing `--update-checksums`
* Find crashes that would otherwise be missed in `builder-hex0`
2023-04-16 12:13:20 +02:00
fosslinux af610ab70b Use portable shebang for 2023-04-16 09:27:59 +10:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz d3477570b8 Explicitly specify i686-pc-linux-gnu build/host/target for kexec-tools
Fixes building in chroot/bwrap. Checksum is not affected.
2023-04-15 13:20:59 +02:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz 86c0be5b67 Fix tcc crash when building lwext4 in chroot/bwrap

This is adding a null pointer check to `fill_local_got_entries` in tcc 0.9.27. This is rather a workaround because I am not sure if it is legit for that pointer to be null.
2023-04-15 13:19:29 +02:00
fosslinux b0a2747ada
Merge pull request #279 from eduardosm/external-sources-without-net
Pass `--unshare-net` to bwrap when building with `--external-sources`
2023-04-14 02:05:48 +00:00
fosslinux 445628d722
Merge pull request #275 from fosslinux/parallelism
2023-04-14 01:33:17 +00:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz c143e65154 Pass `--unshare-net` to bwrap when building with `--external-sources`
Ensures that when `--external-sources` is used, the build does not require a working internet connection.

`--unshare-net` is always passed for the sysa phase.
2023-04-13 18:52:37 +02:00
fosslinux 49045dec0f Use 2 cores in CI 2023-04-13 17:13:53 +10:00
fosslinux d98f97e214 Introduce parallelism
By using --cores argument to, JOBS= is set in the
live-bootstrap environment, and -j${JOBS} is used on builds. This speeds
larger packages up significantly.

A fair number of packages do not build properly with parallelism. Most
of these, at least for now, are disabled with -j1.
2023-04-13 17:13:53 +10:00
fosslinux f2a0d74bfb Update to Guile 3.0.9
This is achieved by transplanting 3.0.7's psyntax-pp.scm into 3.0.9
which works flawlessly.

This is required for parallelism, since <3.0.8 is irreproducible when
-jN is used.
2023-04-13 17:13:51 +10:00
Andrius Štikonas 343843dfdd Fix whitespace. 2023-04-12 23:25:08 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas b6fe5bc499
Merge pull request #276 from eduardosm/update-dhcpcd
Update dhcpcd to version 9.5.0
2023-04-12 23:24:39 +01:00
Andrius Štikonas 2f9bff403a
Merge pull request #278 from rick-masters/regen-help2man-manpages
Always regenerate help2man man pages.
2023-04-12 21:37:06 +01:00
rick-masters 6b2d04d00e Always regenerate help2man man pages. 2023-04-12 11:27:55 +00:00
Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz 787cc9c45a Update dhcpcd to version 9.5.0
Also fixes broken download link
2023-04-11 23:37:59 +02:00
fosslinux 2e289933d5
Merge pull request #272 from rick-masters/kernel-bootstrap-v2
Implement kernel bootstrap up to building Linux.
2023-04-11 10:34:58 +00:00
fosslinux 58b8c1768c Clarify custom kernel logic 2023-04-11 16:36:25 +10:00
fosslinux a22c55440c Reflect recent changes in parts.rst 2023-04-11 16:35:27 +10:00
fosslinux c878141a5a Reflect simple-patches in directory structure 2023-04-11 16:28:52 +10:00
rick-masters fb4930c2f9 Remove ifdef BOOTSTRAP from musl patches. 2023-04-07 12:57:24 +00:00
rick-masters c1ceabb9c4 Use links for copies of patches. 2023-04-05 11:59:39 +00:00
rick-masters 9c016405ef Place open braces for functions consistently. 2023-04-05 11:57:41 +00:00